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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kyo - 1

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Command Moves
*Kyo-1 takes two steps forward and uses his elbow to perform a overhead. Honofuri is a tricky overhead that has good speed and it deals good damage.
Geshiki: Migiri Ugachi(Intensetaneous Smash) - df + C*Kyo-1 strikes bends down to his knees and strikes the ground(OTG). Intensetaneous Smash is a very reliable command move. When you perform a BnB or any combo that knocks an opponent to the ground and they fail to tech, Intensetaneous Smash is the best tool to punish. Cons for this command move is nonexsistent due to the fact that it should only be used as an OTG.
==Special Attacks==

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