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Raiden (XIII)

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Gameplay Notes
===Gameplay Notes===
Raiden is one of the most complex and damaging characters in KOFXIII. To play him to his fullest potential, you need to utilize spacing, frame traps, manage meter wisely and constantly think ahead as you charge different dropkicks. Based on how much meter he has and which dropkick you are charging, his combos and setups keep changing on the fly. Given that, you can choose to play him in many different ways. You can focus on more of a rushdown based gameplay as you only charge lvl1 dropkicks between setups. You can also choose to play more passively and go for lvl2/3/4 drop kick charges as they give you new setups and combo opportunities. Almost all his combos (if you want to maximize damage) utilize dropkicks in some way someway or another. Aside from that, he has decent frame traps and a really good vortex from his command throw (hcf+K). Overall he is a high tier character that keeps getting better depending on how much work you put in while you play him. If you are looking to challenge yourself and play a complex character with lots of options and dish out really high amounts of damage then Raiden is your character.

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