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  • A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode
  • forward + B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable
  • forward + C in Speed Mode is not cancellable


  • all but low A and low C in Power mode can cancel when crouching

Ground Hits

  • df + B
  • C

Special Moves

Flashing Flight - qcb + A

  • A dashing slash that starts low and finishes mid/high
  • Away from opponent, strikes mid or high
  • Close to opponent or countering, strikes low, sweeping opponent into a knockdown

Black Hole Blade - qcb + B

  • Multiple forward mid strikes
  • Strikes 3 times, strikes further forward with each strike
  • Able to super cancel

Shujin - qcb + C

  • Dashes forward

Tenchi - C

  • Follow up to Shujin
  • Press C after Kojiroh is near opponet to throw.

Empty Death - dp + A/B

  • 45 Degree upward thrust
  • anti-air

Blast-of-Plague Demise - qcf + A/B

  • Slashing projectile
  • A version creates one hit
  • B version starts slower, makes two hits

Desperation Moves

Black Hole Blade - Eagle - qcb,db,f + A/B

  • Charges forward to deliver several strikes, ends with an Empty Death anti-air if it connects.

Super Desperation Moves

Wolf Fang of Emptiness - qcb,db,f + B

  • Poses and and dashes through opponent
  • Chargealbe
  • Unblockable at full charging
  • Only able to perform in Power or EX Mode


Any Mode

  • C, qcf A
  • Dash A/B, qcb B
  • Dash A/B, dp A
  • j B, B, qcb B
  • j B, B, qcb A
  • j B, B, qcb, db, f AB

Power Mode Only

  • j B, f C, qcf A
  • j B, f C, dp B
  • j B, f C, qcb, db, f, AB

EX Mode Only

  • Dash A/B, B, qcb B, qcb, db, f AB
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, qcb B, qcb, db, f AB

Power and EX Mode

  • Dash A/B, qcb B, qcb, db, f AB
  • j B, B, qcb B, qcb, db, f AB

Speed and EX Mode

  • j B, A, B, C
  • Dash A/B, d B, qcf A
  • j B, b A, A, A, B, qcf A
  • f BC, qcb, db, f AB

Super Speed Combos

  • A + B + C + A + B + C + A + B + qcf C
  • A + B + C + A + B + C + C + B + A + qcf C
  • A + B + C + d C + A + d C + f BC
  • A + B + C + d C + A + f BC + A + B + qcf B
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