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The King of Fighters XIV/Kyo Kusanagi

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* st. A: Kyo will punch forward with his inner arm. Stops incoming hops. Whiffs against crouching opponents.
* st. B: Performs a side kick with his inner leg. Can good for poking the opponent on the Best used as a long range groundpoke.
* st. C: Does a backfist motion towards the opponents facial area. Whiffs on some crouching opponents. Can be used for stopping hops but isn’t whiff cancellable.
* st. D: Performs a roundhouse kick, jumping slightly off of the ground in place. Has low body invincibility against some sweeps and ground skimming projectiles. Great to use as a ground poke.
* cl. A: Kyo will elbow the opponent with his outer arm. Very good for close range hit confirms as it hits mid. This move will chain into other lights and can also cancel into special moves. This move will also chain into command moves.
* cl. B: This is a low kick done with Kyo's inner leg. Cancel-ableSpecial cancellable. However, it is not chain cancellable to other normals.
* cl. C: With this move, Kyo will perform a uppercut motion with his outer arm. Unlike past iterations however, this move will actually hit twice. Only the first hit will cancel into special moves and chain into command moves. The second hit is only super cancel-able. Close C can be useful for conducting Max Mode combos, however. It is also a pretty good vertical anti-air against opponents jumping close to , or above Kyo.
* cl. D: This close heavy kick is good to link into after a max mode cancel for max damage. Starts up slower than cl.C.
* cr. A: This crouching punch is a special cancel-able move that can be chained into df+D for a full combo confirm. Chain cancellable to other normals.
* cr. B: Great pressure tool and hits low. One of his main go-to pressure tools for offense. Allows you to confirm into cl.C if done close enough. Chain cancellable to other normals.
* cr. C: Great for anti-airing jump-ins, and stands up crouching opponents which . Special cancellable. * cr. D: This sweep is useful in a few of his combosspecial and super cancel-able on block and on hit. Can be whiff cancelled into specials.
* cr. D: This sweep is special and super cancel-able on block and on hit. Can be whiff cancelled into specials
* j. A: A jumping elbow attack that can be used for air-to-air situations.
* j. B: A jumping knee attack that can cross up and can be used during for jump-ins or hops to start combos.
* j. C: This jumping punch has a higher aim than jump B. Good to use as a jump-in attack and to jump away with defensively.
* j. D: Great to use as an anti-air as a neutral jump (or hop), or jumping towards the opponent as an air-to-air attack.Whiffs on crouching opponents if performed too early during the hop or jump. 
* st. CD: A powerful shoulder attack that is whiff cancel-able into specials and command normals. Causes grounded opponents to wallsplat.
* j. CD: This jumping shoulder attack that can be used as a pressure tool if used during hops. Can be used as an air-to-air, but it lacks horizontal range..
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