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Raiden (XIII)

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===Gameplay Notes===
Who Raiden is Raiden one of the most complex and damaging characters in KOFXIII. To play him to his fullest potential, you say? Well he's a top tier character need to utilize spacing, frame traps, manage meter wisely and can do virtually everything your favorite character can do but betterconstantly think ahead as you charge different dropkicks. He's the guy that complements your team Based on how much meter he has and pulls which dropkick you a win despite it having two bottom tier characters are charging, his combos and setups keep changing on the frontlinefly. He's the powerhouse Given that runs through a whole team , you can choose to play him in many different ways. You can focus on more of mid-high tiers without breaking a sweatrushdown based gameplay as you only charge lvl1 dropkicks between setups. He's that character that annoys your opponents You can also choose to no end play more passively and go for lvl2/3/4 drop kick charges as soon as the announcer says "GO!"they give you new setups and combo opportunities. I'll skip Almost all the move descriptions his combos (if you want to maximize damage) utilize dropkicks in someway or another. Aside from that, he has decent frame traps and a really good vortex from his command throw (hcf+K). Overall he is a high tier character that keeps getting better depending on how much work you put it plain & simple: in while you play him. If you're are looking for to challenge yourself and play a complex character that can win with lots of options and look good doing it dish out really high amounts of damage then look no furtherRaiden is your character.
- Insane High prioritynormals
- Good defensive game
- Great pokesCan deal with zoning quite well
- Great for any team position, battery/middleman/anchorblock strings along with hit confirms
- Can zone wellFit for any team position (battery/middleman/anchor)
- Extremely powerful Powerful combos that require very little drive/meter
- Good Crazy juggle potential(specially if you charge DKs)
- He can quickly carry the opponent to the cornerlvl3/4 dropkicks have ultimate juggle properties
- To get the most out of him he requires patience and timing, after you get that down you're good to go.High execution barrier
- May have Requires player to constantly think ahead for setups and mix-ups - Has trouble against very offensive dealing with strong rushdown characters.without meter
'''j. CD:''' 90 (80) damage, hits mid. The exact same rules apply from his stand CD except you can't whiff cancel it.
'''GCCD:''' 10 damage, hits mid. The best, most useful Guard Cancel blowback in the whole game.
'''(EX) = qcb+AC ''' - The EX version grants a crumple stun on hit and can combo off of strong normals like the A version. The only that will combo after are either fast normals or A/EX tackle version tackle. Only -2 on block so it's pretty safe.
- Hit Detection: Mid
'''Head Crusher = (hcf+K)''' close - Raiden's 1 frame command grab. Raiden grabs his opponent, turns around, then does what looks like a Crucifix Falling Powerbomb. It had command grab properties and combos from the strong normals. Do not use outside of combos as it has a whiff animation and while it doesn't last too long it still lasts long enough to be punished. Both versions work the same way so don't worry about pressing the wrong button.
'''(EX) = hcf+BD''' - Faster start-up, EX version is also 1 frame. Does more damage, and has more grab range than the normal version, giving it more combo-related opportunities.
- Hit Detection: Close/Throw
'''Super Dropkick = [B]/[D]''' - Raiden does a dropkick. This move can make or break any match, whether you're winning or losing this move can seal the deal, but that depends on which version of the move you're going to use, how many dropkick kicks your charging at the same time (1 or 2), and how long you charged the move thus far. Now mix this into the equation as well, when you are charging dropkicks you lose the use of that button for X amount time., This literally forces Raiden to switch-up play styles for that said time. When you charge the B Super Dropkick you temporarily lose the use of st./cr./j.B, evasive rolls/safe rolls/GCAB and the ability to activate Hyperdive (BC) mode which is a real hindrance for the time being especially when going for the level 4 dropkick; however, when you charge the D Super Dropkick the handicap isn't as bad as you only lose the ability to st./cr./j.D and CD's, and, if the Raiden player chooses to do so, he can sacrifice his D Dropkick charge for a GCCD and still connect his B Dropkick afterward but this requires some strict timing.
'''NOTE:''' ''The Super Drop Kick charge times are referred to the in-game clock ticks, not real-time seconds. The timer clock for default is 60 ticks which is around 90 real-time seconds.: [ Timer ticks and Seconds Explained]'' '''Level 1 = [B]/[D] + 3 in-game secondstimer ticks''' - The charge time is 3 in-game secondstimer ticks. This level of the move comes out at a slow almost turtle-like speed, knocks the opponent down point blank. This level of the move has little-to-no use whatsoever and it has pathetic recovery along with loads of frame disadvantage on block. It doesn't really have any combo chances. In short, try your best not to use it.
- Damage: 100
'''Level 2 = [B]/[D] + 9 in-game secondstimer ticks''' - The charge time is 9 in-game secondstimer ticks, knocks the opponent down on contact and this level of the move is tad bit more safe as it has less frame disadvantage on block. It still doesn't really have any combo opportunities so I'd suggest you wait the extra for 8 seconds to take it to the next level.
- Damage: 150
'''Level 3 = [B]/[D] + 18 in-game secondstimer ticks''' - The charge time is 18 in-game secondstimer ticks. This level of the move is pretty fast and has some invincibility within some of the start-up frames, does a good amount of guard crush damage and, when it hits the opponent, they are put into a juggled state which means they can get yet hit again. This move has its uses but only use it if you think it'll finish the opponent off for good; otherwise, I would suggest you to wait yet another 8 seconds and go for the level 4.
- Damage: 150
'''Level 4 = [B]/[D] + 24 in-game secondstimer ticks''' - The charge time is 24 in-game secondstimer ticks. This level of the move hits like a truck because it's very fast (around 4 frame start-up), very safe, when it hits it takes away 1/4 of the opponents meter, and on block it takes away around 7050% of the opponents guard crush, and he's completely invincible through out the entire move. It puts the opponent into a juggle state as soon as they get hit, combos from just about any that doesn't knock the opponent directly onto the ground. This level of the move is possibly Raiden's second most dangerous in his already deadly arsenal (the first being his EX tackle).
- Damage: 250
- Combos from: B version can combo into his GCCD, st./cr.A, anti-airs, etc.
- More info regarding Drop Kick charge time times can be found here:
=Desperation Moves=
'''Super Raiden Drop = (hcfx2+P)''' close - Raiden grabs the opponent, does a wrestling pose signifying that he's about to do finishing move, turns around then rolls on the ground carrying the opponent with him, jumps high up into the air, then does a Kinniku Buster slamming the opponent onto the ground. Because of the short whiff animation, the recovery isn't too bad. It combos from light/strong normals up close.
'''Crazy Train = (qcfx2+P)''' - Has invincibility on start-up. Raiden hits the opponent in the stomach 4 times then does a haymaker knocking them onto the ground. The start-up speed is tolerable but it should never be thrown out randomly. if you want to use it, combo into simple as that. Max cancel-able on the 4th hit when in HD mode.
- Max Cancellable
Proceed into your combo of choice.
'''Frame Traps'''
*"(n) frame gap" = The amount of frames that opponent has to counter a frame trap.
1.) st. B > st. A - 2 frame gap between st. B and st. A. St. A whiffs on crouching opponents, except on Daimon, Raiden, and Maxima.
2.) st. B > st. B - 4 frame gap between st. B and st. B.
3.) st. B > cr. B - 3 frame gap between st. B and st. B.
4.) st. B > cl. C - 3 frame gap between st. B and cl. C.
5.) st. B > cr. C - 4 frame gap between st. B and cr. C.
==Character Matchups==
| 80 || 8 || 9 || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Normal Throw = b/f+C/D
| 101 || 0 || 1 || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
| 4 || 0 || 17 || -15 || 17 Frame startup vs J attacks too
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Head Crusher = hcf+B/D close
| 150 || 0 || 1 || - || 38 on whiff
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Raiden Bomb (1)dp+A/C
| 15 || 0 || 5 || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!A Giant Bomb= [db]~f+A
| 70 || 8 || 19 || -6 ||Close
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!C Giant Bomb = [db]~f+C
| 100 || 12 || 31 || -7 ||Close, Feint 27
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!A Poison Breath= qcb+A
| 60 || 6 || 19 || -6 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!C Poison Breath= qcb+C
| 80 || 8 || 30 || +5 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Super Drop Kick 1[B/D]
| 100 || 6 || 17 || -11 ||3 seconds, Count 2
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
| 250 || 20 || 11 || -5 || 24 seconds, Count 16
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!EX Head Crusher= hcb+BD close
| 200 || 0 || 1 || - || Whiff 38
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!EX Raiden Bomb 1 = dp+AC
| 70 || 0 || 4 || 0 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
| 120 || 0 || - || -8 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!EX Giant Bomb 1= [db]~f+AC
| 70 || 0 || 14 || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
| 100 || 0 || - || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!EX Poison Breath= qcb+AC
| 120 || 0 || 18 || -2 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Super Raiden Drop= hcbx2+AC close
| 240 || 0 || 1 || - || Freeze 29 , Whiff 58
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Crazy Train 1= qcfx2+A/C
| 40 || 0 || 40(11) || - ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
| 60 || 0 || - || -12 ||
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!EX Super Raiden Drop = hcbx2+AC
| 360 || 0 || 1 || - ||Freeze 29, Whiff 60
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
!Raiden Bomber= qcfx2+BD
| 480 || 0 || 86(16) || -19 || Freeze 70
|- style="color:#003366; background-color:#99CCFF;" align="left"
'''Raiden Hit Boxes'''
[;u=4128 machina] []
=External Links=
[ Raiden's Tackle db~f+A/C Punish Guide]
=Discussion Threads=

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