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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kasumi Todoh

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*Build meter from afar (or up close), then rushdown like a monster
*close C stays out for a good bit
*Jump D crosses up, the hitbox stretches to her other leg
*Hiji Ate (f+A) is an overhead on both hits, can be used to start Max Mode combos
*qcf+P builds meter fast especially on guard, if you get the timing down you can safely spam it in succesion but only if you are at least a body frame away to prevent from being hit by a GCA, when used to challenge other projectiles it's likely that you will lose because the hitbox is mostly in the middle wave, however if you use it against laggier attacks (like Terry's Round Wave) this move will beat it and Kasumi will bypass anything else because she is invincible during the recovery, crouch D whiff to qcf+A works a good fake out move.
* Kasane Ate (qcf+P air) can be used during backdash, it can also be tiger knee'd, gives good frame advantage on block.
*hcb f+P has no whiff animation, combos from both hits of Hiji Ate, follow-ups include Far C, Far D, (corner) close C, close D, CD, hh.CD, qcb+K, etc.
*qcb+K has auto-guard to beat jump-ins, D makes her move forward then do the launcher
*Senkou Sagashi (3rd) rekkas are moderately safe on block, it also guard crushes very quickly so try using it in a blockstring, it builds meter pretty quickly but no as much as Kasane Ate on block.
*Messhin Mutoh (hcf+B) is probably her best counter out of all of her normal counters, since it counters jump-ins you won't have to rely on Hakuzan Toh all the time, it's not always suggested that you use counters because they're very situational but if you must use them use this one
*Shingan Kuzu Otoshi (regular or MAX) counter covers her whole body, counters low/mid hitting normals/commands/special attacks/DM's/SDM's/HSDM's/etc.
*Under certain circumstances Chou Kasane Ate will not knock the to the ground, mostly happends if you combo into it after two hits of Hiji Ate (never suggested), this DM also works best when you super cancel into it
*HSDM Sousei Kasane Ate Ryuukasumi has OTG properties but if you're opponent is smart you'll probably never get the chance to do it because they'll be too busy safe rolling the whole thing, never use this HSDM without Hakuzan Toh the launcher or Tatsumaki Souda (hcb f+P) st.X/Far X reset

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