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The King of Fighters XIV/Verse

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* st. A: 25 damage. Basic jab. Kind of slow on startup for a jab, but decent range. May whiff on smaller characters. Barely negative on block.
* st. B: 30 damage. Verse kicks up and forward. Decent range, same height as far LP. More negative on block than far LP.
* st. C: 70 damage. Verse sends a powerful uppercut forward, sending the opponent up in the air. This move has a lot of start up and is very negative on block, but pushes you to half screen. Can be used as an anti-air, but better just saving it for combos. Special cancel-able and chains into cr.A, cr.B, and Star Crash.
* st. D: 80 damage. Verse performs a spinning kick from a massive distance. This move is barely negative on block, huge startup, but has autoguard until the active hitbox comes out.
* cl. A: 25 damage. Quick little jab. 0 on block, but hitbox is lower than it appears.
* cl. B: 30 damage. Verse lifts a knee. Short range but fast. Maybe +1 on block.
* cl. C: 70 damage. Verse chops down at his opponent, yielding hard knockdown. While slow to hit and minus on block, this does hit overhead. Super cancel it for extra damage.
* cl. D: 78 damage. 2 hits, 40 damage each before scaling. Verse lifts a knee and kicks. 0 on block, quick startup. Nice button, cancellable on both hits.
* cr. A: Stumpy punch used for your hit confirm. Fast and plus on block.
* cr. B: 30 damage. Nice range, quick, only like -1 on block. Hits low.
* cr. C: 100 damage. 2 hits, 30 on the first and 70 on the second. Good damage and decently safe on block. It pushes Verse back to halfscreen on block. Cancellable on both hits.
* cr. D: 80 damage. Verse's sweep. This move is plus on block at max range, minus at close range. Holding down back will make him slide significantly shorter, while holding down forward will make him slide significantly further.
* j. A: 45 damage. Verse places both hands below and in front of him. Good jump away button, fast and nice range. This does 40 damage if hopped.
* j. B: 45 damage. Verse lifts a knee. Super short range, but ok hop button. This does 40 damage if hopped.
* j. C: 70 damage. Verse flexes both arms on either side of him. This button hits crossup if done with a full jump, but can be kind of slow and short ranged.
* j. D: 70 damage. Verse kicks his legs out. Nice horizontal range, but a little slow. Good for jumping in.
* st. CD: 75 damage. Verse lunges his body forward, body checking the opponent. Huge range. The closer you are to your opponent on startup, the less safe this move is.
* j. CD: 90 damage. Verse gives a shoulder ram in the air. This move has stubby range and hits mid. It can be useful for air-to-air, or pressuring a blocking opponent.

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