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The King of Fighters XIV/Oswald

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{| class="wikitable"!colspan="7"| Crouch A|-|rowspan="5"|[[File:Oswald_Crouch_A.jpg]]!rowspan="1"|Damage:|rowspan="1"|25!rowspan="1"|Stun:|rowspan="1"|30!rowspan="1"|Start-Up:|rowspan="1"|7|-!rowspan="1"|Active:|rowspan="1"|4!rowspan="1"|Recovery:|rowspan="1"|8!rowspan="1"|Hit Adv.:|rowspan="1"|3|-!rowspan="1"|Guard Adv.:|rowspan="1"|1!colspan="4"|[ Hitbox]|-!rowspan="1"|Invincibility:|colspan="5"|None|}* cr. ADescription: A chain-able long range crouching jab. About as long as his far A, this will be part of your light confirms, usually into 3A. 
* cr. B: Decent range for a crouching light kick. Can chain into cr.A. Your main low starter, typically into cr.A, although it links into itself. You can’t cancel this directly into 3A, so cr.A cr.B is better overall.

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