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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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Special Moves
'''Hakuzan Toh''' - qcb+B/D
*Kasumi uses her left hand to do a palm attack that launches the opponent high into the air, weak version makes her stand and place then do the palm strike while the strong version makes her step forward then do it, has auto-guard so it will override most if not all moves that challenge it, however moves that are overheads are likely to win the trade, beats jump-ins quiet quite easily because the first hit will bypass the jump attack then the second hit will launch them into the air, and it works quite well after her Tatsumaki Souda(hcb, f+P) in the corner. It is super cancellable cancel-able on both hits, but only in Max Mode that Chou Kasane Ate (qcfx2+P) works as a good follow-up after the first hit but the strong version only works in the corner because of it's prolonged start-up.
*Super Cancellable on both hits.
*Combos from: Hiji Ate, Tatsumaki Souda.
*Combos into: In Max Mode, Chou Kasane Ate, weak version works midscreen, while the strong version works in the corner only.
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