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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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[[File:Kasumi.jpg|right|frame]] ==Movelist==[[File:Kof02ummovelistkasumi.png]]
'''Hakuzan Toh''' - qcb+B/D
*Kasumi uses her left hand to do a palm attack that launches the opponent high into the air, weak version makes her stand and place then do the palm strike while the strong version makes her step forward then do it, has auto-guard so it will override most if not all moves that challenge it, however moves that are overheads are likely to win the trade, beats jump-ins quiet quite easily because the first hit will bypass the jump attack then the second hit will launch them into the air, and it works quite well after her Tatsumaki Souda(hcb, f+P) in the corner. It is super cancellable cancel-able on both hits, but only in Max Mode that Chou Kasane Ate (qcfx2+P) works as a good follow-up after the first hit but the strong version only works in the corner because of it's prolonged start-up.
*Super Cancellable on both hits.
*Combos from: Hiji Ate, Tatsumaki Souda.
*Combos into: In Max Mode, Chou Kasane Ate, weak version works midscreen, while the strong version works in the corner only.
'''Tatsumaki Souda''' - hcb f+A/C close
*Kasumi does two chops then she spin and does two more hits that launch the opponent into the air, the strong version makes her do two chops then a sweep to another hit that launches the opponent into the air, really really good move, their . There is absolutely no whiff animation what so everwhatsoever, since it has command grab properties it can't be guarded when you use it up close, works well after strong normals and her Hiji Ate command normal after one or two hits, this move launches the opponent into the air, you have two options to follow-up with, one of the options is to just finish the combo up with her stand CD, or if you have the meter you can use a far strong normal (like Far C since it's cancelable) to reset the opponents body which is when you can easily throw out her HSDM to complete destroy them, take note the Far C (and infact her stand CD as well) is required if you wish to use the HSDM as a combo ender because they reset the opponents body to prevent them from safe rolling to evade the in coming HSDM, Hakuzan Toh can also help set-up the HSDM because it launches them higher into giving them no saving grace at all and to eat the whole HSDM, this move is also super cancellable on every hit but weak Chou Kasane Ate seems to work just fine after the launch, if you want to super cancel you may want to stick to BC combos unless think it will finish them off. *Grab Properties Proximity Unblockable *Light punch version starts up in 4 frames and launches the opponent high in the air, while the strong version starts up in 7 frames and doesn't launch the opponent very high
*Super Cancellable on any hit.
*Puts the opponent in a juggles state.
'''Senkou Sagashi''' - qcb+P x3
*Kasumi does a series of attacks that ends with her kicking the opponent in the stomach, the first rekka occurs as soon as you press qcb+P which is when she steps forward to do a horizontal chop then an upward palm strike (two hits), pressing qcb+P again after the first rekka will make her do the second rekka where she does a downward chop attack (one hit), pressing qcb+P again will make do the last rekka where she does a thrust kick with her left leg knocking the opponent to the ground (one hit), another really good, this move wails on the opponents guard like no tommorow tomorrow but the best part is if you do as all three rekkas the last hit pushes her back making it really safe to use in succession making a really powerful move for blockstrings, this move gets most of it's use in BC combos but that will be explained later on.
*Three part rekka attack.
*Blockstring attack.
*Eats away at the opponents guard very quickly.
*Combos from: strong normals and Hiji Ate.
*Combos into: Keeps her close enough to get a crouch D in, most of the time the opponent won't react fast enough to punish accordingly so while it's a good idea it's not always to go for it.
==Desperation Moves==
'''Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi''' - qcfx2+AC
*Kasumi puts her hands behind her head, then her father jumps forward and raises his hands as well, then they both flings their arms forward letting out a huge Kasane Ate energy wave doing 6 hits, one of her best moves if used right and one of her worst moves used wrong, this move does 45% raw damage, it also relies strictly on launcher's/set-ups/Max Mode/resets/or the opponent just jumping in the air to get the most out of it, the whole point of this move is to put your opponent in a position where they can't do anything but take the hit, if you use it too late you'll probably whiff it and despite the move having OTG properties you may never get a chance to use them because they can safe roll, if used in the corner to late they can safe roll it and you'll be left wide open to get punished, there are a lot of set-ups for this move but that will be explained later on.
*Hakuzan Toh and Tatsumaki Souda~Normal reset.
*OTG Properties
*Notes for the combo section, qcb+P (1) means one hit, just to clear up some confusion because her first rekka does two hits.
* qcb+P (2) means both hits from the first rekka.
* qcb+P (3) means 3 hits, which mean you will have to perform her second rekka, qcb+P x3 means you have to do all three of her rekkas.
*JCD is faster
*Faster bette rekkas
* qcb+K has it's invincibility form SVC Chaos
==Notes==*qcf+P does one hit from short range *qcf hcb+P hitbox surrounds her whole body including her back
'''0 Stock'''
* cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P x3
(ends in a hard knockdown. If blocked, just end with one qcb+P which is hard to punish)
* cl.C/D, f+A, qcb+P x3/hcb f+A~st/j.X
* (Corner) if you choose hcb f+PA, (SCyou can pick any standing or jumping normal that can reach the opponent while falling for an air reset) qcfx2+C* hcb f+P, Far C/CD, qcfx2+AC
* (Corner, CH) qcf+P, Far D
* (Corner, CH) backdash qcf+P, qcb+D (1), (SC) qcfx2+C
* qcb+D, Far D, (BC) qcfx2+AC
* super jump CD, qcf+P
'''1 Stock'''
* crossup j.D, cl. C, f+A, hcb f+A, qcfx2+A
(Does 50% damage. use just cl.C as a starter for punishing)
'''2 Stocks'''
* crossup j.D cl. C, f+A, hcb f+P, (SC) qcfx2+C
(very easy, and damaging combo. use just cl.C as a starter for punishing)
:'''Max Mode Combos'''
* cl.C, f+A (BC)
┗ (Mid-screen) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), qcb+P (1), qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+C ┗ (Corner) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (BC3), qcb+C (2) , qcb+P K (1), (SC) qcfx2+C * f+A (1), (BC) , cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P (1), qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+P(starts from overhead f+A. Damage is around 42%)  '''3 Stocks''' * cl. C, f+A, hcb f+C, st. C, qcfx2+AC(extremely easy and damaging punish combo or from a cross-up j.D. Does around 87% damage) * qcb+B, qcfx2+AC(anti-air the opponent, then release the HSDM when the opponent rises slightly above the lifebars)
┗ (Corner) st:'''Max Mode Combos'''* cl.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), (BC) qcb+P (2), (BC) qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+C
┗ (HSDM, Mid-Corner) st.C, f+A, hcb f+C (3), (BC) qcb+P (2), (BC) qcb+B, qcfx2+AC
* f+A (1)HSDM, (BCMid-Screen), crst.BC, cr.f+A, qcb+P (1), (BC) qcb+K (1), (SC) qcfx2+P* hcb f+A (1), C (BC3), cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P (1), (BC) qcb+B, qcfx2+AC
* f+A (1), (BC), cr.B, cr.A, qcb+P (1), qcb+B, qcfx2+AC
*Build meter from afar(or up close), then rushdown like a monster
*qcf+P builds meter fast especially on guard, if you get the timing down you can safely spam it in succesion but only if you are at least a body frame away to prevent from being hit by a GCA, when used to challenge other projectiles it's likely that you will lose because the hitbox is mostly in the middle wave, however if you use it against laggier attacks (like Terry's Round Wave) this move will beat it and Kasumi will bypass anything else because she is invincible during the recovery, crouch D whiff to qcf+A works a good fake out move.
*Kasane Ate (qcf+P air ) can be used during backdash, it can also be tiger knee'd, gives good frame advantage on block.
*Senkou Sagashi (3rd) rekkas are moderately safe on block, it also guard crushes very quickly so try using it in a blockstring, it builds meter pretty well tooquickly but no as much as Kasane Ate on block.
Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi (qcfx2+AC) - 22F (-59F)→[All Guard]
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