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Chang is a character defined by his strong long range normals that he can use to shut the opponents movement down and pressure them from midrange. By doing this the opponent will be pushed into the corner where Chang can run strong pressure with his high prority jump buttons and his ball spin special move for chipping. Chang can be really strong when he's in control of a match but he is equally weak when not in control. His large size makes it easier to hit him and mix him up, his slow speed means that it's hard for him to approach an opponent who is in control. On defence his buttons are slow and his only real invincible reversal is a super that carries a lot of risk.

Normal Moves


  • st.A : a standing jab punch with a lot of reach. Excellent at stuffing both hops and jumps. not Chainable or cancelable.
  • st.B : Changs fastest grounded button at 5f and therefore your best choice to cancel ´things from. It also has more hitstun than regular lights making it possible to combo some things that wouldn't normally combo from a light, like linking a cr.A after it. Not chainable. Cancelable.
  • st.C : fairly slow both on startup and recovery but it does occupy a nice bit of space in front of Chang that will hit most standing characters and jumps. Has a deadzone from Changs wrist to his body. Only hits on large crouchers. Has a lot of priority. Not cancelable.
  • st.D : another move with a lot of reach at the price of fairly long startup and recovery, good to hit against regular and low crouchers. Loses to jumps. Not cancelable.


  • cl.A : standard close ranged punch. Not chainable. Cancelable
  • cl.B : Same as st.B
  • cl.C : Two hit close ranged ball strike. Has a lot of pushback and is safe on block. Not cancelable.
  • cl.D : A high kick. Whiffs on regular and low crouchers. Can catch people jumping when you're going for a D throw. Cancelable.


  • cr.A : one of his go to buttons to cancel into command grab or ball spin. Cancelable
  • cr.B : hits low, use it to hit people standing. Combos into his commmand grab or ballspin. Cancelable.
  • cr.C : slow anti air move. Hit and whiff cancelable.
  • cr.D : One of Changs main pokes because it hits low and is cancelable into ballspin to make it safe and catch people jumping over it. Has a deadspot between the ball and Chang. Hit and whiff cancelable.


  • j.A : has a good air to air hitbox and a ton of active frames. Use it to preemptively beat opponents jumping attacks or to catch hops. Whiffs on all crouchers.
  • j.B : Chang does a similar kick to st.B but in the air. Good jump in button that can start combos.
  • j.C : Very fast and a good space control move to hit anything in front of Chang, has good priority. Has a deadzone between the ball and chang.
  • j.D : A good jump in normal. Can cross up. Good to use when you're too close to use j.C because of its blindspot.

CD Normals

  • st.CD : Chang does a forwards belly thrust. Has a great hitbox that acts as a wall just in front of Chang. Good to throw out midscreen to stuff opponents attacks or advance, can be cancelled into ballspin and b~f+A to make it safer. Can be hit and whiff cancelled. Causes soft knockdown.
  • j.CD : An amazing normal for Chang. Occupies a lot of space with good priority. Works both as an air to air and air to ground simultaneously. Causes soft knockdown.


Face-Crushing Blast: b/f + C

  • Regular throw, techable. Chang picks up the opponent and headbutts them, sending them flying full screen away. Causes soft knockdown.

Chain Choker: b/f + D

  • Hold throw, untechable. Chang picks the opponent up and chokes them with his chain. Chang can increase the number of hits and damage by mashing but the opponent can countermash to counteract this. Causes soft knockdown.
  • This is the preferred throw to use since it's untechable.

Command Moves

Hit and Run: df + A

  • Chang slides on his stomach with the iron ball in front of him.
  • Does not have low invulnerability but does make his hurtbox very low to the ground so it can low profile aerial travelling projectiles and higher attacks.
  • Very unsafe on block unless spaced at maximum range.

Special Moves

Breaking Iron Ball: b~f + A/C

  • Chang leans back and loads up for a swing and then proceeds to swing his ball as far as it will go.
  • The startup where Chang leans back has autoguard with the A version having shorter and the C version having it for longer. The A version is faster with less range and the C version is the opposite.
  • Good to use at range and good option to cancel into from a cr.D or st.CD at further ranges.
  • If you use it at close range you're most likely going to be punished as the opponent can hit you out of it between the autoguard period and the point where the move actually hits.

Spinning Iron Ball: A/C (tapped repeatedly)

  • Chang spins his ball above his head multiple times. A versions spins fewer times than C.
  • You can cancel the ballspins at any point by pressing ABCD.
  • Can be used as a good anti air.
  • One common use for this move is to whiff cancel into it from cr.D and st.CD to catch people trying jump or hit you. In the corner it can be used to deal chip damage.
  • If you hold forward or back he will slowly move in those directions. It also nullifies projectiles.
  • It's vulnerable to lows.
  • causes soft knockdown.

Flying Ball Breaker: d~u + B/D

  • Chang does a Hienzan but ends up falling on his back.
  • It can hit both on the way up and on the way down.
  • It does not have invulnerability at all.
  • Causes hard knockdown both on the upwards and downwards hit.
Can be used as an anti air due to it's decent hitboxes. 
  • If it misses or gets block you will definitely be punished for it.

Big Destroyer Toss: hcb, f + A/C (close)

  • Chang grabs the opponent and slams them side to side several times.
  • A 1 frame command grab that can be used on its own and in combos.
  • Causes a backturned hard knockdown.

Desperation Moves

Wild Ball Attack: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • Chang runs forwards and delivers a series of hits with a random finisher.
  • This move is excellent for punishing as it does a lot of damage. Can not be comboed into.
  • It has invulnerability on startup.
  • It is safe on block but very punishable on whiff.
  • The random finishers are: a Hienzan that causes a hard knockdown, a belly flop that causes a soft knockdown, a rolling attack that causes a soft knockdown, a slide that causes a soft knockdown.

Iron Sphere Smasher: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • Chang does a belly flop that hits both on the way up and down.
  • This move is Changs only invulnerable reversal and also functions really well as an anti air.
  • Hits twice in most cases though the second hit can whiff if you hit them really high in the air.
  • Can be comboed into.
  • causes soft knockdown.


  • (j.B/D) cl.A/cr.A/cr.B/st.B hcb,f+P

this is your main combo route with Chang, comboing one of his cancelable normals into command grab when in range.

  • (j.B/D) cl.A/cr.A/cr.B/st.B [A]x4

combo into ball spin instead of command grab when command grab won't reach.

  • (j.B/D) cl.A/cr.A/cr.B/st.B df+A

and combo into slide when ballspin won't reach

  • (j.B/D) st.B qcfx2+B

your main metered combo

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Chang Guide by Mash It Out

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