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Mr. Karate's Move List Video

Quick Combo Reference

0 Stock, No Drive Gauge


d.Bx2, s.B, qcf+A = 140 dmg
d.Bx2, s.B, f+A, qcf+A/C = 202 dmg
s.C, f+B, qcf+A = 222 dmg

1 Stock, 0 Drive Gauge


j.D, s.C, f+B, qcf~hcb+A = 436 dmg
d.B, s.B, dp+C~AB, qcf~hcb+A = 327 dmg
d.b, d.a, f+A, dp+C~AB, qcf~hcb+A = 377 dmg

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

Mr. Karate is a particularly powerful character who is essentially the "EX" version of Takuma. He can build meter very easily and he can be played in any position of a team, whether it be as a point (1st character), battery(second character), or an anchor(third character). Mr. Karate is also a little more combo friendly and versatile than his counterpart Takuma who specializes primarily in good rush down. The purpose of Mr. Karate's game play is to make good use of all of his moves as they can fit help him out in multiple situations. Mr. Karate's ability to wall carry and follow up after many of special moves is a blessing, especially if the player wishes to maximize damage. His ability to "break" his C DP also helps for continuing a combo and he can also dash after his qcf+C projectile notation. Mr.Karate also has the ability to counter a lot of attacks with his Hakyokujin (qcb+P or qcb+A/C) and capitalize by blocking or getting back on the offensive. Mr. Karate is character meant for dishing out a extremely high functional offensive game play. What really makes Mr. Karate a dangerous character is that fact that he literally does have many powerful offensive options under many situations. But, what needs to be understood is that in order to maximize Mr. Karate's potential, the player will have to exercise a good offensive rhythm and access all of Mr. Karate's tools. Should the player successfully develop good execution on Mr. Karate's moves and his combos, he will be able to get very far, especially in high level game play.

Differences between Mr. Karate and Takuma

  • Mr. Karate's st.C is faster than Takuma's
  • Mr. Karate has a more balanced move set while Takuma's fighting style is centered towards rush down and proficient zoning ability
  • There are multiple counter attacks and follow ups in Mr. Karate's move set
  • Takuma's zoning ability is slightly better than Mr. Karate's
  • Mr. Karate actually has a few anti-air options, unlike Takuma whose only viable anti-air seems to be d.C and his Neo Max
  • There one extra command move in Mr. Karate's arsenal (f+A)
  • Mr. Karate has a little more defensive ability and his neutral game is a bit more varied when compared to Takuma
  • Mr. Karate can super jump cancel out of most of his normal moves


  • Great damage output on all attacks
  • Extremely versatile
  • Possesses multiple follow-ups after a few of his special moves
  • Becomes very combo-friendly and dangerous with meter stocks and drive meter
  • Provides a strong rush down game
  • Builds meter very quickly
  • Impressive normal moves and block strings, having good push back on block


  • All normal moves have rather short/mediocre reach
  • Requires very good execution on the majority of his most damaging combos
  • Needs to work harder against projectiles or characters with good long range offensive options
  • Long range options need meter



st. A: 25 damage, whiff/jump cancellable, hits mid. A short ranged jab that you can use to stop hops with. +2 frames on block.

st. B: 30 damage, whiff/jump cancellable, hits low. A quick short ranged kick aimed at the shins. A very useful kick that you will be using in many of Mr. Karate combos and blockstrings. It will also serve you purpose in his high/low mixup game. +1 frame on block.

st. C: 80 damage, whiff/jump cancellable, hits mid. Mr. Karate puts his weight into this straight punch that aims at the chin. You can also use this punch against far hops, but it isn't as fast as his st. A. On hit you can cancel this punch into his specials and supers, or just jump cancel it for a reset or a cross up. The start-up is much faster than Takuma's and is -2 frames on block.

st. D: 70 damage, hits mid. Mr. Karate performs a high aiming (but not long length) roundhouse kick aimed at the opponents face. This can work decent against hops or even jumps, but it might miss because of its short range or get beaten out of its performed too late. It completely misses on crouching opponents, so try not to use this in close range. It's whiff recovery is decent but overall it is a bit unreliable to use a poke. +1 frame on block.

cl. C: 70 damage, jump cancellable, hits mid. A hard punch to the gut. This move is only used up-close and must be hit confirmed into his command normals or his jump cancel on hit. You can even use this move to start a reset in the corner after they have been launched in the air after a qcf+C~f, or a dp+C~AB, etc. -1 frame on block.


cr. A: 25 damage, whiff/jump cancellable/chain-able, hits mid. Mr. Karate performs a quick back fist while ducking. Even though it's one of his fastest normals; it's lacks range. It's safe on block which may be helpful for incorporating into block strings. +2 frames on block.

cr. B: 30 damage, whif/jump cancellable/chain-able, hits low. A low kick aimed at the toes. This is a good low poke which has good range, and is fairly quick too. You will be starting a lot of his combos with this kick, and using this for his footies as well. Very easy to confirm into. Neutral on block.

cr. C: 70 damage, jump cancellable, hits mid. Mr. Karate delivers a firm uppercut with his elbow (it looks like). You can use this for stopping hop attacks but it may be difficult to use as an anti-air against full jumps. The range is short, so it may miss if the jump is too close (like someone jumping over your head) or it might trade if there is quite a distance between you and your opponent. It has decent startup but if it misses, you can be punished. You also cannot whiff cancel this uppercut, so you are committed once you hit the button. It is also jump cancellable so if you score a clean hit, feel free to jump in to continue your assault. -13 on block.

cr. D: 80 damage, whiff/jump cancellable, hits low. This sweep is pretty fast, and it is also whiff cancellable too if you would like to shorten its whiff recovery (and add a little range to whatever special) or you can cancel it while it's blocked to continue your pressure with a qcf+A. If you flat out just use this at the wrong time, you can be punished. -5 on block.


j. A: 45 (40) damage, cancellable, hits overhead. This jump-in sort of looks like Ash's j.A, the way it points diagonally down, and looks like a chop. It can hit fairly deep and can be cancelled into his hcf+K as well.

j. B: 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. This tightly package knee jump-in can be used for tricky cross-ups even though it's range is really short. The hitbox is aimed at a 50 degree angle and it comes out fairly fast too.

j. C: 72 (70) damage, cancellable, hits overhead. A hard punch aimed at a 60 degree angle. This jump attack is fairly short too, but you can use it for jumping in, or for okizeme if you feel j. D would be too obvious to react to on wake up.

j. D: 70 (68) damage, hits overhead. Maybe one of his best jump attacks. The range is very long, aims at a 60 degree angle, and can be used as an extremely tricky cross-up because the hitbox extends all the way under his bent knee. It can be very annoying to defend against, so use it.

Blowback Attack

CD: 75 damage, whiff/cancellable, hits mid. Mr. Karate steps forward delivering a very stern thrust kick, reminiscent of Robert's st. CD. Get gains a nice amount of distance forward, which can be whiff canceled to kara cancel some special moves or to break his recovery on block or hit. He does get pushed back quite a distance from the opponent on block as well which makes it hard to punish. +1 frame on block.

j. CD: 90 (80) damage, cancellable hits mid. A very powerful jump attack which points out almost at 90 degrees. This kick can beat out A LOT of jump attacks in the air, and you will be seeing and using this alot. It can even crossup if you time it correctly. You can also even cancel this kick into his hcf+K on hit, but you will need to score a counter hit for it can connect. One disadvantage with this move is that if you catch a player jumping or superjumping releasing this move out really early, he can be low-profile anti-aired on the way down with an opponents crouching B or sweep (if its fast enough). Starts up in 11 frames.

GCCD: 10 damage, hits mid. Pretty just like his st.CD but you obviously don't have the same special cancellable features it has. A nice long range but if its safe-jumped against, you can get hurt. -15 on block.


Ippon Seoi = b/f + C/D (close) - 100 damage, can be broken, causes a hard knockdown. Mr. Karate grabs the opponent by the collar then slams them to the ground. This is throw can setup some really ambiguous cross-ups with his j.D, or you can empty hop with a low attack, or empty hop into qcb+P to bait a reversal (mid/high attack only) or whatever else you may want to try for okizeme.

Command Moves

Seiken Sandan Tsuki = f+A - 85 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Mr. Karate performs 3 straight punches which have the same animations as his far C, and stand A jab. Cancel-able on all 3 hits into specials or supers. Vulnerable to sweeps if performed alone. Safe on block. First 2 hits don't cause any push-back. A great command normal to use from his close heavy punch (C) or his standing light kick (B) which is a low attack.

Sokutou-Geri = f+B - 50 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Similar to Takuma's f+B in form and fashion. Good range, cancel-able, safe on block but doesn't combo from his standing light kick (B) - only from his close heavy punch (C). The towards input may cause a misfire into his f,hcf+P super if you do cl.C, f+B, qcf+A, so make sure the inputs are clean and accurate.

Special Moves

Ko'ou Ken = qcf+P - Mr. Karate performs a palm thrust that is an short ranged invisible projectile (similar to Takuma's qcf+P in KOF2002). The projectile has a short horizontal range as well as a small vertical range which may stop some close incoming hop and jump-ins, as well as negate ground skimming projectiles below. The light punch (A) version has a range approximately around 2 character sprite spaces while the heavy punch (C) has a range around 3 to 4 character spaces, along with a higher vertical hitbox. This move is best used at the end of a combo or during a blockstring (watch out for Guard Cancel AB Roll before it comes out) and can be used to lightly zone in close to mid-range distances.

Step = forward, forward after qcf+C - Mr. Karate dashes slightly forward after the palm thrust which shortens the recovery and closes the push-back gap a bit from himself and the opponent. Mostly favorable to use in the corner when it hits for a juggle or ground reset option, also, on block maintain offensive positioning.

(EX) = qcf+AC - A delayed palm thrust projectile that features the same distance as the heavy punch (C) version but has guard break property. Unfortunately the start-up is really slow to use reliably off-hand and can be easily avoided by the opponent. Also, the recovery is extremely slow when it hits, so it's difficult to follow it up with anything while they stunned from the guard break.

  • Drive/Super Cancel-able
  • Hit detection: Mid
  • Damage: 60/100

Kohoh = dp+P - A dragon punch slightly similar to Ryo's dp+P. The light punch (A) version has start-up invincibility and bad recovery when whiffed and blocked while the heavy punch (C) version has no invincibility but is breakable on hit/whiff by pressing A+B (light punch and light kick).

Kohoh (Brake) = (C version Kohoh, A+B) The braked version on hit enables Mr. Karate to quickly recover for many different follow-up attacks, and can catch some players off-guard on block if they aren't aware to punish it. In HD mode, delay the break a bit for it wont misfire into a qcf+A.

(EX) = dp + AC - This dragon punch has a much faster start-up and higher height than the C version. Start-up is completely invincible while the recovery is completely bad. Good to use as a reversal when needed or to pop someone jumping at you from a full-screen distance.

  • Drive/Super Cancel-able
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 60/60+38/90+71

Shourankyaku = hcb+K - Mr. Karate's running command throw. Both regular versions have a small start-up followed by Karate's regular running animation, have the same running distance and damage. They don't have any invincibility but it's a good way to fake out your opponent when they are blocking too much. The opponent lands 3/4 screen distance away from Mr. Karate when ground teched.

(EX) = hcb+BD - EX version has invincibility when Karate disappears in the middle of the move's animation. Somewhat of a teleport because of Mr. Karate's brief invisibility during its active frames, so it can be hard to see at first. The attack range is full screen, but the opponent can avoid it by just back-dashing, jumping or reversal attacking immediately before his invisibility. The throw target is the last place the opponent was standing at any point on the stage. A very good move to scare defensive opponents with from time to time and to mix-up your offensive options a bit.

  • Soft Knockdown
  • Hit Detection: Throw
  • Damage: 133/188

Hakyokujin = qcb+P - Both regular versions counter high/mid attacks and auto-dash Karate right in front the opponent.

(EX) = qcb + AC - EX version also counters high/mid attacks and has different properties depending on whether he counters a body attack or a projectile attack. Upon counter a body attack, he hits the opponent which stuns them. You can follow-up with a combo afterwards. If the counter hits an air-bourne opponent then he just knocks them away. Upon countering a projectile, he teleports right above the opponent and slams down on them giving the opponent a hard knockdown. If you time the counter to the exact frame then he will teleport to the opponent and stun them the same way he does when countering a body attack.

  • Hit Detection: Counter
  • Damage: (NO damage)/EX Version: 60/180
  • EX version causes a hard knockdown

Zanretuken = f,b,f+P - Rapid punches ending in an uppercut. All hits will follow if you catch the opponent with any hits. Allows for follow-ups in the corner. Mr. Karate's lower body is vulnerable to sweeps and ground skimming projectiles. When blocked, the flurry of punches afterwards become negated and Mr. Karate is vulnerable to attacks.

(EX) = f,b,f+AC - Same as the regular version but more damage. Allows for follow-ups anywhere on screen.

  • Drive/Super Cancel-able
  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 80/150

Hi'en Shippuu Kyaku = hcf+K (air only) - Mr. Karate performs a flying kick; the light kick version travels horizontally at a 1/4 screen distance at a moderate speed, while the heavy kick version has a diagonal divekick styled angled which travels at a similar 1/4 screen distance towards the opponent but can be shorten if canceled from a hop or a hyper hop. The light kick version has good hitstun recovery which allows for follow while the opponent is airborne. The heavy version follows up with a second hit (which is the sprite for his j.CD), and a backflip away to safety. All versions can be done out of backdash, moreso the heavy kick version which can build meter. When blocked, both the light and heavy kick versions are unsafe on block. When whiffed, the light kick version has more recovery frames while the heavy kick version has less which makes it difficult to whiff punish on reaction.

(EX) = hcf+BD Somewhat of a combination of the light and heavy kick versions of his move. The horizontal speed is similar to the light kick version but the kick has faster start up, and Mr. Karate travels a farther distance. When hit, the opponent is launched a bit higher in the air than the light kick version which enables more juggle follow-up opportunities. The kick whiffs on some crouching opponents (except for Daimon, Raiden and other tall, big characters) when tiger kneed close to the ground. Keep in mind that this kick does not feature any invincibility frames.This kick extends many of Mr. Karate's ground starting combos and as well extends follow ups from a counter hit j.CD.

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 60/88

Desperation Moves

Haoh Shikouken = f, hcf+P - Mr. Karate hurls a big fireball at the opponent. Good for whiff punishes against moves that have bad recovery and negating fireballs from full screen. The start-up of both versions aren't that great to use as an anti-air but it can be done if properly read and reacted. The start-up has a small amount auto-guard frames. A version travels slower and C version travels faster while both version have the same amount of damage. The fireball features 35 points worth of chip damage.

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 210

Ryuuko Ranbu = qcf~hcb+P - Mr. Karate dashes forward to unleash a flurry of furious punches and kicks ending in his Haoh Shikouken. A version's start-up is fast but has no invincibility; good to end ground combos with or after a counter hit j.CD. C version has a slower start-up and has invincibility; good to avoid follow-ups or pressure from the opponent after releasing slow moving EX projectiles (example: Mature's EX Ebony Tears, K's qcf+P~+AC, etc).

(EX) = qcf~hcb+A+C - EX version starts up fast (5 frames) and has complete invincibility until about half way through the dash. Good for anti-airs (even hops), evading fireballs, whiff punishing, punishing moves with bad recovery on block and ending combos. It has a somewhat tall hitbox and reach which may catch opponents jumping close to Mr. Karate mid to close range area.

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 234/367

Kyokugen Kohou = qcfx2+K - A fire-doused uppercut that has a vertical incline. Near instant start-up. Start-up has invincibility. Good to use as a reversal option. It can be used as an anti-air but it's steep rise may cause it to whiff against certain jump arcs.

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 210


Kishin Sanga Geki = qcb~hcf+AC - Mr. Karate dramatically fierce punches the opponent then karate chop strikes them to the ground. Extremely fast start-up with invincibility during the start-up. Mr. Karate travels similar to the same distance as his hcf+K (in the air) at a very fast speed. Unsafe when blocked and whiffed. This NeoMax tends to misfire if you perform his qcf+hcb+AC while an opponent is jumping over Mr. Karate's head. Good to use as an finished to his HD combos and can be used as anti-air at a mid-range distance.

  • Hit Detection: Mid
  • Damage: 470
  • Hard knockdown



No Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D/cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, dp+A = 288 dmg

- j.D/cr.B, cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, hyper hop D = 268 dmg (Reset + Easier hit confirm)

1 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D/cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf~hcb+A = 439 dmg

- j.D/cr.B, cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, qcf~hcb+A = 414 dmg (Easier hit confirm)

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf~hcb+A = 486 dmg ("DC" Can be option selected)

2 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D/cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf~hcb+AC = 529 dmg

- j.D/cr.B, cr.B, s.B, f+A (2), dp+C~A+B, qcf~hcb+AC = 504 dmg (Easier hit confirm)

2 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf~hcb+AC = 583 dmg ("DC" Can be option selected)


No Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A, dp+A = 323 dmg

0 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A/dp+A/TK hcf+B, dp+A, [DC], TK hcf+B, qcf+A, dp+A = 440 dmg

- j.C, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, dp+A, dp+A, [DC], hcf+B, dp+A, dp+A = 444 dmg

1 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A, qcf~hcb+A = 477 dmg

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A/dp+A/TK hcf+B, dp+A, [DC], TK hcf+B, qcf+A, qcf~hcb+A = 582 dmg

2 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A, qcf~hcb+AC = 574 dmg

2 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

- j.D, s.C, f+B, dp+C~A+B, qcf+A/dp+A/TK hcf+B, dp+A, DC, TK hcf+B, qcf+A, qcf~hcb+AC = 658 dmg

Hyper Drive Combos

1 Stock

- j.D, s.C, f+B, HD, s.C, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x5, qcf~hcb+A = 803 dmg

- cr.B, s.B, f+A *3 hits*, HD, s.C, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x5, qcf~hcb+A = 687 dmg

2 Stock

- j.D, s.C, f+B, HD, s.C, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x4, qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, qcf+C~ff, f~b~f+A, qcf~hcb+AC = 881 dmg

- j.D, s.C, f+B, HD, s.C, f+B, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x4, Neomax = 854 dmg

- cr.B, s.B, f+A *3 hits*, HD, s.C, f+B, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x4, Neomax = 739 dmg

3 Stock

- j.D, s.C, f+B, HD, s.C, [qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B] x4, qcf+A, DC, f~b~f+AC, qcf+C~ff, f~b~f+A, qcf~hcb+AC = 918 dmg

5 Stock

- j.D, s.D, *link* far s.C, f+B, HD, s.C, f+B, dp+AC, DC, air hcf+B, dp+AC, DC, air hcf+D *whiffed*, TK hcf+B, qcf+C, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf+A, DC, dp+C~A+B, TK hcf+B, qcf+A, DC, f~b~f+AC, qcf+C~ff, f~b~f+A, qcf~hcb+AC = 1005 dmg


Frame Traps and Links

  • (L) = Link, can be a frame trap as well.
  • (LO) = Link only, not a frame trap.
  • "(n) frame gap" = The amount of frames that opponent has to counter a frame trap.

1.) st. A > cl. C (L) - 1 frame gap between st. A and cl. C.

2.) st. A > cr. C (L) - 2 frame gap between st. A and cr. C.

3.) cr. A > cl. C (L) - 1 frame gap between st. A and cl. C.

4.) cr. A > cr. C (L) - 2 frame gap between cr. A and cr. C.

5.) st. B > st. A - 3 frame gap between st. B and st. A.

6.) st. B > cr. A (L) - 2 frame gap between st. B and cr. A.

7.) st. B > st. B - 3 frame gap between st. B and st. B.

8.) st. B > cl. C (L) - 2 frame gap between st. B and cl. C.

9.) st. B > cr. C - 3 frame gap between st. B and cr. C.

10.) cr. B > cl. C - 3 frame gap between cr. B and cl. C.

11.) cr. B > cr. C - 4 frame gap between cr. B and cr. C.

12.) st. D > far C (LO)


Far Range

Mid Range

Close Range

Cornered Opponent


With No Meter/No Drive

With 1+ Meter/No Drive

With No Meter/50%-100% Drive

With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive

Best Team Position?

Character Matchups

Andy Bogard

  • Andy's db~f+A at max range can be punished by Mr. Karate's dp+AC, qcf~qcf+K, and his NeoMax (qcb~hcf+AC).

Ash Crimson

Athena Asamiya

Benimaru Nikaido

  • Punish Benimaru's qcf+K on block and if whiffed at mid-range with Mr. Karate's qcf~hcb+AC super.

Billy Kane

Chin Gentsai

Clark Still

Duo Lon

Elisabeth Branctorche

Goro Daimon

Hwa Jai

Iori Yagami (Claw)

Iori Yagami (Flame)

Joe Higashi


Kim Kaphwan


Kula Diamond

Kyo Kusanagi (XIII)

Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS)

Leona Heidern

Mai Shiranui




Ralf Jones

Robert Garcia

Ryo Sakazaki


Shen Woo

Sie Kensou

Takuma Sakazaki

Mr. Karate (mirror match)

Terry Bogard


Yuri Sakazaki

Links & References

Move Metadata

Move Damage Stun Startup On Guard Remarks
s.A 25 3 4 +2 Hit crouching opponents
d.A 25 6 3 +2 Karate's fastest normal
Far A 25 3 4 +2
j.A 45 3 5 -
hop A 40 3 5 -
s.B 30 6 4 +1
d.B 30 3 4 0
Far B 30 6 4 +1
j.B 45 3 4 -
hop B 40 3 4 -
s.C 70 7 3 -1 Startup Faster than Takuma
d.C 70 7 4 -13
Far C 80 7 7 -2 Startup Faster than Takuma
j.C 72 7 7 -
hop C 70 7 7 -
s.D 80 7 10 +1
d.D 80 7 7 -5
Far D 80 7 10 +1
j.D 70 7 7 -
hop D 68 7 7 -
s.CD 75 10 13 +1 Startup Faster than Takuma
j.CD 90 8 11 -
hop CD 80 8 11 -
Sokutou-geri 50 6 18 -7
Seiken Sandan Tsuki(1) 35 2 8 -
Seiken Sandan Tsuki(2) 25 2 - -
Seiken Sandan Tsuki(3) 30 2 - -4
Ippon Seoi 100 0 1 - Hard knockdown
GCCD 4 0 13 -15 vs. Wk 13, St 17, Jump atk 17 on startup
A Koho 60 6 4 -25 Karate's fastest startup for specials
C Koho(1) 60 6 6 -
C Koho(2) 40 6 - -37 Breaking -14
Shorankyaku(1-6) 15 0 21 - Close
Shorankyaku(7) 80 0 - -
Zanretsuklen(1-6) 10 0 12 - First hit Scaled - lock move
Zanretsuklen(7-12) 0 0 - -
Zanretsuklen(13) 20 0 - -38
B Hienshippu Kyaku 60 4 9 -11 Close, Lowest point in air -4, Landing recovery 12
D Hienshippu Kyaku(1) 50 4 13 - Landing recovery 20F
D Hienshippu Kyaku(2) 40 4 - -4 Lowest point in air
A Kouou-ken 60 6 10 -3 Quite safe bc of hitback
C Kouou-ken 60 6 16 -10
→Step 0 0 - -8
Hakyokujin 0 0 - - Whiff 41, Teleport 26, Parry 6-30 (longer parry time than Chin/Elisabeth)
EX Kouhu(1) 90 0 5 -
EX Kouhu(2) 75 0 - -40
EX Shorankyaku(1) 15 0 25 -
EX Shorankyaku(2-10) 15 0 - -
EX Shorankyaku(11) 150 0 - -
EX Zanretsuken(1) 0 0 9 -43
EX Zanretsuken(2-11) 10 0 - -
EX Zanretsuken(12-21) 0 0 - -
EX Zanretsuken(22) 50 0 - -
EX Hienshippu Kyaku(1) 60 0 9 - Close
EX Hienshippu Kyaku(2) 70 0 - -15 Lowest point in air -4
EX Hakyokujin (vs Strike) 60 0 9 - Whiff 41, Teleport 26, Parry 6-30
EX Hakyokujin (vs Air atk) 180 0 16 -
EX Kouou-ken 100 0 36 - 0 after guard crush
Haoh Shikouken 210 0 47 (18) -38 Freeze 29, Close
Ryuuko Ranbu(1) 0 0 35 (6), 46 (17) -19 Freeze 29 (weak,strong)
Ryuuko Ranbu(2,5,7) 10 0 - -
Ryuuko Ranbu(3,4,6,8) 16 0 - -
Ryuuko Ranbu(9) 40 0 - -
Ryuuko Ranbu(10) 100 0 - -
Kyokugen Koho(1) 60 0 37(8) - Freeze 29
Kyokugen Koho(2) 60 0 - -
Kyokugen Koho(3-11) 10 0 - -40
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(1) 0 0 34(5) -24 Freeze 29
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(2,5,7) 10 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(3,4,6,8,9) 16 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(10) 20 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(11-19) 0 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(21-27) 4 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(28) 25 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(29,30) 60 0 - -
EX Ryuuko Ranbu(31) 60 0 - -
Kishin Sanga Geki(1) 100 0 81(5) - Freeze 76
Kishin Sanga Geki(2) 370 0 - -18


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