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Vice (XIII)

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Character Matchups
'''Andy Bogard'''
* Stay at the mid range to punish badly timed projectiles and work out Vice's offense.
'''Ash Crimson'''
* Stop Ash's jump in's with a neutral jump/hop normal.
* Stay about two character distance/mid range distance from Ash and try to eke out some weakness off of the Ash player.
'''Athena Asamiya'''
* Retain a two character distance/mid range distance from Athena. There is no need to get zoned out.
* Don't get too jumpy when Athena is on the ground. Constant movement and whiff punishment is going to be rather pivotal in this match up.
'''Benimaru Nikaido'''
* Stand B is good to punich Beni's rekka kick.
'''Chin Gentsai'''
* Use command grabs to punish blocked overhead
'''Duo Lon'''
* Command grab with punish teleport after the blocked rekka, but do it the reverse direction
'''Hwa Jai'''
* Use command grab to punish bad slides and flip kick.
'''Iori Yagami (Flame)'''
* Use stand B to punish rekka.
* Command grab to punish her DP

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