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  • A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode
  • forward + B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable
  • forward + C in Speed Mode is not cancellable


  • all but low B and low C in Power mode can cancel when crouching

Ground Hits

  • dp + A/B
  • u + B
  • C
  • Dash across/on top of character

Special Moves

Bopper - qcf + A/B

  • Juzoh hops forward, slams his club into the ground creating an explosion
  • B version has a short hop delay

Rock Crusher - f, b + C

  • Juzoh leans back to deliver a headbutt
  • Unblockable in Power Mode
  • Follow up with Tetsu Atama (qcf + C)(x3) in Speed Mode
  • Tetsu Atama is three additional headbutt's, the last of which is unblockable

Violent Quake - dp + A/B

  • Juzoh hops and strikes ground with his club. If not blocked low, will knockdown. Also applicable as a ground hit.
  • B version hits farther than A
  • A version will cancel into a DM/SDM

Mozuhana - qcb + C

  • A sneeze that creates a low hit
  • Charbeable

Pile Drive Burial - hcf + A

  • A ground-to-air grab. If not followed by anything, he bats opponents away.
  • Follow up with Suritsubushi (qcf + A)
  • Follow up with Bokunaguri (qcf + B)
  • Follow up with Ranmoku (hcb, hcb + AB); also a DM
  • Follow up with Chougeki Dou Ja (qcf, qcf + B); also a SDM

Hammer Whop - hcb + B

  • Follow up with Kattobashi (qcf + B)
  • Follow up with Futtobashi (qcf + C)
  • Follow up with Homerun! (qcf + AB); also a DM

Desperation Moves

"Just Dandy" Invincible - qcf, qcf + AB

  • Juzoh does a small jump and slams club into the ground

Super Desperation Move

Ultra-Violent Eruption - qcf, qcf + B

  • Juzoh attacks with a headbutt, then launches opponent into the air, and slams the club into the ground, exploding it and the opponent.


Any Mode

  • hcb B (near), qcf C
  • BC, dp B
  • hcb B (near), hcb A, qcf A
  • hcb B (near), qcf AB
  • hcb B (near), qcf B, qcf C

Power Mode Only

  • j B, f C, dp B
  • j B, f C, qcf B
  • j B, f C, hcb A, qcf A, hcb, hcb AB, hcb, hcb B

EX Mode Only

  • BC, hcb A, qcf A, hcb, hcb AB, hcb, hcb B

Power and EX Mode

  • dp A (near), qcf, qcf AB
  • hcb B (near), hcb A, qcf A, hcb, hcb AB, hcb, hcb B

Speed and EX Mode

  • j B, A, B, C
  • j B, b A, B, f C, u B
  • BC, hcb A, qcf B
  • Dash A/B, BC, dp B
  • Dash A/B, d B, BC, dp B

Super Speed Combos

  • A + B + C + A + B + C + A + B + qcf C
  • A + B + C + A + B + C + C + qcf B
  • A + B + C + d C + d C + f BC
  • A + B + C + d C + BC + qcf B
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