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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Orochi Chris

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Hidden Super Desperation Moves
== Hidden Super Desperation Moves ==
'''Sanagi Yaburi wo, wa mau chou''' - (qcfx2+BD)
*Chris transforms into Orochi then raises his hand causing a gigantic full-screen shockwave to hit the opponent 18 hits and do about 65% raw damage, while this is a great HSDM their isn't really any practical way to set it up because the start-up is too long, it might prove useful for punishing very laggy moves like other HSDM that have a long start-up time, Chris is also completely invincible as soon as he turns into Orochi but anytime before you can be hit and then he'll revert back to normal wasting a lot of meter, does a great amount of damage on guard but it's never suggested to aim for that, you're better off saving the meter for Max mode and super canceling imo.
*Full-screen Attack
== Combos ==

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