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Orochi Chris (2k2UM)

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Special Moves
*Chris moves his arms with flames in hand in a circular fashion to knock the opponent into the air, comes out okay and the range isn't to bad either but the difference lies in which button you press, the weak version has Chris do one loop then do a short jump at the end doing one hit, the strong version has Chris do two loops then jumps a much higher into the air doing four hits, it's not much of an anti-air because the weak version doesn't go high enough and the strong version lasts too long, very unsafe if you whiff it, combos from strong normals and Muyou No Ono command normal, the strong version is cancel-able on the second and third hit,.
*Super Cancel-able (strong version only)
*Combos from: Strong normals, Muyou No Ono (f+A), Taiyou wo Iru Honoo (qcf+P) hit-stun
*Combos into: (Super Cancel) weak Ankoku Orochinagi (qcb hcf+A), and MAX Ankoku Orochinagi (qcb hcf+AC) but only on the second hit
'''Kagami wo Honoo Hofuru''' - (qcb+A/C)
*Chris leaps forward and does a flip with flames coming out of his hands attacking the opponent's upper body, the weak version comes out quick and can be used a anti-air if timed right, knocks down, the strong version makes him jump a little bit farther, also works asan anti-air but you have to aim it so that the flame on the side hits them otherwise you'll miss it, unlike most air attacks this move is not an overhead attack on crouching opponents, and this move also whiffs on low crouch height opponents so keep that in mind, combos from strong normals/Muyou No Ono command/ and Taiyou wo Iru Honoo (qcf+P) hit-stun.
*Combos from: Strong normals, Muyou No Ono (f+A), Taiyou wo Iru Honoo (qcf+P) hit-stun
'''Shishi wo Kamu Honoo''' - (hcf+B/D) close
* is a proximity unblockable throwProximity Unblockable
== Desperation Moves ==

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