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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Nameless

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Special Moves
'''Taikuu Katame Shutou Ikusawaza Yoi Tsuki''' - (dp+A/C)
*Nameless takes a step forward swings his left arm forward to hit the opponent with a red ember flame coming out of his hand knocking them into the air, both version have identical start-up animation but the properties are a bit different, the weak version only does on hit, while the strong version does two hits and launches the opponent much higher into the air, both versions do a good amount of guard meter damage but the strong version does almost double the amount the weak verison does, this move can be spaced to prevent from being punished and to take advantage of it's hitbox because it stretches really far, in terms of combo use this move mostly shines in Max mode combos because it's the main attack tool, outside of Max mode it can be used as your average combo ender, it also has super cancelling properties and they activate on hit, your options are: Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P) which is very difficult to combo into because of it's input but also it's highly recommended, and then there's Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) which isn't really suggested because if you use while they're still airborne you'll only do 8~12 hits which won't be all the damage you can dish out, and if they touch the ground they can safe roll out of the way, it can be used as an anti-air but the timing is a little awkward but if you use the strong version in launches them really high into the air almost of screen, the priority this move has is also really good, on reaction Nameless's dp+A will beat out pretty much every other dp attack in the game that doesn't have a huge amount of auto-guard.
*Super Cancel-able
*Combos from: Strong normals, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
*Combos into: Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)
*Nameless leaps forward and generates a red ark of fire to hit the opponent once in the face once, the weak version comes out quick and can be used a anti-air if timed right, knocks down, the strong version on the other hand has a significantly longer start-up but it doesn't knockdown because of hit-stun, as far as combo use goes your not to use either version because their start-up is just to slow, and despite fact that it isn't super cancel-able it does have tricks to set-up DM's, this is where the old OG2k2 "Moon Effect" comes into play, what you have to do is land a strong Kyoushou Katame (which does enough hit-stun to do follow-up attack) all while buffering the DM during the move, the trick is to press qcb+D then time that as soon as you touch the ground after you hit them you input the "df+P" or "df+ABCD" to finish the input for the DM to come out, Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) work extremely well with this trick so practice and perfect it because it's an very useful method to learn, this move is also an overhead on crouching opponents, another thing both versions also give a great amount of frame advantage on block, the weak version puts the opponent into a juggled state on counter hit.
*Overhead Attack (strong version only)
*Air-borne Attack
*Weak Counter Hit juggle
*Combos into: Kakusan Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD) when buffered

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