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Yuri Sakazaki (2k2UM)

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== Combos ==
'''Crouch B Starter0 Stock'''* cr.B, cr.A, dp+C~dp+P
- Damage: 22/100* cr.Bx3, st.B * cr.Bx2, cr.A, st.B* cr.B, cr.A, qcf hcb+K cr.B, st.B(these short un- Damage: 27/100 (1 Meterspecial move ending light normal combos actually deal acceptable damage around 12% damage or so. If the first 2 hits are blocked, just end in st. B to keep the opponent in block stun.)
* cr.BBx2 or 3, st.A/cr.A, qcfx2dp+C~dp+BDP - Damage: 42/100 (3 Metersends in a soft knockdown. Deals around 28% damage)
* (j.C/j.D) cl. C, hcf+B
(ends in a hard knockdown and inflicts 30% damage with the jump-in)
'''Close * (j.C Starter'''* /j.D) cl.C, dfdp+D, qcfC~dp+C P(end in a hard knockdown and inflicts around 30% damage with the jump- Damage: ?/100in)
*cl.C, df+B, qcf hcb+K
- Damage: 34/100 (1 Meter)
''Corner Only''
* (j.C/j.D) cl.C, df+D, hcb+K (miss) dp+C~dp+P
(with the jump-in, deals close to 42% damage
::''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter''*cl.C, dfhcf+D, qcfx2dp+C~dp+BD P- Damage: 61/100 (3 Metersscreen position specific to land dp+C)
* hcf+D, hcf+B
(ends in a hard knockdown)
'''Jump X Starter1 Stock''' * cr.B, cr.A, df+B, qcf hcb+K(ends in a soft knockdown and deals around 30% damage)
*(j.C/j.D, ) cl.DC, dpdf+C~dpB, qcf hcb+P K- Damage: 34/100(inflicts around 43% damage) ''Corner Only''*(j.D, cr.B, cr.A, dp+C~dp+P - Damage: 31/100 *j.D, ) cl.C, hcfdf+D, hcb+K (miss), qcf hcb+BK(inflicts around 45% damage)
:''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter''*j.hcf+D, cr.C, qcf hcb+K - Damage: 38/100 (1 MeterDeals around 31% damage)
:'''Max Mode Attack Strings'''
(use these combos after you have raw activated max mode)
''Corner Only''*j.D[BC] f+A, qcf+B, cr.C, df+D, hcb+K (miss) dp+C, (SC) qcf hcb+K - Damage: 46/100 (2 Metersinflicts around 49% damage)
* [BC] (f+A, qcf+B, cr.C)×4, dp+C~dp+P
(only works on fat characters while they are crouching. For other characters, this string can be used as a blockstring on standing opponents to eventually break their guard if they don't Guard Cancel.)
*j.D, cr.C, qcfx2+BD
- Damage: 63/100 (3 Meters)
*j.D, hh.C
- Damage: 18/100
'''2 Stock'''
'''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter'''*hcf+Dcr.Bx2 or 3, st.A/cr. A, dp+C~dp(SC) qcf hcb+PK(deals around 38% damage. Ends in a soft knockdown
''Corner Only''
* (j.C/j.D) cl.C, df+D, hcb+K (miss) dp+C (SC) qcf hcb+K
(with the jump-in, deals around 50% damage)
*hcf+D, qcf hcb+K:'''Max Mode Attack Strings''' - Damage: 32/100 (1 Meteruse this combos after you have raw activated max mode)
''Corner Only''*hcf[BC] f+A, qcf+B, cr.C, df+D, qcfx2+BD - Damage: 58/100 (3 Metersends in a soft knockdown. Deals around 40% damage)
'''Corner3 Stocks''' * qcf+A (CH)cr.B, stcr.CD * qcf+A (charge), qcf hcbqcfx2+KBD- Damage: 38/100 (1 Metervery damaging and easy to land)
:''Yuri Super Slash (CW) Starter''
*hcf+D, qcf hcb+AC
(You must be at 30% life for the HSDM. Also, it is screen position specific to land the HSDM. Deals around 56% damage.)
* qcf+A (charge), dp+C~dp+P - Damage: 34/100  *qcf+A (charge), qcfx2+BD - Damage: 31/100 (3 Meters) *qcf+A (charge), dp+C, (SC) qcfx2+BD - Damage: 38/100 (4 Meters)  * [BC] f+A, qcf+B, crcl.C, df+D, qcfx2qcf hcb+BD AC- Damage: 70/100 (2 MetersYou must be at 30% life for the HSDM. Good to use as a punish. Inflicts around 61% damage)
:'''Max Mode Attack Strings'''
* [BC] (f+A, qcf+B, cr.C)×n (only works on fat characters)
'''Air Starter'''
* qcf+B (landing), cr.X, qcf hcb+D
==Changes from OG2k2==
Nikolai-保力達 (Yuri Best Rounds)
Kof 2002 Um Yuri Combos
Yuri Master Class

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