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Vice (XIII)

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Mid Range
* In mid range, you have a lot more tools to threaten. Remember that any hit that knocks them out of the air can turn into a full combo with EX Decide, including a lot of trades. Focus on baiting them into the air with short-recovery pokes, and nail them in the air.
* Hop CD is useful as an air-to-air wall. Be carefully about using forward hop with it, as you can be triplow profile anti-guarded aired with a crouching light kick or sweep easily. Mix in j.c C and j.d D to cover several angles.
* St. A is your go-to reactionary anti-air against regular hops, while EX Mayhem is great against regular jumps or floaty hops.
* Far D is great to pre-emptively stop hops and jumps, and if you hit it meaty you can link EX Deicide. For style, if you have the meter you can also anti-air with far D, HD cancel, then EX Deicide.
* Vice's CD, cr. D, and cr. B all have great range. Poking at their max ranges can be a safe and viable option, as not many character's can match their range.
*Splash can be used here if the opponent refuses to jump, but it is easy to stuff with standing jabs.
===Close Range===

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