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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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Special Moves
*Juggles the opponent on counter hit.
*Builds a lot of meter
'''Air Kasane Ate''' - qcf+A/C in Air
*Combos from: jump D
*Combos into: Hakuzan Toh on counter hit.
'''Hakuzan Toh''' - qcb+B/D
*Kasumi uses her left hand to do a palm attack that launches the opponent high into the air, has auto-guard so it will override most if not all moves that challenge it, however moves that are overheads are likely to win the trade, beats jump-ins quiet easily and it works quite well after her Tatsumaki Souda, super cancellable on both hits, Chou Kasane Ate works as a good follow-up after the first hit but the strong version only works in the corner because of it's prolonged start-up. *Super Cancellable on both hits. *Combos from: Hiji Ate, Tatsumaki Souda.*Combos into: Chou Kasane Ate, weak version works midscreen, while the strong version works in the corner only.
'''Messhin Mutoh''' - hcf+B

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