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The King of Fighters XIV/Oswald

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* Description: A short-ranged diagonal downward card slash. Good for air-to-ground approaches at hop height, also great for tick throwing people.
{| class="wikitable"!colspan="7"| Jump B|-|rowspan="5"|[[File:Oswald_Jump_B.jpg]]!rowspan="1"|Damage:|rowspan="1"|45!rowspan="1"|Stun:|rowspan="1"|30!rowspan="1"|Start-Up:|rowspan="1"|5|-!rowspan="1"|Active:|rowspan="1"|11!rowspan="1"|Recovery:|rowspan="1"|(Landing)+1!rowspan="1"|Hit Adv.:|rowspan="1"|-|-!rowspan="1"|Guard Adv.:|rowspan="1"|-!colspan="4"|[ Hitbox]|-!rowspan="1"|Invincibility:|colspan="5"|None|}* j. BDescription: A high aiming kick that is best for ground-to-air defensive situations.
* j. C: A super deep cross-up slash, buffed in 3.10 to serve as a good air-to-ground with its increased horizontal range. This button is oswald’s main jump-in when the opponent’s on defense, although j.A and j.CD have their merits too.

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