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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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Desperation Moves
'''Shingan Kuzu Otoshi''' - qcf hcb+A/C
*Kasumi holds up both of her hands and if she is attacked she will flip the opponent over her shoulder and onto the ground then punch them in the back of the head, their is no DM flash for this move except when the counter is successful, upon activation this move will use up meter to you have to time it or you'll waste meter, the unique thing about this counter is that if the opponent rolls past her while she still has her hands up and they attack she will still counter them, she is still vulnerable to a few things but she can counter low/mid hitting normals/commands/special attacks/DM's/SDM's/ and some HSDM's as well, comboing into it is never suggested because of hit-stun.
*Counters low/mid hitting normals/commands/special attacks/DM's/SDM's/HSDM's.
*Vulnerable to throws, projectiles, and jumping overhead attacks.

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