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Robert Garcia (XIII)

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Command Moves
'''Upper = (f+A)''' 22+21 damage when canceled into, 60 damage by itself. Cancel-able, hits mid.
* When canceled into from another normal, the first hit is cancel-able. By itself it launches the enemy HIGH into the air, just above the characters lifebars. If its a counter hit and they are jumping or superjumping, they will be knocked WAYYY high in the air. With this you can hit them with any special move, or DM that is fast enough to hit them while they are descending. You can also use his for some cool reset setups either mid screen or in the corner. The drawback to this move is that its start-up is fairly slow, and it doesn't have any invincibility, so using it as an anti-air option can be a little risky. This move can be treated as a "Mortal Kombat" string as the player can input this notation VERY shortly after connecting with f+B.

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