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Ralf Jones (XIV)

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'''Dive Bomber Punch''' - (Air QCF- qcf+A/C)
* Acts as overhead and can catch crouching opponents off-guard. It is also hard to punish as it pushes Ralf quite far and lands on the ground fast.
'''EX:''' (description here)Invincibility during the start
=Super Special Moves=
'''Meterless:''' Punches that end in his Vulcan Punch. 138 DMG.
'''1 Meter:''' Punches that end in his Bareback Vulcan Punch. 223 DMG
'''EX:''' Punches that end in his EX Bareback Vulcan Punch. 345 DMG
==0 meter==
'''Anywhere Position:'''* cr. B, st A, df+A, hcf A = 174 DMG(place combo heregood to use as a block string because hcf+A is neutral on block, but the opponent can guard cancel roll the df+A away, then punish Ralf)  * cl. D, df. A, hcf C = 247 DMG(place damage amount herecauses soft knockdown. Can be started with cr. B, st.A then df+A to start with a low attack.)(place combo description here)* rdp+C, st. D = 146 DMG * st.CD, hcb+B = 143 DMG '''Corner:'''* cr. B, df+A, hcf+C, cr. A/cl.A = 229 DMG * rdp+C, cl. D, df+A, hcf_C, cr. A = 332 DMG * st. CD, rdp+A, hcf+C, cr. A = 343 DMG
==1 meter==
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