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The King of Fighters XIV/Oswald

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{{MoveData| classimage="wikitable"Oswald_Jump_C.jpg!colspan|caption="7"| name=Jump C|-|rowspandata="5"|[[File:Oswald_Jump_C.jpg]]!rowspan="1"|Damage: {{AttackData-KOFXIV |rowspandamage="1"|70!rowspan="1" |Stun:|rowspanstun="1"|70!rowspan="1" |Start-Up:|rowspanstartup="1"|12 |-!rowspanactive="1"|Active:|rowspan="1"|6!rowspan="1"|Recovery: |rowspanrecovery="1"|(Landing)+1!rowspan="1"|Hit Adv.: |rowspanhitAdv="1"|- |-!rowspanblockAdv="1"|Guard Adv.: |rowspanhitbox="1"|-!colspan="4"|[ Hitbox] |-!rowspaninvul="1"|Invincibility: |colspandescription="5"|None|}* Description: A super deep cross-up slash, buffed in 3.10 to serve as a good air-to-ground with its increased horizontal range. This button is oswald’s main jump-in when the opponent’s on defense, although j.A and j.CD have their merits too. }}}}  
* j. D: Good horizontal range to use as an air-to-air attack. Although j.CD gets the CH juggle properties, jump back j.D is good for when you need to challenge a jump-in but you either don’t trust K or they’re too close for 3A to work.

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