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Ryo Sakazaki (2k2UM)

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==Move listNormals=='''Close'''*cl.A/B/C/D are special cancel-able*cl.A chains into itself*cl.B is negative on block and best used within combos*cl.D does good guard damage and is fast for a cl.D, slightly negative on block
===Throws===*'''Tana OtoshiStand''': close, b/f + C *only s.A is special cancel-able*s.A chains into itself*s.B is a great horizontal spacing tool*s.D has a steep upward angle that makes it a decent anti-air tool. On crouching opponents it will it near the end of its active frames. On smaller crouching opponents such as Chin or Bao it will whiff completely
*'''Tomoe NageCrouch''': close, b*cr.A/C/D are special cancel-able*cr.A/f + B chain into themselves and each other*cr.C has a totally vertical hitbox that is useful as an ant-air*cr.D is whiff cancel-able*all his crouching normals are safe to -1 on block*many of Ryo's BnBs stem from his cr.A/B starters
*'''NOTE''': all of Ryo's jumping normals have neutral and forward versions. These sometimes interact with character sizes differently locking or unlocking angles of attack.
*j.A:neutral is a downward elbow. Forward/backward is a chop
*neutral j.A can hit crouching medium and large characters, but will whiff on small character like Yuri, Bao, Kula etc
*j.B: neutral is a downward knee. Forward/backward is a horizontal kick
*neutral j.B's downward angle allows it to hit on all character size classes
*because of the horizontal angle of forward j.B it has limited crossup possibilities
*forward j.B will whiff on the smaller characters
*j.C: neutral is a quick horizontal punch. Forward/backward is a downward angled punch. Hop neutral j.C is also the downward angled strike
*j.C is Ryo go-to jump in tool. It has nice ambiguous crossup properties.
*j,D: neutral is a spinning air roundhouse with an upward angle. Neutral hop D is also the spinning kick. Forward/backward is a downward angled kick
*j.D in neutral hop is a decent air to air for certain situations, but at full neutral jump the angle to a bit high to be useful. Hop j.D can be used as jump in on large opponents.
*j.D in normal and super jumps are a good jump in tool to start combos, but it has a deceptive hitbox that starts more toward Ryo's ankle and is not very big leaving it an imperfect tool with a tendency to whiff.
*j.D as a jump in will whiff completely on smaller characters like Bao, Chin etc
*j.D does have crossup ability which is much easier to judge on larger characters
===Command Moves===*'''Hyouchuu WariBlowback'''*Ryo': fs s.CD is quite fast and is even on block*s.CD is whiff cancel-able which gives Ryo an interesting advancement ability by canceling into qcf+AC or by staying in pressure by canceling into one of Ryo's parry command moves*s.CD will whiff on crouching smaller characters*j.CD has a slight upward angle that makes it whiff on crouching characters leaving it largely as an air to air move
*==Throws=='''Joudan UkeTana Otoshi''': - (close b/f+BC)*causes hard knockdown
*'''Gedan UkeTomoe Nage''': df- (close b/f +BD)*causes soft knockdown *Ryo throws the opponent behind him 100% of the screen
==Command Moves==
'''Hyouchuu Wari''' - (f + A)
*Ryo slides forward with a thunderous chop
*you can combo into it, but not out of it except to cancel into BC mode
*if done raw it is an overhead
===Special Moves==='''Joudan Uke''' - (f + B)*Ryo throws out his palm and forearm parrying the opponents next move*this move essential eats up some or all of the active frames of your opponents moves.*this version will parry mids and high attacks, but not lows *if timed correctly it can parry both hits of a 2 hit normal such as Lin's cl.C *this version will parry most mid fireballs like Athena's or Kensou'Ko Ou Ken/Ken Kos, but not low fireball like Iori's*it can cancel normals into Ryo'': qcf + Ps parry from block stun allowing for blockstring mixups if you think your opponent will try to attack. *it can be thrown out of the parry by normal and command throws
*'''KohouGedan Uke''': dp- (df +P B)*Ryo blasts a fist angled to the ground, parrying the opponents low attacks*parries low normals and low fireballs like Iori's*like the mid/high parry a wonderful move to make your opponent think twice from throwing out moves in block stun*it can still be hit by some of the slower sweeps in the game if mistimed*it can be thrown be normal and command throws
*==Special Moves=='''Hien Shippu KyakuKo Ou Ken/Ken Ko''': hcb- (qcf +KA/C)*Ryo throws a puissant fist toward the opponent, creating a large burst of physical energy*both versions can be comboed into, hit mid, make the opponent fly into the air and cause soft knockdown*both versions have a small hurtbox on Ryo's fist making it possible for opponents to hit Ryo out of the move if you are too predictable in applying it.*A version is faster and leaves Ryo stationary*A version is negative on block, but can be made safe by spacing*A version is one of Ryo's primary pressure and combo tools*C version is slower and moves Ryo forward toward the opponent*C version is more negative on block, but it can be mitigated by spacing*C version is Ryo's harder hitting combo ender for a jumpin you've confirmed and a great way to space your opponent while advancing on them
*'''ZansetsukenKohou'''- (dp + A/C) *Ryo leaps into the air with the most classic expression of fighting: fthe dragon punch*both versions hit mid and cause soft knockdown*both versions are negative on block, bC version much more so*both versions are super cancellable*A version hits once and has a much shorter vertical reach*A version is Ryo's best reversal*C version hits twice, has a vertical reach that nearly hits the top of the screen and Ryo moves forward slightly before hitting*C version is best used as a more damaging combo ender or way into super, f+P but can be used sparingly in anti-air instances
*'''Kohou ShippukenHien Shippu Kyaku''': qcb- (hcb +PB/D)*Ryo flys through the air in a flurry of kicks *both versions hit mid and causes soft knockdown*both versions are extremely negative on block*both versions are comboable*B version hits twice and goes about half the screen*D version hits three times and goes full screen*D version's 2nd and 3rd hits will whiff on crouching opponents even if comboed (on large opponents only the 3rd hit whiffs)*because of how negative on block these moves they should mostly remain combo filler for corner carry
*'''Mouko RaijinsetsuZansetsuken''': qcf- (f, b, f +KA/C) *Ryo creates a vacuum of punches in front of him, sending the opponent bruised and flying*both versions hit mid and are very unsafe on block*both versions can be comboed into*interestingly both versions will whiff the first hits on crouching opponents, but if it then hits anyway it will still do the full 13 hits*A version ends with horizontal smash and a hard knockdown*C version ends with an uppercut and soft knockdown*C version stays on the screen longer*if you hit with this move as an anti-air it will vacuum and land all the hits, though it is a little slow to be using consistently as anti-air
'''Kohou Shippuken''' - (qcb + A/C)
*Ryo reels back then bursts forward with a sickening punch
*both versions hit from Ryo about 1/2 the screen away and are safe on block
*hits mid
*both versions are super cancellable
*both versions do significant guard damage
*C version does slightly more damage
*Ryo's premier mid-range pressure tool and easily confirmed into super
*its hitbox starts on Ryo's elbow when his back is turned giving it an awkward and unlikely anti-air possibility
*its downsides are a lack of invulnerability and not being able to combo into it or out of it (except super)
===Desperation Move===*'''HaohshoukokenMouko Raijinsetsu''': f- (qcf + B/D)*Ryo jumps up and falls on the opponent with a fierce chop*both versions hit overhead and are safe on block*both versions cause hard knockdown*B version is a slow short hop that will hop over a crouching opponent if done point blank*B version can hit opponents trying to jump out of your block except in the corner where Ryo will whiff under their jump*B version is best saved as a mixup when you have your opponent cornered or in pressure*D version is a quick, hcf+P higher arced jump that can hop over the opponent from even three character distances away*D version is a fast way to get on top of your opponent if you suspect they will block or if they are crouching*Ryo can't combo into this move, but you can make interesting blockstrings with it or threaten the overhead as a mixup*it can't reliably as an air to air move as it is easily beaten by most air normals
*==Desperation Move=='''Ryuuko RanbuHaohshoukoken''': qcf- (f, hcbhcf +PA/C) *Ryo summons great power and unleashes a giant fireball*hits mid*causes soft knockdown*A version is slower. can be used in combos or to punish lazy jumping*C version is faster, can be used in combos or to punish lazy zoners
'''Ryuuko Ranbu''' - (qcf, hcb + A/C)
*classic Sakazaki standard multiple hit ranbu super. Ryo end his in an uppercut
*hits mid
*causes soft knockdown
*A version hits from about starting screen at max range
*A version leaves Ryo grounded and has no lower body invulnerability
*C version is slightly slower, but hits full screen if your opponent happens to whiff something that far away
*C version sees Ryo leave the ground slightly thus will beat lows from the opponent
*either version works as Ryo's go to combo ender
*neither version has full upper body invulnerability so it is not a useful anti-air tool
===Super Desperation=Move==*'''Tenchi Haohken''': qcf, - (qcfx 2 +AC)*Ryo rears back and unleashes hell in the form of a midsection punch*hits mid*can combo into it and it will knock the opponent all the way back to opposite corner*on hit it produces an unique effect of leaving the opponent dizzy allow Ryo to follow in with a full combo*extremely unsafe on block*interestingly it does zero guard damage on block
'''Retsu Ryuuko Ranbu''' - (qcf, hcb + AC)
*Ryo goes beast mode and slams the opponent will many hard hits, ending it by unleashing the tiger and a giant uppercut
*hits mid
*causes soft knockdown
*has the same range as his A version ranbu super. Also it has the same lack of lower body invulnerability
*when you have the meter and/or are in BC mode this is Ryo's most damaging ender
===Hidden Super Desperation===*'''Retsu Geki Ryuuko Ranbu''': - (qcf+ C,A)*Ryo cancels into a completely invulnerable and unblockable version of his Ranbu.*the input requires it being hidden inside another move (ie, a normal, hcb+ACa backdash, a roll, an empty jump) and requires precise 1 frame timing.*it has a fairly short range compared to his normal Ranbu super*for an in depth look at how to execute this move here is a video by youtube user ryoandr:
*'''Geki Ryuuko Ranbu'''{{#ev: qcf+C,Ayoutube|2_Jo3GHKIpk}}
*cl.C,(BC run) cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC
'''Max Mode TenchiHaohken Set-ups'''* j.C, cl.C, f+A, (BC) qcfx2+AC,(dizzy, corner) j.C, cl.C, qcf+A, dp+A* j.C, cl.C, f+A, (BC) qcfx2+AC, (dizzy), j.C, cl.C, qcf hcb+A* j.C, cl.C, f+A, (BC) qcfx2+AC, (dizzy), j.C, cl.C, dp+C (1), (SC) qcf hcb+A* j.C, cl.C, f+A, (BC) qcfx2+AC, (dizzy), (BC) j.C, cl.C, MAX2* j.C, cl.C, f+A, (BC) cr.C, qcfx2+AC,(dizzy), (BC) j.C, cl.C, MAX2*j.C, cl.C, (BC) cl.C, f+A, dp+C (1), (SC) qcfx2+AC, (dizzy), (BC) j.C, cl.C, MAX2  ==Discussion Threads==Discuss at [ Dream Cancel]  == Videos == Ryo Master Class{{#ev:youtube|hj3gL4-keBA}}  {{Navbox 2002UM}}[[Category:The King of Fighters 2k2UM]]

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