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Vice (XIII)

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'''Awakening Blood = qcb ~hcf+AC''' - Vice undresses her top revealing an Orochi birthmark on her right shoulder, she then suddenly disappears while laughing causing a giant snake-like eye to appear then a bloody snake coil flies across the screen quickly running the opponent over. *Extremely fast startup and can punish anything almost anywhere on the screen making this one of the most practical neo-maxes to use on it's own. Very unsafe on block however, it always appears from behind and puts Vice making it extremely useful right next to use while corneredopponent regardless of position.*Can punish anything from a neutral hop at full screen, to a full screen projectile. Just be careful using it can also be used if they try to punish jump-insbait the attack with lights. *High damage and single hit makes it a great combo ender too. *Can combo after Deicide(D version) or EX Mayhem without the use of max cancel.
* - Hit Detection: HighMid
* - Damage: 450

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