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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Iori Yagami

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* cr.B, [BC], f+A, qcb+Cx2, qcfx2+K
:*Approx 32% damage. 5 hits. The BC activation after cr.B is a bypass of cl.B when cancelled from cr.B.
* f+B [BC] far C, qcb+Cx2 (SC) qcfx2+K
:*Approx 36% damage. 5 hits.
* j.C, cl.C [BC] far C, qcb+Cx2, (SC) qcfx2+K
''3 Stock''
* cl.C/f+B/cr.B, ([BC) [run] cl.far C, hcbqcb+K Cx2 (1SC), (DC) dpqcfx2+C (2)K:*Approx 46% damage. 5 hits. * cr.B, (DC) hcb+K (1)[BC], (DC) dpf+C (2)A, (DC) qcb+Cx2, (SC) qcf~hcb+AC:*Approx 51% damage. 6 hits.
* clj.C/f+B/cr.B, (BC) [run] cl.C, dp+C (2), (DC) hcb+K (1), (DC) dp+[BC] far C (2), (DC) qcb+Cx2, (DC) dp+C (2), (SC) qcf~hcb+AC:*Approx 60% damage. 6 hits.
* Far j.C, cl.C/ Far D/ [BC] cl.BC, fqcb+A~AC, (BC) qcbhcb+C×2D, dp+C (DC1) , hcb+K D (1), (DC) dp+C (21), hcb+D (DC1) qcb, dp+C×2, C (SC2) qcfx2+D or qcf, qcb~hcbhcf+AC:*Approx 66% damage 9 hits.
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