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Orochi Shermie is an interesting character that mainly plays a poking and zoning style. The main attraction to O.Shermie is her static projectiles she can place out at 4 distances on the screen. These last for a while and can make the opponent think twice before going in. She can even combo after them when they hit if the spacing is correct. In addition to these she has a good normals package alongside a more direct close range fireball that helps her control space and stopping the opponent from getting in. She also has an aerial stomp move that she can use to change up her aerial trajectory and it gives her a hard knockdown. Her main weaknesses include a lack of a invincible reversal and that a lot of her stuff doesn't connect well on short crouchers.

Changes from previous versions

98 to 98UM


  • cl.C now hits further below
  • st.C has 5 frames less startup and 8 frames less recovery
  • st.D recovers 2 frames faster
  • cr.B recovers 4 frames faster, you can now link her 1 frame command grabs after it
  • cr.D recovers 5 frames faster
  • j.Ds active frames are 3 frames shorter
  • neutral j.Ds active frames are 2 frames shorter


  • hcf+X all projectiles now come out at the same speed. the recovery has increased with 2f,4f and 6f for the B,C and D versions respectively but overall the move is faster.
  • qcb+Ps first hitbox has increased in size so it can now hit all crouchers. Both hits will connect on hit but the second one can still whiff on block against small crouchers.
  • qcb+A has 7 frames less recovery so you can connect it from lights but the recovery has increased so the move is 5 frames longer in total
  • qcb+C has 2 frames less startup


  • qcfx2+C has 15 frames more recovery
  • qcfx2+K has 3 frames more startup and 3 frames less recovery. it can destroy regular projectiles but will lose out against some super projectiles

98UM to 98UMFE


  • cr.B easier to combo into itself
  • cl.C no longer whiffs on short characters
  • j.D faster startup


  • qcb+K now deals more damage
  • hcf+X B, C and D versions have the same recovery as the A version (shorter)

Normal Moves


  • cl.A: Same as st.A (no cl.-version)
  • cl.B: Same as st.B (no cl.-version)
  • cl.C: Special cancelable combo filler. Same damage as cr.C. Your main heavy normal for combos.
  • cl.D: Same as st.D (no cl.-version)


  • st.A: Whiffs on most crouchers and not much range. Can stop hops but useless otherwise. Cancels into A/B-normals and specials.
  • st.B: 2 hits, first one is cancelable into specials, second one is not cancelable and safe on block but whiffs on a lot of crouchers which leaves Shermie open for a punish.
  • st.C: Covers an arc in front of Shermie. Very good range, speed and active frames. Amazing poke in general.
  • st.D: A little more range than cr.C but slower. Good anti air but only if used early enough. Whiffs on crouchers.


  • cr.A: Fast but not much range. Cancels into A/B-normals and specials.
  • cr.B: Very fast and good range. Nice low poke. Cancels into other A/B-normals but not specials.
  • cr.C: Very reliable anti air! Special cancelable. Same damage as cl.C.
  • cr.D: Good range, a little more than cr.B. A bit slow but active for longer than a typical sweep.


  • j.A: Nice air to air. Hits a bit above Shermie.
  • j.B: Also a great air to air and still viable as a jumpin.
  • j.C: Fantastic jumpin. Easy to hit on all crouchers and just as easy to cross up.
  • j.D: Another great jumpin. Deals a little more damage than j.C and has more horizontal range. A little harder to cross up with.
  • nj.D: Most horizontal range of her jump-normals together with j.CD. Okay as a defensive air to air.


  • st.CD: Has no lower hurtbox, just as it looks. Cancel window is not generous so it is hard to confirm a counter hit.
  • j.CD: Same great horizontal range as nj.D. A bit harder to hit crouchers with compared to j.C and j.D.


Bakurai: (close) b/f + C

  • regular throw, techable. Shermie suplexes the opponent causing them to slide forwards and causing a hard knockdown.

Enrai: (close) b/f + D

  • regular throw., techable. Shermie throws the opponent behind her fullscreen causing a soft knockdown.

Command Moves

Kourai: f + B

  • a two hitting command normal.
  • second hit is an overhead.
  • when cancelled into the second hit loses the overhead property but becomes cancelable.
  • good as a longer range poke as it's fairly safe on block.
  • first hit will whiff on short crouchers.

Special Moves

Yatanagi no Muchi: qcb + A/C

  • Shermie throws out a lightning disc in front of her.
  • a short ranged projectile with 2 hits.
  • Both hits will connect properly in a combo but the first hit can whiff on short crouchers when done in neutral.
  • a good move to poke at mid range with.
  • can also be used to destroy the opponents fireballs.

Syajitsu no Odori: qcb + B/D

  • Orochi Shermie does a twirling kick into the air and covers her feet in lightning.
  • mostly good if you need to chip someone out as the move is not very safe to just throw out in neutral.
  • fairly safe on block.

Mugetu no Raiun: hcf + A/B/C/D

  • Shermie blows a kiss and creates an electric ball on one of 4 distances.
  • The balls linger for a while on screen so She can use them as defensive walls to keep the opponent from going in too hard.
  • the balls rely on prediction as you need to choose the distance where you think the opponent will be by the time the ball comes out.
  • if the balls hit the opponent Orochi Shermie can have time to combo afterwards depending on the distance and timing of the hit.
  • all the versions of the balls have standardized frame data.

Raijin no Tue: qcf + B/D (in the air)

  • Shermie does a vault kick in the air.
  • D version vaults higher in the air than the B version.
  • hits overhead.
  • good for changing up her aerial trajectory to make it harder for the opponent to anti air her.
  • Causes hard knockdown on hit.
  • can be done during backdash or step dash as well.
  • pretty safe on block if blocked closer to the ground.

Desperation Moves

Syukumei - Genei - Shinshi: qcf, qcf + B/D

  • Orochi Shermie does a flying electric dropkick move forwards.
  • will destroy regular projectiles but loses to super projectiles. Can be used as an anti zoning move.
  • only combos from heavies
  • Max version will destroy super fireballs.

Ankoku Raikouken: qcf, qcf + A/C

  • Shermie creates a big ball of lightning in front of her.
  • good startup speed so works as an excellent punishing move.
  • will combo from lights and heavies.
  • Max version creates a bigger electric ball.


0 Stock


  • cr.B, cr.A, qcb+A


  • (jump-in), cl.C, qcb+C

Very Close

  • (jump-in), cl.C, f+B, qcb+C

1 Stock


  • cr.B, cr.A/st.A, qcfx2+P
-Note: you can do this as cr.B, qcf+A, qcf+P for an easier cancel


  • (jump-in), cl.C/cr.C, qcfx2+B

Quick Max


  • cr.B, cr.A, ABC, cl.C, qcfx2+P
-Note: hold forward during quick max activation to ensure you're close enough for cl.C

3 Stock/2 Stock Max/Low Health 1 Stock Extra Mode

  • In any 1 stock combo, replace qcfx2+P with qcfx2+AC or qcfx2+B with qcfx2+BD

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