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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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Command Moves
'''Hiji Ate''' - f+A
*Kasumi moves forward and does a sideways chop for two hits, this command move is great because it does just about everything, when used by itself it's an overhead attack, however since you can't cancel it on it's own you can use it to string into BC activation then continue from there, when used after her stand C/D it links to her Senkou Sagashi rekkas, Kasane Ate, Hakuzan Toh, Tatsumaki Souda, using it after stand C/D can be used to start very powerful BC combos, if used on guard Kasumi is pushed back on the second hit, as mentioned before this move does two hits which is cancellable when canceled into, the second hit will push her back just like the guarded version so you have to cancel it as soon as it hits, their is still a slight push back on the second hit but Kasane Ate takes good advantage of that.
*Free Cancellable on both hits if canceled into.
*Overhead Attack on both hits when used alone.

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