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The King of Fighters XIV/Gang-Il

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3 meters
'''1000 Maxmode and up/ All Positions/ Anywhere'''
* f+B, cr. B, qcb, hcf(x2)+BD = (475 DMG)
(f+B must hit as an overhead for this combo to work.)
* cl. D, (BC), forward short hop j. A, air qcb+B, cl. D, qcf+AC, uf, qcb+BD, dp+D, qcf(x2)+BD = (545 DMG)
'''1250 Maxmode and up/ 2nd and 3rd Positions/ Anywhere'''
* cr. B, cr. A, cr. B, (BC), cl. D, dp+BD, uf, qcb+BD, qcb, hcf+BD = (503 DMG)
==4 meters==

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