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The King of Fighters XIV/Vice

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* st. A: She slaps. Standard anti-hop tool, and slightly plus +2 on block. Won't hit crouchers.
* st. B: Vice does a far-reaching kick. One of Vice's longest reaching normal, and can be used to stuff hopping early.
* cl. A: Vice elbows the opponent. plus on block and special cancel-able.
* cl. B Vice kicks their shins. Hits low, and is special cancel-able, but is negative on block.
* cr. A: Slightly plus +1 on block (+1?). Use this to combo into A Mayhem or Gorefest (the command grab).
* cr. B: Probably +2 on block. A crouching kick that hits low and is useful for any kind of mix up you want to do, and also chains into cr.A. Unfortunately it is no longer special Special cancel-able. !
* cr. C: A very tall uppercut that is useful as an anti-air. Special cancels on block.
'''Gorefest''' - (close hcb~f + A/C)
* Command grab that scores a hard knockdown. Likely 1 frame startup.
'''EX:''' Does more damage and can be followed up with Obscura. Overkill will only connect in the corner. Nothing else connects.

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