Standard Ruleset

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Much like the KOF's before it, 2002UM has the traditional 3-on-3 team battle system where the players can pick 3 characters to use to battle their opponent, you can not pick the same character more than once, or boss characters, but you can pick EX characters (e.g. EX Robert, Orochi Chris)

Meter System

2002UM runs the 5 by 5 meter system, meaning in the first round both sides (1P & 2P) can only hold 3 meters at max. If a player loses a round (K.O. or Time Out) the losing player will be able to hold yet another meter, the max being 5 meters while being on their last character.

1st Round

3 by 3

2nd Round

4 by 3

3 by 4

3rd Round

5 by 3

3 by 5

4 by 4

4th Round

5 by 4

4 by 5

5th Round

5 by 5

- Gaining meter is done by attacking the opponent, taking damage from the opponent, or guarding the opponents attacks.


The health bar is broken into 10 increments, 10 being the most (100%/full health) and 0 being the least (K.O'd). When the health bar drops to 3 increments (30%) or lower the bar will turn orange then the character will be able to perform a HDSM.