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The King of Fighters XIV/Antonov

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Gameplay Overview
=Gameplay Overview=
'''Health: 1100'''
Antonov is a bulky poking character with big burst damage (due to his qcfx2+BD launcher), that can harass his opponents by canceling his s.B poke into either dash punch (qcb+A) or dash grab (hcb+D) mixups.
As a tall character, his s.A is an excellent anti-air. While his heavy normals also/mainly covers a lot of air (and s.D leads to MAX mode combos) they must be done preemptively and carry certain risk.
His j.D and j.CD are great for approaching. j.D has great range as an advancing poke, and plays into a high/low game with cr.B, while his j.CD is slower/shorter but has greater air-to-air potential and blockstun enough to go for slower buttons and mixups after.
For dealing with projectiles he can use the shockwave of his air qcf+P slam to either negate them preemptively or to pressure at a range after jumping over one (this is also when using the feint comes into play). Entering MAX mode lets you completely crush all projectile use with both qcb+AC and the EX shockwave.
MAX mode in general makes Antonov a much scarier opponent, with a proper reversal in dp+AC (that wallbounces for damaging combos), aforementioned projectile countering and general EX shockwave shenanigans, and he can *still* confirm his overhead/lows.
'''More on poking pressure and mixups:'''
s.B -> qcb+A / hcb+D mixups are potent but interruptable.
s.B -> s.B whiff-punishes interruption attempts, great MAX starter.
s.B -> f+A is a frametrap on hit, use against careless mashers.
cr.B has the same mixups as s.B, but both combos and frametraps into itself.
cl.C, delay f+A, qcb+A is the recommended frametrap.
cl.C, f+A feint cancel hcb+D grab is the easy version.
cl.C, f+A late cancel hcb+D grab is harder, extra effective combined with the delay f+A frametrap where it can also outrange and whiff-punish some interruption attempts.
Any corner qcfx2+K combos can be ended with a j.C, qcf+A meaty shockwave for immediate wakeup pressure.
cr.B / cr.D(1 hit) -> MAX is a basic high-low
… -> cr.B / j.C (instant overhead) is a follow up high-low mixup.
… … -> j.C can be canceled into qcf+AC for a quick (yet interruptable) low that’s +f on block.
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