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Vice (XIII)

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:[ Vice's Move List Video]
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:[http://www=Gameplay Overview=Vice is a grappler that has a variety of good normals to use at midrange, and focuses on confirming hits into EX Deicide for hard hitting combos. Deicide is a long reaching hit-grab that pulls the opponent back to her, and EX Deicide has anywhere juggle properties which makes it an important element of her kit.youtubeShe has a wide variety of anti-air and air-to-air normals, so the basic concept to work on is to pressure them on the ground until they want to jump, then hit them out of the air for a heavy hitting anywhere-juggle Additionally, Vice's Move List Video]has an excellent close range mixup game. After a connected Gorefest(her command grab), she has enough time to safe-jump or ambiguous roll on their wakeup. Thus it can be frugal to end combos in Gorefest to maintain an advantageous position.
=Gameplay Overview=Vice Because of her meter-centric playstyle, she is a character that heavily relies on close range combat and grapplingoften used second or anchor. She can quickly pull the opponent towards Without meter, both her with Deicide damage and follow-up with her command grab Gore Fest or just a standard combo in general. She can punish opponents that tools at neutral are in the middle of a evasive roll or just crouching with her Splash movegreatly hindered. From a physical attacking stand point she can use To make up for her Mayhem attack to quickly knock opponents to the ground strong mid/close range game, Vice has few good options against projectiles, and still follow-up even with Splashmeter, but from she has only has a grappling POV she can use her air DM Overkill or her ground DM Negative Gain. Her Neo Max Awakening Blood is great for catching opponents off guard because couple of its speed, and her HD combos revolve around her using Mayhem and Deicideuseful defensive options. Due to her demanding play-style sheSo it'll feel welcome s important with any player that is looking for a bit of a challengeVice to start pressure early and maintain momentum to be played effectively.
=Gameplay Notes=
* A Has a 1-frame Command grab with good variety of throwsrange
* Damaging BnBsHigh damage combos
* Good corner pressure/mix up
* Very good EX moves and metered options in general
* Anywhere juggle EX Decide allows her to combo off of nearly any anti-air or air-to-air hit
=Command Moves=
'''Dokken = f+A(raw)''' - Vice moves forward a bit and makes a fist then hits the opponent from above.
*Hits overhead.
*Can be considered a good candidate for okizeme and can be used to initiate HD mode.
'''Dokken = f+A(canceled into)''' - Vice moves forward a bit and makes a fist then hits the opponent from above.
*Good for comboing normals into special attacks (after cl.C, cr.C, or cl.D).
cr. B×2, qcb+AC, qcb+A qcf+P, (SC) db~tk~u~d+P = 431 dmg, ~40% meter gain
cr. Bx3, qcb+A [DC] qcb+AC, j. CD, hcf+BD, stcl. D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P = 453 dmg, ~75% meter gain cr. Bx3, qcb+A [DC] qcb+AC, qcb+A, cl. D, hcf+BD, cl.D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P = 473 dmg, ~90% meter gain
cl. D, f+A, qcb+C, st. A, hcf+BD, st. D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P [SC] db~tk~u~d+P = 514 dmg, ~75% meter gain
cl. D, f+A, qcb+C [DC] qcb+AC, j. CD, hcf+BD, stcl. D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P = 535 dmg, ~75% meter gain cl. D, f+A, qcb+C [DC] qcb+AC, qcb+A, cl. D, hcf+BD, cl.D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P = 556 dmg, ~96% meter gain
(counter hit) s. C+D, hcf+D, qcb+C, DC, qcb+AC, qcb+A, s.A, hcf+BD, s.D, f+A, qcb+C, qcf+P = 503 dmg, ~105% meter gain
* Vice has two useful links that increase the damage and meter gain in her basic combos: st.A after a grounded hit of her qcb+C, and cl.D after the sequence qcb+P, qcb+AC, qcb+A. In both cases, connecting the link can either lead to a reset mixup, or can be canceled into EX Deicide for what is typically a highly efficient and damaging combo.
'''Frame Traps'''
1.*"(n) st. A, clframe gap" = The amount of frames that opponent has to counter a frame trap. D
21.) st. A > cr. C - 4 frame gap between st. Aand cl. C. St. A whiffs on couching opponents, clexcept on Daimon, Raiden, and Maxima. D
32.) crst. A > cl. B, D - 3 frame gap between st. A and cl. D. St. A whiffs on couching opponents, except on Daimon, Raiden, and Maxima.
=Strategies=3.) cr. A > cl. D - 4 frame gap between cr. A and cl. D.
4.) cr. B > cl. D - 4 frame gap between cr. B and cl. D.
===Far Range==='''Whiff Cancels'''
* From afar she has little Using whiff cancels can help increase the effective range of Vice's Deicide specials. This technique allows Vice to threatenreach almost a full screen distance with the move quickly. Your only tools to threaten at * Canceling cr.C and cr.D are both quick ways of adding range, while canceling CD will take slightly longer but will move Vice a considerable distance forward.* The window for canceling cr.C is Decide or Splashtight, so inputing the C in the middle of the hcf is an easy way to get it. * This is an especially important technique for connecting EX Deicide after a j.CD hit. Use these j.CD *land* CD~hcf+BD can help improve consistency when trying to keep them honest and close the distanceget combos from j.CD.
===Mid Range==Strategies=
* In mid range, you have a lot more tools to threaten. Remember that any hit that knocks them out of the air can turn into a full combo with EX Decide, including a lot of trades.===Far Range===
* Hop CD Vice's tools at long range are limited. Deicide is an air-your good tool at this range, but trading with it will do no damage to-air wallthe opponent. Be carefully about using forward hop with * Splash C will hit at this range, but itis easy to react to unless they are unprepared, as you can be trip-guarded easily. Mix in j.c and joverall not too rewarding.d * Your safest option at this range is to cover several anglesavoid projectiles and patiently approach your opponent.
* St.A is your go-to reactionary anti-air, while EX Mayhem is great against regular jumps or floaty hops.===Mid Range===
* In mid range, you have a lot more tools to threaten. Remember that any hit that knocks them out of the air can turn into a full combo with EX Decide, including a lot of trades. Focus on baiting them into the air with short-recovery pokes, and nail them in the air. * Hop CD is useful as an air-to-air wall. Be carefully about using forward hop with it, as you can be low profile anti-aired with a crouching light kick or sweep easily. Mix in j.C and j.D to cover several angles.* St. A is your go-to reactionary anti-air against regular hops, while EX Mayhem is great against regular jumps or floaty hops.* Far D is great to pre-emptively stop hops and jumps, and if you hit it meaty you can link EX DecideDeicide. For style, if you have the meter you can also anti-air with far D, then HD cancel, then EX DecideDeicide.* Crouching Vice's CD, cr. D, and cr. B (light kick) has all have great range. Poking at their max ranges can be a safe and viable option, as not many character's can match their range. *Splash can be used here if the opponent refuses to jump, abuse but itis easy to stuff with standing jabs.
===Close Range===
* Crouching Cr. B, f+A, and command grab Gorefest (hcb~f+P)are your primary mixup tools. If you catch them standing still you have all three to mix them up with. * EX Gore fest Gorefest and her ground DM Negative Gain both have great and deceptive range.* Cr. B is +1 on block, and Gorefest is a 1 frame command grab, which makes Vice's tick throws very strong. * If the opponent is blocking too many hop attacks, consider using empty hop Gorefest.
'''Cornered Opponent'''
* GC Blowback (or Roll) and get out of there!
* EX Mayhem is great to get through fireballs and unsafe blockstrings, but it's use as a reversal is limited as it is slow and easily safe-jumped.
* EX splash Splash can beat some jumps and normals if timed right.
===With No Meter/No Drive===
===With 1+ Meter/No Drive===
* Always be ready for EX DecideDeicide
* EX Mayhem has a lot of combo possibility, especially with 2 meters.
* Vice only gets a lot of damage from drive cancels if you also have Super meter, so don't do one without the other.
===With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive=== * Be ready to confirm a HD combo, With 100% drive, Vice is going to make any hit hit hard. don't be too obvious if you are trying to connect a j.CD though.* Consider using empty jumps if your opponent is being too cautious. mixup situations after Gorefest are very effective.
===Best Team Position?===
* Vice's options without meter are severely limited, especially against projectile characters. Always use Vice 2nd or 3rd. She needs meter badlyanchor to take advantage of her strengths.
==Character Matchups==
'''Andy Bogard'''
* Stay at the mid range to punish badly timed projectiles and work out Vice's offense.
'''Ash Crimson'''
* Stop Ash's jump in's with a neutral jump/hop normal.
* Stay about two character distance/mid range distance from Ash and try to eke out some weakness off of the Ash player.
'''Athena Asamiya'''
* Retain a two character distance/mid range distance from Athena. There is no need to get zoned out.
* Don't get too jumpy when Athena is on the ground. Constant movement and whiff punishment is going to be rather pivotal in this match up.
'''Benimaru Nikaido'''
* Stand B is good to punich Beni's rekka kick.
'''Billy Kane'''
* Vice needs to play a little more offense in this scenario because Billy does not have any really trustworthy reversals without meter. * Work your way in so that you can avoid Billy's normal moves. * Retain a close to mid range distance between Vice and Billy. Billy* Billy's f+A is negative on block, so get ready to get an offense started when Billy starts to rely too much on this. * Avoid getting the corner as much as possible, because Billy can use his normal moves to control space. Her EX QCB+P can cause problems for Billy when he is up close try to pressure her, however.
'''Chin Gentsai'''
* Use command grabs to punish blocked overhead
* Stay out of the corner as much as possible. In this particular match, Vice needs to be the one on the offense, not Chin.
* Preemptive j.CD will put a stop to Chin's hop pressure. Vice also jumps higher than Chin so from the far to mid range, Vice can smack Chin out of the air. She will combo after the fact if she has meter.
'''Clark Still'''
* Retain a mid range distance between Vice and Clark. Clark is a grappling character like Vice does.
* Discourage jump ins with a preemptive j.CD. If Vice has meter, get ready to go for the EX Sleeve and metered combos for big time damage
* Stay within the mid screen and drive Clark into the corner so that Vice herself can continue her pressure.
'''Duo Lon'''
* Command grab with punish teleport after the blocked rekka, but do it the reverse direction
* Duo Lon's rekkas in general are actually punishable, including the first hit.
* You can use Vice's Sleeve to catch Duo hopping/jumping backwards while he is trying to poke in mid air from Vice's own pressure
* Retain a close to mid range distance between yourself and Duo Lon because Duo is a threat at longer ranges too.
* At the mid range, beware of Duo's poking options. Cautiously wander in to Duo's space while avoid/blocking attacks and crush Duo Lon.
'''Elisabeth Branctorche'''
* Both characters excel at the close range while having good metered options.
* Vice appears to have better mid air options than Elisabeth does
* Elisabeth does not get any real reversal unless she has meter. Even then, the said reversals are very risky/unsafe on block.
'''Goro Daimon'''
'''Hwa Jai'''
* Use command grab to punish bad slides and flip kick.
'''Iori Yagami (Flame)'''
* Use stand B to punish rekka.
* Command grab to punish her DP
'''Juicy Bits - Vice'''
'''Vice Hit Boxes'''
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