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The King of Fighters XIV/Hein

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Special Moves
'''Pawn''' - (qcf + A/C)
*Hein twists around quickly to perform a straight thrusted stab with his fingers
*LP (A) version hits once. -3F on block.
*HP (C)version hits twice, inflicts more damage & has more horizontal range. -13 on block
* Both versions super cancel-able during the 1st or 2nd hit '''EX''':Similar to HP (C) version but has faster start-up and safe on block. Soft knockdown.
'''Knight''' - (dp + B/D) (*)
*Hein flips over the opponent to grab & slams their head to the ground
*Delayed command throw
*Connects on crouching opponents within range * LK (B) version & HK (D) versions has the same damage but D version has a much farther flip arch (close to half-screen distance) than the B version * Can be evaded by rolling on reaction or jumping away from Hein '''EX''': Goes full screen distance, faster start-up has no invincibility
'''Bishop''' - (qcb + B/D) (in air) (*)
*Hein’s dive kick * LK (B) version has a much steeper angle than the HK (D) version
*Both versions can cross-up standing and crouching opponents at the correct spacing and timing
*Can be canceled from f+B on hit or on block (3F on block). Bishop can only connect on cornered opponents.
'''EX''':Has an attack angle in between the range of the LK and HK versions. Faster start-up and causes a soft knockdown on hit.
'''Rook''' - (qcb + A/C) (*)
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