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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Iori Yagami

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Desperation Moves
'''Combo Advice:''' You can cancel this DM from many of his normals (except his close D) but the timings is a bit stricter in this game. You can also super cancel it from his dp+C.
> ::'''Wolf Bloom ''' - During Maiden masher, (qcf x 4 + AC)
:* If you have an extra bar to spare, and you're in the mood in inflict 10% more damage to your opponent, feel free to follow up the Maiden Masher with this extension. It also give the opponent an un-techable, hard knockdown which gives you enough time to run in and apply okizeme pressure. Keep in mind that the animation for the DM is quite long, so it may help or harm you when the clock is approaching it's final seconds. Be sure to crank out the 4 qcf's during the last hits of the Maiden Masher then hit A+C when Iori blasts them away. Practice the timing in practice mode a few times to ensure that you don't input the motions too early or too late.
* Hard knockdown  '''Flame Comber ''' - (qcf x 2 + B/D) * Iori leaps and spins towards the opponent to slam-dunk them into the ground, then spinning them around helicopter style to throw them across the screen. This DM, which is new to Iori's arsenal in 2002UM, can be somewhat gimmicky to someone that isn't familiar with it's hit properties. It's basically a full-screen overhead attack that is horribly unsafe on block. It looks like it can be a throw or a mid/high attack, but it isn't. You can even hit him out of it to score a counter hit or roll when you see him leap. Even though it does more damage than the Maiden Masher, it's very risky to use, and you can't even combo it from anything. So, if you feel that your opponent doesn't understand that this DM is simply a slow overhead, or that they have never seen it before, it's very likely they will get hit by it. '''Combo Advice:''' The only full combo opportunities with this DM can only be found in Max Mode. You can cancel it from his qcb+P rekkas or his hcb+K command throw. * Overhead attack * Hard knockdown
==Super Desperation Move==
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