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Normal Moves


  • cl.A : quite useless button. slow for a panic button and whiffs on croucher. would use cl.C instead.
  • cl.B : Brian's fastest button, 4f. but is even on hit and negative on block, cant cancel into other buttons as well. another not preferred button.
  • cl.C : the main button you would use in close range. 5f start up, hit croucher, 2 hits and cancelable on both hit with wide input window.
  • cl.D : worse cl.C, has more range than cl.C, but it being CLOSE button really loses value.


  • st.A : a pretty far reaching keep away push. decent anti hop, anti air. whiffs on croucher.
  • st.B : a little slower and shorter version of st.A. can hit croucher.
  • st.C : an overhead. has 15f start up, but considering its usage it is pretty decent.
  • st.D : a 8f start up anti air. has big recovery.


  • cr.A : one of his better buttons.
  • cr.B : with the cr.A
  • cr.C : simply saying, it is budget Daimon's df+C. works as some kind of anti air and ground poke.
  • cr.D : very long reaching low. his other better button. can cancel on hit and whiff.


  • j. A:
  • j. B:
  • j. C:
  • j. D:


  • st. CD: not so great. can whiff cancel.
  • j. CD:


Atomic Drop: b/f + C

Rock Buster: b/f + D

Command Moves

Buster Tomahawk: (in the air) down + C

Special Moves

Brian Tornado: hcf + A/C

  • Brian spins horizontally towards the opponent hitting them 3 times for A version, and 5 times for the C version. Both versions only combo after heavy attacks, and they have poor recovery on block. On hit, both versions causes a soft knockdown.

Hyper Tackle: hcf + B/D

  • A shoulder tackle that has a brief amount of start-up, which knocks the enemy upwards in a juggle state. The B version is safe on block, while the D version has slow recovery. Both versions seem to deal the same amount of health.

Screw Body Press:(in the air) qcf + A/C

  • Brian spins in the air as if hes skydiving. He follows the momentum, both horizontal and vertical, you had upon use. If you did a neutral jump, he will spin neutral, jump backward he would spin away from the enemy, etc. vice versa. The C version hits for a longer duration than the A version. It is also possible to cross the opponent up while they standing. Has bad hurtbox against vertical attacks coming beneath him. So don't use it from a high jump.

Rocket Tackle: dp + B/D

  • A tight angled diagonal shoulder tackle dragon punch style. The B version doesn't have any invincibility at the start up but the C version seems to have an autoguard frame at the start up. The A version only hits standing opponents, whiffs on crouchers, while the C version whiffs on both. Point blank if someone is walking towards you the C version will hit. Both versions are comboable from light and heavy attacks.

Brian Hammer: qcb+A/C

  • Brian swings his arms like hammer. Causes hard knockdown on hit and safe on block. Stopping it just here can be a correct choice since the follow ups may whiff on certain distance.

Brian Hammer: qcb + A/C, Double Hummer: qcb + A/C, DDT: qcb + A

  • Brian does another swing then perform a DDT. Second swing doesnt have any knockdown and very negative on both hit and block, don't stop at here no matter what. DDT is a hard knockdown. this follow up reaches furthest among all possible ones, still might whiff on distance.

Tiger Driver: (during Brian Hummer) hcf + A/C, Samurai Bomb: down, down + A/C

  • Double Pile Driver. Another hard knockdown. This puts Brian into massive frame advantage, allows him some oki games.

Shoulder Back Breaker: (during Tiger Driver) down, down, down + B/D, Buster & Bomb: down, up + A/C

  • Brian shows off a series of wrestling moves. It does massive damage and of course is a hard knockdown.

Desperation Moves

Big Bang Tackle: qcf, qcf + B/D

  • Brian does a super version of his Hyper Tackle with him skating to one side of the screen to the other. If blocked he will just go through them, but the opponent will need to block toward every opposing direction. If hit up close, the opponent will be juggled by the 3 rushes.

American Super NOVA: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • An anti air throw. Brian reaches for the sky (A version not very far, C version, he touches the life bars) then grabs the opponent performing a super version of his Shoulder Back Breaker sequence.

Galaxy Cyclone: qcb, hcf + A/C

  • Kind of a psycho crusher move that has really bad recovery if blocked (he doesn't end up on the other side of the opponent). If it hits, Brian will end up on the other side and the opponent will be hardknocked down, for a possible okizeme attempt. Has a single Projectile Collision property on it, thus he can nullify one hit of projectile.


cl.C(1), qcb.P, hcf.P, ddd.K, du.P : His strongest BnB. can try ddd.P instead of K for better oki follow up. or qcb.P, qcb.P, qcb.P for full hit cl.C. you can stop at first qcb.P for hard knockdown as well.

cl.C(1, 2 if really close), hcf.B, air d+C : another hard knockdown combo with higher damage. you can dp+D for higher damage but lose hard knockdown this case. even qcb,hcf.P works.

cr.Bxn, cr.A : reliable low confirm.

cr.Bx1~2, cr.A, qcfx2.K : low confirm into super. quite unstable depend on distance.

cr.Bx1~2, cr.A, qcb,hcf.P : another low confirm into super, also unstable with distance.

EX Meter

cr.Bx1~3, cr.A qcb,hcf.ABC : better stability.

cl.A or B, ABC, cl.C, hcf.B, air d+C or dp+D or qcb,hcf.P

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Brian Guide by Mash It Out

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