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Benimaru Nikaido (XIII)

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'''j. A''' 45 (40) damage, cancellablecancel-able, hits overhead. A down angled elbow which has very short range. Not very usefulCan be used as a close ranged air-to-air or air-to-ground attack to beat out jumps from the opponent in advance, plus it's cancel-able too either by Benimaru's qcf+A & drill (down+heavy kick) which are both fairly safe on block.
'''j. B''' 45 (40) damage, cancellablecancel-able, hits overhead. Benimaru thrusts his knees slightly in the air. It lacks range but has a fair cross-up ability.
'''j. C''' 72 (70) damage, cancellablecancel-able, hits overhead. A jumping hook punch. Sort of lost it's crazy cross-up flair from past KOF games, but it's still there. The range is a little short of this one as well. You will probably see this attack used next to his j.D sometimes by some players aiming to air throw them.
'''j. D''' 70 (68) damage, hits overhead. Benimaru's best normal, period. All-purpose almost. Good air-to-air, good crossing up, jumping in, good for zoning, good jumping anti-air, etc. And most of all, its almost impossible to anti-air him on the way down with a character's crouch B because the hitbox is so large. Use it and abuse it.
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