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The King of Fighters XIV/Verse

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Gameplay Overview
=Gameplay Overview=
Verse is a bulky zoner with a handbag of dastardly mixups from almost anywhere on the map. With 2 different height fireballs, a command grab that hit 3/4 across the screen, a sliding sweep that can reach even further, an anti-air that can easily combo into super or hard knockdown, and auto-guard on his st.D, he can keep his opponent at bay. He's got invincible reversal supers, a 2 hit cr.C, a command normal that jumps but can hit low, a teleport, a cross-up, 275 damage off of a cr.B and an overhead that combos into an OTG super.
This all comes at the expense of speed however, which is why Verse spends more time pelting the opponent where he stands then weaving in and out of combat. Or he can just grab them and and carry them to their doom. Whichever is most convenient.

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