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The King of Fighters XIV/Oswald

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{| class="wikitable"!colspan="7"| Close A|-|rowspan="5"|[[File:Oswald_Close_A.jpg]]!rowspan="1"|Damage:|rowspan="1"|25!rowspan="1"|Stun:|rowspan="1"|30!rowspan="1"|Start-Up:|rowspan="1"|4|-!rowspan="1"|Active:|rowspan="1"|3!rowspan="1"|Recovery:|rowspan="1"|12!rowspan="1"|Hit Adv.:|rowspan="1"|0|-!rowspan="1"|Guard Adv.:|rowspan="1"|-2!colspan="4"|[ Hitbox]|-!rowspan="1"|Invincibility:|colspan="5"|None|}* cl. ADescription: A quick close card slash that can be chained into cr. A, cl. B, cr. B. Special cancel-able as well. Also a nice move to stop hops, but not as effective as far A.
* cl. B: Looks like st. B but uses his knee instead. Plus 2F on block. Special cancel-able.

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