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Normal Moves

Format for Normals section. Be sure to add bullet points for multiple moves having a property (e.g. j. B/D cross-up; st/cr. A/B/C/D are whiff/cancelable). REMOVE AFTER WRITING IN


  • cl. A:
  • cl. B:
  • cl. C:
  • cl. D:


  • st. A:
  • st. B:
  • st. C:
  • st. D:


  • cr. A:
  • cr. B:
  • cr. C:
  • cr. D:


  • j. A:
  • j. B:
  • j. C:
  • j. D:


  • st. CD:
  • j. CD:


Tate Katate Nage: b/f+C/D

  • D version switches sides, both leave the opponent facing you.

Command Normals

Raikou Mawashi Geri: f+B

  • Doesn't combo from anything, not cancelable, disadvantage when blocked unless spaced perfectly where it will be neutral.

Raimei Gouha Nage: df+C on downed

  • OTG throw, only guaranteed off hcb+K but can be used after a number of moves if the opponent doesn't recovery roll (does not work after throw or Raging Storm). Switches sides, terrible recovery.

Special Moves

Reppuken: qcf+A

  • Combos from lights, absorbs projectiles, disadvantage on block.

Double Reppuken: qcf+C

  • Combos from lights, absorbs projectiles, moves forward during startup, almost neutral on block (-1 or -2) with no pushback in the corner.

Shippuken: air qcb+P

  • Can't be done from a hop/dash, gives enough frame advantage to combo afterwards if done late (there is a minimum height for it to come out though). Only cancellable into from vertical j.C.

Jaei Ken: hcb+P

  • A version combos from heavy attacks. C version is slower startup but better recovery (both still punishable on block).

Hishou Nichiringan: dp+P

  • A version combos from lights, C version combos from heavy attacks. Horrible on block.

Joudan Atemi Nage: hcb+B

  • Counters jumping attacks and physical specials/DMs and sets up df+C.

Chuudan Atemi Nage: hcb+D

  • Counters mid-level normals and sets up df+C. Can be used to beat CD counters if you know it's coming.

Gedan Atemi Nage: hcf+B

  • Counters low attacks and sets up a juggle. Can be quickmaxed.

Shinkuu Nage: hcb,f+P

  • Instant command throw with horrible recovery after it connects. Don't use this when you are too close to the corner as the opponent can combo you before you recover.


Raging Storm: db,hcb,df+P

  • Combos from lights, full invincibility at startup. The cage absorbs normal and some DM projectiles. Can juggle after if it hits really late.

Deadly Rave: qcf,hcp+P

  • Combos from lights, C version travels fullscreen. Does slightly less damage than Raging Storm.



  • cr.B, cr.A, cr.A, st.B
  • cr.B, cr.A, qcf+C (can add another cr.A, but the second slash will whiff unless in the corner)
  • cr.B, cr.A, hcb,f+P
  • j.C/j.B, cl.C, dp+C/hcb+A (dp+C does more damage and better oki but will whiff if previous part pushed back too far (e.g. maxmode, poor jump angle)
  • hcf+B, j.CD (or dp+P in corner)
  • hcb+C, cl.C/cr.C/cl.B/cl.D (corner only)


  • cr.B, cr.A, (cr.A/st.A), either (S)DM
  • j.C/j.B, cl.C, either (S)DM
  • hcf+B, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM midscreen or db,hcb,df+P (S)DM in corner.

(Raging Storm gives slightly better damage as a payoff for the harder execution)

Quick Max

  • cr.B, cr.A, QM, walk cl.C/cr.C, hcb+A or (S)DM (omit the cr.A and you don't need to walk)
  • cr.B, cr.A, cr.A/st.A, QM, st.C/cr.D
  • j.C/j.B, cl.C, dp+C, QM, dp+A or either (S)DM (must be in the corner for the final part)
  • cr.B, cr.A, dp+A, QM, either (S)DM (corner only)
  • hcb+C, QM, dp+A or either (S)DM (corner only)
  • hcf+B, dp+C, QM, either (S)DM (corner only)

Quick Dodge

- f+B, QD, qcf,hcb+P (S)DM


  • cl.D [1 hit], AB, hcb,f+P
  • st.CD counterhit, cl.C or qcf,hcb+P DM (corner only)
  • j.CD counterhit, qcf,hcb+P (fast enough to confirm midscreen)


  • j.B is a crossup (j.A will work on some chars but j.B is just a better move). j.B and vertical j.C are instant overheads (j.C only on large crouchers).
  • cl.A and st.A whiff on crouchers. cl.C will whiff on small crouchers like Choi/Chin.
  • st.CD is neutral on block.
  • cr.D is cancellable, but not to command normals.
  • Only the first hitbox of cr.C is cancellable, the part where his arm is fully raised is not.
  • His counters have startup and will not work as reversals in meaty situations.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Geese Guide by Mash It Out

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