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Charaimg alice.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Chabudai Gaeshi - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif 

Seoi Nage Huu - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Garnet Spin  - Fd.gif + B.gif

Special Moves

Tiger Crack - Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Southtown Variation - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Southtown Variation • Charge [Southtown Variation A.gif / C.gif ] Fd.gif + A.gif / C.gif
Southtown Variation • Spin [Southtown Variation A.gif / C.gif ] Fd.gif + B.gif / D.gif

Wolf Combination - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

Wolf Combination • Upper [Wolf Combination A.gif / C.gif ] Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif
Wolf Combination • Wave [Wolf Combination • Upper A.gif / C.gif ] Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Diving Tackle - in air, Qcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Super Special Moves

Special Wolf Combination - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif (!)

Shadow Dunk - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Full Set Alice - Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + A.gifC.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = 231 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) dmg

2 Meters Anywhere (Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview



  • st. A: This jab chains into Alice's other light normals but isn't special cancel-able. Good for stopping incoming hops. -2F on block.
  • st. B: Alice swing kicks the opponent's shins. Has decent speed and range but is only super cancel-able and doesn't chain into any other standing normals. This is a useful kick to Max Mode cancel into, if you aren't too far, you will be able to combo into a close standing heavy attack. Neutral on block.
  • st. C: This punch aims at an angle above her head. Good to use as an pre-emptive anti-air. Whiffs on crouching opponents. Not cancel-able. -5F on block.
  • st. D: Alice steps forward slightly to deliver a fierce side kick aimed at the opponents mid-section. Good to use as a mid-ranged poke & in some situations stop hops at a far distance away. Not cancel-able. -1F on block.


  • cl. A: This is a cancel-able & chain-able close elbow attack that can be used in very close range for pressure or if hits, can start her Rush Auto Combo. +1F on block.
  • cl. B: This cancel-able, two hitting sidekick is good to use for starting combos. Both hits are mid hits even though the first hit as a low aiming animation. Be careful using this during pressure by itself, it's unsafe if blocked. -10F on block
  • cl. C: Alice performs a cancel-able, wild, high reaching uppercut. Good to use to stop opponents from jumping over you (either mid-screen or in the corner) and to use during combos. Forces stand on opponents on hit. -11F on block.
  • cl. D: Alice knees the opponent in the mid-section. Compared to cl. C, it's less unsafe on block, has less pushback on block, & needs Alice to be very close to the opponent to activate. -4F on block.


  • cr. A: This cancel-able crouching light punch has less range than standing light punch. Good to use to confirm into combos from crouching light kick (or by itself). Also chains into Alice's other light normals. +1F on block.
  • cr. B: A good ranged crouching light kick that can be used as a poke or to start a confirm into combos. Chain-able into Alice's other light normals & special cancel-able. Hits low. Neutral on block.
  • cr. C: This cancel-able crouching uppercut can be used as a grounded anti-air, if timed correctly. -7F on block
  • cr. D: This cancel-able sweep has a bit more horizontal range than her cr. B. Hits low. -5F on block.


  • j. A: This jumping punch has a downward angle which can be good to use as a jump-in attack, or to use to jump away defensively. This jump normal is special cancel-able.
  • j. B: This jumping kick as an angle pointed slightly upward. Good to use as an air-to-air & special cancel-able.
  • j. C: Alice performs a jumping hook punch that can be used as an air-to-air attack or a jump-in attack if necessary. Special cancel-able.
  • j. D: This jumping kick has a great downward angle that makes it useful to use as a jump-in combo starter attack, and to jump away defensively. Special cancel-able.


  • st. CD: Alice takes a HUGE leap forward to swing down a double handed hammer attack. Whiff cancel-able into special moves.
  • j. CD: The angle of this drop kick aims upward, which makes it good to use as an ground-to-air attack or an early air-to-air. Be careful, you may get low profiled (anti-aired with crouching light kicks or sweeps) if you use this too liberally.


Chabudai Gaeshi - (b/f+C) close

  • Alice grabs the opponent's leg to toss them a half screen away
  • Can be broken
  • Soft knockdown

Seoi Nage Huu - (b/f+D) close

  • Alice shoulder throws the opponent across the screen
  • Can be broken
  • Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Garnet Spin - (f+B)

  • Alice performs a quick circular roundhouse kick.
  • Hard to punish because of pushback
  • Good to use during combos
  • Hit overheads by itself

Special Moves

Tiger Crack - (dp+B/D)

  • Alice rises with a quick, fierce knee attack, with a slash kick follow-up. Alice lands directly next to the opponent afterwards. Unsafe if blocked or whiffed. Can be used to finished combos, an anti-air or reversal attack.
  • Can combo easily from her standing and crouching light normals, f+B, and her standing and crouching heavy normals (except cr. D).
  • Light kick version has lower body invincibility during the start
  • Heavy kick version has high body invincibility during the start
  • Hard knockdown

EX: Full body invincible during the start.

Southtown Variation - (qcf+A/C)

  • Alice rushes forward quickly with an elbow thrust. It looks similar to Andy's Zani-Ken (db~f+P).
  • Very unsafe if blocked or whiffed
  • Does not knockdown
  • Light punch version travels forward at a half-screen distance.
  • Heavy punch version travels forward a bit farther than the light punch version.
  • No damage different between light & heavy punch versions.
  • Super cancel-able
Southtown Variation • Charge - (f+A/C)
  • Alice follows up with a shoulder attack
  • Safe on block (neutral)
  • Super cancel-able
  • Doesn't knockdown
Southtown Variation • Spin - (f+B/D)
  • Alice follows up with an aerial roll that reels her back towards the middle of the screen
  • Can be punished if blocked by any very fast special move or Super Special move that can reach her while shes in mid-air or when lands
  • When Alice lands safely, she is put in a dizzy animation that can be deactivated by pressing any button.
  • Diving Tackle (qcb+B/D in air) can be performed during this move.
  • Soft knockdown
  • EX: Combines both of the follows ups, first with Charge, then with Spin. The spin attack can be cancelled into her air qcb+K special move and also knocks the opponent away to the other side of the screen. If blocked, must be punished by a Super Special move or Climax that can reach her faster than if punishing the normal spin follow-up. Has some auto-guard frames against attacks that aren't projectile based.

Wolf Combination - (qcb+A/C)

  • Alice performs a quick palm thrust.
  • Doesn't knockdown
  • Light punch version starts faster and moves Alice forward slightly. Can combo easily from standing and crouching cancel-able light & heavy normals (except cr. D) & her f+B command normal
  • Heavy punch version starts slower than the light punch version but has more damage. Alice moves forward farther. Can combo only from her standing & crouching heavy normal attacks (except cr. D) and f+B command normal.
  • Unsafe if blocked, but Alice is pushed back slightly. Certain characters normal attacks and specials may reach her if fast enough & has a long range.
Wolf Combination • Upper - (qcb+A/C)
  • Alice throws out a standing wind uppercut.
  • Doesn't knockdown
  • Unsafe if blocked, can be punished by certain characters special & Super Special Moves etc.
Wolf Combination • Wave - (qcb+A/C)
  • Alice follows up with a punch aimed at the opponent's feet. Causes a hard knockdown. The opponent lands near Alice's feet.
  • Hits mid
  • Unsafe if blocked
  • EX: Includes the palm thrust and all the follow-ups in a quicker succession. When connected, the last hit puts the opponent in a juggle-able state. Causes a hard knockdown. Unsafe if blocked.

Diving Tackle - (qcb+B/D) in air

  • Benimaru's Flying Drill attack (down+D in the air) is copied by Alice. In the air, she spins at a downward angle towards the opponent.
  • Super Cancel-able on last hit
  • Light kick version hits once, and has a steep angle
  • Heavy kick version hits twice (last hit super cancel-able) and has a less steeper angle than the light kick version.
  • Can be cancelled from her cancel-able jump normals.
  • Unsafe if whiffed or blocked
  • Soft knockdown

EX: Same angle and distance as the heavy kick version but hits 3 times if performed during a hop, & times when performed while jumping. Places the opponent in a brief juggle-able state. Safe if blocked. Soft knockdown.

Super Special Moves

Special Wolf Combination - (qcf,qcf+B/D)

  • Alice performs a faster of Tiger Crack that ends in Terry's Rising Tackle
  • Unsafe if blocked or whiffed
  • Has a short amount full body invincibility during the start.
  • Can combo easily from her cancel-able normals and command normal. Can combo after her EX qcb+P attack.
  • Soft knockdown

Max: Much more faster, damaging and has more invincibility.

Shadow Dunk - (qcf, qcf+A/C)

  • Alice does a super version of her Southtown Variation that ends by dunking the opponent to the ground.
  • Alice is very briefly fully invincible during the start
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can Advanced Cancel or Climax Cancel from the first hit

Max: More faster, damaging, but loses invincibility during the start.

Climax Super Special Moves

Full Set Alice - (hcb, hcb+AC)

  • Alice attacks the opponent with an imitation of Terry's Burn Knuckle attack, then attacks with another hook, and finishes with a goofy jumping back heel attack.
  • Fully invincible during the start
  • Alice travels at a 3/4th distance away from the opponent



Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: 3 hits that end in a kick aimed at the opponent's face. Not safe if blocked but has a decent amount of push back. 70 damage.

1 Meter: After the 3rd hit, Alice does her Special Wolf Combination Super Special Move. Ends in a hard knockdown. 220 damage

EX: Similar to the 1 meter version but ends in the Max version Special Wolf Combination. Ends in a hard knockdown. 354 damage.

0 meter

  • cr. Bx3, qcb+Ax3 = (179 DMG)

(ends in a hard knockdown, you can end with dp+D for a bit more damage)

  • j. D, cl. C, f+B, dp+D = (280 DMG)

(can start from a jump-in which is optional, and ends in a hard knockdown)

  • j. D, cl C, f+B, qcb+Cx3 = (294 DMG)

(can start from a jump-in which is optional, and ends in a hard knockdown)

  • j. D, air qcb+D = (144 DMG)

(soft knockdown)

  • j. D, cl. C, f+B, qcf+A~f+B = (255 DMG)

1 meter

  • j. D, cl. C, f+B [BC], cl. C, f+B, qcb+AC, dp+BD = (425 DMG)

(Ends with a hard knockdown. Can be started with cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] for a low hit confirm but for lower damage)

Corner Only

  • hop D, cl. C, f+B [BC], hyper hop D, air qcb+BD, dp+BD = (386 DMG)

(Ends in a hard knockdown. A little tougher than some of her more damaging combos but more stylish)

  • j. D, cl. C, f+B [BC], cl. C, f+B, qcf+P~f+K, air qcb+BD (4 hits), dp+BD = (425 DMG)

(ends in a hard knockdown)

  • j.D, cl. C, f+B [BC], hyper hop D, air qcb+BD (4 hits) qcf+AC, air qcb+BD, qcf+P~f+P, dp+D = (444 DMG)

(Kinda of stylish a difficult to land because you need to delay the qcf+AC after the air qcb+BD, and delay the follow up after qcf+P for the dp+D to land)

  • j. D, cl. D, f+B [BC], cl. D, f+B, qcf+AC, air qcb+BD (4 hits), qcf+P~f+P, dp+D = (468 DMG)

(delay the follow up of f+P after qcf+P for dp+D to land)

2 meters

  • j. D, cl. C, f+B [BC], cl. C, f+B, qcb+AC, qcb+A [SC], qcf,qcf+P = (561 DMG) {1000}

(Good damage, easy to execute, works anywhere. You can substitute j. D, cl. C, f+B with cr. Bx2, st. B into Max Mode activation for a low hit confirm.)

Corner Only

  • j.D, cl. C, f+B [BC], hyper hop D, air qcb+BD, qcf+P~f+K, air qcb+D [SC] qcfx2+P = (570 DMG) {1000}

(dont delay the follow up to qcf+P too much or the max mode meter will run out for the level 2 qcfx2+P. Switch out cl.C for cl.D for a bit more damage.)

3 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

4 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

5 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)


Frame Data

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KOF14 - ALICE COMBO GUIDE - Easy to Advanced [HD 60fps]


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