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Changes from KOF 98UM

  • QCB+D - slower startup but less recovery
  • dp+P - more damage

Normal Moves


  • cl. A: good range and speed making it an excellent checking button. whiffs on regular crouchers. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cl. B: low hitting kicks in two parts. Great for hitconfirming and empty jump mixups. Cancelable. not chainable.
  • cl. C: fast attack that is good for combos. Cancelable.
  • cl. D: slow two hit kick, first hit hits low to the ground and the second one higher up. Cancelable.


  • st. A: same as cl.A
  • st. B: same as cl.B
  • st. C: decent poking normal at the mid distance. whiffs on tiny crouchers.
  • st. D: slow but very long ranged kick. it has a lot of recovery so it will need to be spaced out to not get punished for.


  • cr. A: similar to her cl.A but hits lower. One of her main pokes and light chain button. Cancelable. Chainable.
  • cr. B: low hitting kick. one of her main low combo starters and close range pressure buttons. Not cancelable. Chainable.
  • cr. C: fast and high hitting. it has two stages, the first one has a nice anti airing hitbox but the second one will get beat out easily. Cancelable.
  • cr. D: a sweep with good range. hits low. Cancelable on whiff and contact.


  • j. A: Matures most reliable jumpin normal.
  • j. B: Matures other jumpin normal. hits two times and is good for mixups but is less consistent than j.A.
  • j. C: Matures best air to air. hits straight in front of Mature with great priority.
  • j. D: Matures other air to air normal. Hits higher up than j.C but is slower and has less priority.


  • st. CD: slow startup but it has good range. Cancelable on whiff and on contact.
  • j. CD: great jumpin button for pressure but it has a lot of startup.


Death Blow: (close) b/f + C

  • regular throw, techable. Mature grabs the opponent and slashes them while throwing them almost fullscreen away. causes soft knockdown

Back Rush: (close) b/f + D

  • regular throw, techable. Mature throws the opponent right behind her, causes a backturned hard knockdown.

Command Moves

Crematory: f + B

  • long range poke with great priority.
  • not cancelable so its only real use is as a poke.

Special Moves

Death Downer: qcb + A/C (can be entered 3 times in a row)

  • a rekka move with 3 parts.
  • the C version is one of her main combo tools as it has a lot of reach and can be used after her long light strings.
  • the light version is safer and doing 2 light rekkas after a blockstring is safe, but doing two heavy rekkas after a blockstring is not. Doing 3 rekkas is safer because of the pushback but the third light rekka can whiff if the distance is great enough. 3 heavy rekkas after a blockstring is fairly safe due to the pushback.
  • this move is very susceptible to guard cancel rolls.
  • you can stagger the rekkas for some frame traps.
  • causes soft knockdown.

Metal Massacre: qcb + B/D

  • a forward travelling attack where Mature does 3 slashes as she reaches the end point of her forwards dash.
  • the light version combos from heavies.
  • the heavy version is very safe on block which makes it a good approaching and pressure tool.
  • the light version is faster but is punishable on block so use that one mainly for catching rolls with in combination with Ebony Tears.

Despair: qcf + A/C

  • a forwards lunging strike with a lot of startup.
  • A version is faster and travels at a lower arc than C version.
  • has a very nice hitbox with great priority once out making it good for preemptively beating out stuff.
  • A version is very safe on block making it a good option for ending blockstrings. C version is punishable on block if done too close to the opponent.

Deceaser: hcf + B/D

  • Mature does a long ranged pull with her sleeve.
  • A version throws the opponent straight up in the air allowing for juggles. D version throws them far behind Mature.
  • though it has a lot of startup it's a decent long range poking tool as the pushback it has makes it quite safe.
  • on hit you can go into her qcf,hcb+P super or a normal for a reset if you're close enough.
  • cannot be comboed into normally but can be with quick max.
  • causes hard knockdown if you don't juggle anything after it.

Sacrilege: dp + A/C

  • a multihitting move where Mature goes flying forward while twirling.
  • has no invincibility frames so can not be used as a reversal.
  • Both A and C versions are unsafe on block, though A version is harder to punish.
  • neither version has very good anti aring hitboxes, but fairly good hitboxes in front of Mature.
  • C version is a good combo ender due to its large corner carry.

Ebony Tears: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • one of Matures signature moves, a very large and slow moving projectile that takes up space from the ground up to hopping distance.
  • one of the key moves in Matures gameplan as it allows her to zone out characters without a fireball to fight back with, run in behind it to start offence or doing it closer up as a pressure tool.
  • it has a lot of startup but recovers very quickly allowing her to follow up after it quickly.
  • Mature can throw this out at a distance and react to the opponents attempt to deal with it and punish them for it.
  • causes soft knockdown on hit.

Desperation Moves

Nocturnal Lights: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • Mature does a series of slashes.
  • Great for comboing into from both lights and heavies but not used for much else.
  • Max version does more hits and more damage.
  • causes soft knockdown on hit.

Heaven's Gates: qcb, hcf + B/D

  • Mature runs forwards, grabs the opponent and slams them into the wall.
  • this move is a hit grab so the opponent can block it.
  • this move has a lot of invincibility frames so it can be used as a reversal.
  • can also be used as an anti air because of the invincibility.
  • the max version does more damage.
  • causes hard knockdown.


  • cr.B cr.Ax1-3 qcb+Px3
one of her main low starter bnbs that gives you a lot of hits to hitconfirm from.
  • cr.B st.B qcb+Px3
another low starter bnb that is easier due to st.Bs two hits but not as damaging.
  • cr.B cr.Ax1-3 qcfx2+P
metered ender for her main low bnb.
  • cr.B st.B qcfx2+P
metered ender for her other low bnb.
  • (j.X) cl.C qcb+P/dp+C
meterless bnb from a heavy button or jumpin.
  • (j.X) cl.C qcfx2+P
metered ender for her heavy combo.
  • j.X cl.C hcf+ABC qcb,hcf+K
extra meter quick max combo into her hcf+B into super.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Mature Guide by Mash It Out

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