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The King of Fighters XIII/Benimaru Nikaido

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=Command Moves=
[ '''Jackknife Kick = (f+B)''' ] [ 2] 65 damage, cance-lable, hits mid. Benimaru steps forward and performs a slow kick that looks like he's kicking a soccer ball into a goal. You cannot cancel this kick from any of his normals but you can out of it with any of his special and super moves. The start-up is a bit on the sluggish side, and the fact that you cannot cancel into it from any of his normals makes this kick a little less useful as it was in past KOF games. It isn't safe on block either but it does have a bit of pushback too but not much.
[ '''Flying Drill (d+D) in air''' ] 25+23+22 damage, hits mid. Benimaru does his signature Dhalsim like diagonal drill kick, which may active on accident if you're pressing down briefly while your doing a j.D. The hitbox seems smaller compared to past KOF games which lesses its priority. You can combo after the last hit connects into a few of his special moves, which doesn't require strict timing at all. The small pause Benimaru initiates before he drills down can be used in some fireball zoning situations where you will need the projectile to zoom past you. It's a good move to use but keep in mind that its priority isn't very strong. It's best to use it as a pressure tool since it's frame advantageous.
=Special Moves=
'''Benimaru Hit Boxes'''
=Discussion Threads=

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