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'''(EX) = hcbx2+AC''' also in air - Faster start-up, there is a vacuum effect that pulls the opponent into it and it does 27 hits instead of just one
'''(EX) = hcbx2+AC''' - Faster start-up, there is a vacuum effect that pulls the opponent into it and it does 27 hits instead of just one
- Max Cancelable
- Max Cancelable

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Quick Combo Reference

0 Stock, No Drive Gauge


d.B , s.A , dp+C = 187 dmg
s.C , f+B , qcb+D = 225 dmg
hcf+P , qcb+A , qcb+C, dp+C = 275 dmg

1 Stock, No Drive Gauge


s.C , f+B , qcb+BD, run s.D = 303 dmg
s.C, f+B, qcb+BD, qcb+A , dp+C = 370 dmg

0 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge Corner s.C, f+B, qcb+D, (DC) qcb+K, qcb+A, dp+C = 379 dmg


Gameplay Overview

Athena's play-style combines the elements of powerful zoning, speed, and pokes. Her psycho ball is one of the best projectiles in the game because of it's speed variations and her quick recovery, using it with her Psycho Teleport she can switch sides with the opponent or go right in their face to quickly throw them off. Her anti-airs involve using Psycho Sword and her shining crystal bit DM which also double as decent reversals. Against other projectiles Athena can simply use psycho reflector to reflect them back towards her opponent but also continue to zone them with psycho ball again. Athena has a myriad of tools once she's airborne, Phoenix Arrow works well when you are above opponents, switching between the weak and strong version will further confuse them, you can also Air Phoenix Bomb to hit opponents that are at a lower altitude but also Shining Crystal Bit in the air. In the corner she has good mix-ups and frame traps. Super Psychic Throw in the corner leads to very good damage. Her Neomax activates at a very quick speed so use it to punish opponents that like to use evasive roll. HD combos are generally simple but require good timing because of the very few hits you will do so you will be canceling a lot. Her play-style is well suited for people who like to use a character whose really fast, good at zoning, and tricking their opponents into making mistakes. She can also land a Neomax combo for about 60% damage anywhere on screen from her invincible throw for 2 meters and a full drive bar...

Gameplay Notes


  • Great zoning, possibly the best in the game
  • Very Fast
  • Good pokes
  • Doesn't rely on meter as much as other characters
  • Great as a battery or as a second character
  • Possesses many powerful options while in mid-air
  • Has a wide variety of options when the opponent is in the corner


  • Her zoning requires good timing
  • Damaging combos don't occur outside of the corner
  • Weak when cornered
  • The Shining Crystal Bit DM is easily punishable if not cancelled correctly with ABCD
  • The timing of many damaging HD combos are a bit picky



s.A: - 25 damage, cancel-able & chain-able, hits mid. A quick slap attack, basic poke and fast, stops jump-ins etc

s.B: - 30 damage, cancel-able & chain-able, hits mid. A simple kick attack, it's a really good AA poke because it comes out fast and has great reach

s.C: - 80 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Forward punch, has okay range so it can be used to punished some whiffed moves

s.D: - 80 damage, hits mid. Heavy kick, nice reach but it's slow.

cl. C - 70 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Same as her far C but the range is a little shorter

cl. D - 70 damage, cancel-able - hits mid. High kick, really good vertical range


cr. A - 25 damage, cancel-able & chain-able, hits mid. It's the same as her st. A except done while crouching

cr. B - 30 damage, chain-able, hits low. A quick crouching kick, a really good poke that can start combos from lows.

cr. C - 70 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Crouch punch attack, comes out fast but be sure to use it when they're at least an arm's lengths away

cr. D - 80 damage, hits low. Crouch kicks, knocks standing opponents down when hit, good reach but also has awful recovery so it can be easily punished if you whiff it.


j. A - 45 (40) damage, cancel-able, hits overhead. Jump light punch, just a quick hit in the air, good for air-to-air hits but not much else.

j. B - 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. Jump knee, a moderately simple move, good for jump-ins.

j. C - 72 (70) damage, cancel-able, hits overhead. Air slap attack, a pretty good attack in air-to-air when they get close.

j. D - 70 (68) damage, hits overhead. Good range, good priority, easily the preferred tool for jump-ins along with her slightly diagonal hitbox.

Blowback Attack

CD - 75 damage, whiff and hit cancel-able, hits mid. A hard shoulder tackle, okay reach, use it to fake out opponents.

j. CD - 90 (80) damage, hits mid. Jump dual kick, comes out at a nice angle but you have to use it early to hit someone

GCCD: 10 damage, hits mid. Guard Cancel Blowback Attack.


Psychic Attack = b/f + C/D close 100 damage, can be broken. Athena grabs the opponent, disappears then reappears above them kicking them to the ground

Command Moves

Phoenix Bomb = f+B 50 damage, cancel-able, hits mid. Athena jumps into the the air then does a hip attack making her float for a short bit; it has poor recovery if you whiff so try your best to combo into it when you use it offensively. You can also use it the corner to quickly switch from a standing/crouching attack to an instant overhead. It should be noted that this move is extremely important in Athena's runaway game because when you use it along with her back dash it makes her hop backwards much faster and much farther; the earlier you execute it the faster the dash is some keep that in mind.

Phoenix Bomb Air = f+B in air 60 damage, cancel-able, hits overhead. It's executed the same way as the ground version except in the air now, a good air to air move if timed correctly (you have to be a little bit higher in the air than your opponent), you can also combo into with her jump A/C.

Special Attacks

Psycho Ball = qcb+P - Athena forms a purple sphere then propels it at her opponent. The weak version travels slowly across the screen while the strong version goes much faster and does more damage. This move is the key component of her zoning game so use it sparingly, spamming it works only if you have a back-up plan because your opponent will catch on sooner or later. Using it in moderation will keep you on your feet and prevent you from being extremely predictable so keep that in mind. If your opponent catches on they may try to hyper hop or evasive roll past them to attack you so be sure to switch it up between weak/strong and different moves altogether. It's also super cancelable as soon as it's executed (as soon as it's released).

(EX) = qcb+AC - Slow start-up but does three hits instead of one now, it also takes two projectiles to cancel it out

- Super Cancelable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 65/80/43x3

Psycho Sword = dp+P - Athena does a rising uppercut attack launching the opponent into the air. The weak version only goes slightly off the ground and does three hits, it is preferably used for zoning because it doesn't go too far off the ground making it easier to time and more difficult to punish. The strong version goes all the way into the air and does five hits, unlike the weak version there's a small bit of invincibility at start-up making it great as a reversal move. Both versions can be punished if whiffed (more so the latter than the former) so be careful when using outside of combos. It can be drive/super canceled on the first hit.

(EX) = dp+AC - There is a brief pause between the fourth and fifth hit making it easier to cancel

- Drive/Super Cancellable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 50+20+20/65+25x4/80+35x2+48+35

Psycho Reflector = qcb+K - Athena forms a purple shield to protect herself from attacks. The weak version lasts a short time while the strong version lasts a bit longer. This move can counter physical attacks and projectiles; physical attacks are at best countered when they attempt a jump-in or a very laggy normal/command move because it requires a bit of timing. The difference with projectiles is that they're repelled as soon as they reach the shield (causing them to bounce back in other direction upon contact). If you use it too early you will most likely get hit because there's a small bit of vulnerability at start-up so watch yourself, despite the fact that this move can counter physical moves it's main forte is against projectiles so try to use it as thus.

(EX) = qcb+BD - A psycho ball is flung towards the opponent then the projectile is thrown back at the opponent afterwards, when the psycho ball hits it juggles the opponent so that they get with the following projectile as well

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 60/100

Phoenix Arrow = qcb+K in air - Athena turns into a ball covered in psycho energy then continues to roll in a diagonal forward motion until she touches the ground. B version Phoenix Arrow is -3 on recovery. That means she can be thrown out of the move. It's really hard to tell when she actually hits the ground, but she can be thrown out of the move. Players should be prepared to tech throws or avoid doing the move to grapplers, but also note your normals will probably beat out someone throwing out a 4 frame move or slower (Like a d.B or st.C move). Note, the strong version is unsafe as soon as she sticks her leg out.

(EX) = qcb+BD in air - Same speed and execution as the strong version except it does more hits and has better recovery making it safe

- Drive/Super Cancellable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 20xN/20xN+20+60/20xN+20+90

Psycho Teleport = qcf+K - Athena does a pose then teleports to the mid/far side of the screen. The weak version makes her travel 1/3 way across the screen while the strong version makes her go 3/4's across the screen. While it's mostly good for moving around it is also good for tricking your opponent if their reaction time isn't up to speed or if they're just sleepy. The only repercussion to this move it that she can be punished while she is teleporting so you have to time it correctly; try switching between the weak and strong version to further confuse them

(EX) = qcf+BD in air - Same speed and execution as the weak version except it has complete invincibility at start-up making it an extremely good getaway tool during wake-up, it's also drive/super cancel-able now which is executed midway during the dash

- Drive/Super Cancellable, EX only

- Hit Detection: None

- Damage: 0

Super Psychic Throw = hcf+P - Athena uses her psycho powers to commmand throw the opponent into the air for a possible follow-up attack, if not they fall and hit the ground. There's also a bit of invincibility at start-up and it can be comboed into from light normals when you're right next to them; it also causes "hard knockdown" meaning they can't safe roll out of it as soon as they hit the ground. The initial throw doesn't do any damage but the knockdown does, preferably used for corner mix-ups and reversals etc.

(EX) = hcf+AC in air - The initial throw does damage this time, it also launches the opponent into high enough for a follow-up combo

- Hit Detection: Close

- Damage: 125/80+60

Desperation Moves

Shining Crystal Bit = hcbx2+P also in air, ABCD to cancel - Athena floats while the jewel she's wearing starts to glow then she forms a purple energy shield that covers her entire body for a brief period. There's a good chunk of invincibility at start-up making good for punishing anything from jump-ins to poorly timed moves. Despite the wide hitbox, she can still be punished as soon as the move is done but that's where the cancel aspect comes from; if you whiff this move whether when you're trying to punish someone's attack/jump-in/etc be sure to press ABCD simultaneously to immediately cancel it so that the opponent won't get the chance to punish you. All version can also be done in the air the same rules also apply

(EX) = hcbx2+AC - Faster start-up, there is a vacuum effect that pulls the opponent into it and it does 27 hits instead of just one

- Max Cancelable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 210/10x26+60


Psycho Medley 13 = hcb f+AC - Athena does pose then dashes across the screen, if she hits the opponent she summons her past iterations that proceed to ping pong the opponent in all directions of the screen in a pentagram-like fashion thirteen times, after the thirteenth hit the real Athena appears with then summons six guardians holding weapons (a wand, hammer, chain & ball, bow & arrow, mace, and sword & shield) then she points then they turn into psycho balls hitting the opponent at the same time for another thirteen hits (26 hits altogether). The guardians armor color change depending on how many hits you do (gold/green/purple) it seems kinda random though, the start-up for this move is almost instant which means it's very fast making it really good for punishing anything from jump-ins to evasive rolls, or moves with poor recovery.

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 10x11+20+20x12+60



No Drive/No Meter

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C = 131/187 DMG

- cr. B, cr. A, hcf+P, sh. qcb+B, dp+A/C

- st. C, f+B, qcb+D

- hcf+P, sh. f+B, qcb+D

- st./cr. C, qcb+A, st. C/cr. C/dp+A

Corner only

- hcf+P, qcb+P, sh. f+B, qcb+D, dp+C

- j. C (CH), j. f+B, qcb+D

- j. C, st. C, qcb+A, dp+A (2), (SC in air) hcbx2+P, dp+C

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+AC = 242 DMG

- cr. B, cr. A, hcf+AC, sh. qcb+B,dp+C

- (Midscreen) hcf+P, j. f+B, qcb+BD, dash dp+C

- st./cr. C/D, f+B, qcb+BD, sh. f+B, qcb+D, dp+C


- st./cr. C, qcb+A, cr. C, hcf+AC, qcb+Px3, dp+C

2 Stocks

3 Stocks

4 Stocks

5 Stocks

1 Meter, 1+ Drive Gauge

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1), (SC) hcbx2+P

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1),(DC) qcb+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D

- st./cr. C/D, f+B, qcb+D, (DC)dp+AC

- st./cr. C/D, hcf+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D, (DC) dp+C


- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(3), (SC) hcbx2+P, dp+A

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1), (DC) hcf+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D, dp+A

2 Meters, 1+ Drive Gauge

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1), (SC) hcbx2+AC

- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1), (DC) qcb+AC, sh. f+B, hcbx2+P


- cr. B, cr. A, dp+A/C(1), (DC) qcb+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D, dp+A

- st./cr. C/D, hcf+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D, qcb+P, dp+C (3), (SC) hcbx2+P, dp+A

3 Meters. 1+ Drive Gauge

Corner - st./cr. C/D, hcf+AC, sh. f+B, qcb+D, qcb+P, dp+C (5), (SC) hcbx2+AC

100% Drive/No Meter

HD Combos

(1) hcf+P, (BC) sh. qcb+B, dp+A (1), (HDC) qcb+AC, f+B, qcb+D (1), (HDC) dp+C (3), (SC) hcbx2+P, dp+A (1),[(HDC) qcf+B, qcb+A, dp+C(1)]xN

(2) hcf+P, (BC) sh. qcb+B, dp+A (1), qcf+B, dp+C, (HDC) qcb+AC, f+B, qcb+D (1), (HDC) qcb+A, dp+A (1), [HDC) qcf+B, qcb+A, dp+C (1)]xN

(3) j. C, st. C, [HD] st. C, hcf+AC, f+B, qcb+D (kick only), [HDC] qcf+B, dp+A(1), [HDC] qcf+B, [qcb+A, dp+C(1), (HDC) qcf+B]xN, sh. f+B, qcb+D, hcbx2+AC

(4) cr. Bx2, [HD] st. C, f+B, qcb+D, [HDC] qcf+B, dp+A, qcf+B, qcb+A, [dp+C, (HDC) qcf+B, qcb+A]xN, hcbx2+AC

(5) j. D, st. D, [HD] st. C, f+B, qcb+D in air, [HDC] qcb+K, qcb+A, [dp+C (2), (SC) hcbx2+P]x4, hcbx2+P = 1004 DMG


- The shortcut to doing short hop Phoenix Arrow is "Reverse tiger knee+K" (d,d/b,b,ub+K/BD) in a quick swift motion

- Air qcb+D (1) listed in the combo section requires you to execute it as fast as possible, the one hit is when Athena sticks her leg out to hit the opponent at the end of strong Phoenix Arrow


Far Range

Mid Range

Close Range

Cornered Opponent


With No Meter/No Drive

With 1+ Meter/No Drive

With No Meter/50%-100% Drive

With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive

Best Team Position?

Character Matchups

Andy Bogard

  • The match up here is even as Andy and Athena both have multiple tools at their disposal for winning a match
  • Athena has a much better zoning game than Andy does. At mid-screen Athena can anticipate a high jump in and use a Psycho Ball (qcf+C) or DP+C.
  • Athena has an advantage in air-to-air combat because of her command f.B move, as well air qcb+B or D.
  • Athena can easily reflect projectiles back at Andy, even the EX version. The qcb+K barrier also works for counter-acting many normal moves as well, should Andy get too close.

Ash Crimson

  • EX Psycho Ball and Ash's EX fireball will cancel each other out if Ash's SECONDARY fire ball hits the projectile. It will still count as a three hit if the EX Psycho Ball hits only the first EX fireball from Ash's!
  • Athena's qcb+K barrier will negate many of Ash's normals
  • Athena's j.CD can beat out Ash's j.CD and his other air normal moves if used preemptively.
  • Be cautious of Genei traps as they set up juggle states. Psycho Teleport will work well here if used carefully.

Athena Asamiya [mirror match]

Benimaru Nikaido

Billy Kane

  • Billy Kane is very dangerous but he can still get hit while he is actually attacking you due to the hit box dissonance from him utilizing a few of his long range normal move and his qcf+A/C.
  • Keep your distance. Billy has some of the best normals in the game such as s.C and f+A. Carefully zone him out with Psycho Ball and use Psycho Reflector (preferably the A version to avoid recovery) to stop his normals.
  • Don't jump too much - Billy has a very good DP, another special anti-air (his qcb+A/C), and several of his normals provide him with this quality. EX Psycho Arrow is a safe move to use in mid-air against a grounded Billy Kane if he is trying to out zone you.

Chin Gentsai

Clark Still

Duo Lon

  • Suffers the same issues as Billy - hit box dissonance. It is still possible to hurt him with another normal or a special move he Duo is utilize a j.f+B or f+A.
  • Athena's j.CD can beat out Duo's j.CD if used preemptively.
  • Stay about two characters away from him and periodically utilize Psycho Reflector to the use of his normal moves.
  • Be prepared to apply the appropriate pressure with hops, normals, and Psycho Arrow (preferably the A or EX versions), to avert Duo's use of keep away and his f+B.
  • Watch out for Duo's d.C as it has anti-air properties.
  • Use Psycho Ball SPARINGLY because Duo EX teleport and all of his DM's. Duo can also hurt Athena with his f+B while she is attempting to perform Psycho Ball (this would apply to the majority of characters that have fireballs save for things like King).

Elisabeth Branctorche

Goro Daimon

Hwa Jai

Iori Yagami (Claw)

Iori Yagami (Flame)

Joe Higashi


  • This a even match up as both characters have very

Kim Kaphwan


Kula Diamond

Kyo Kusanagi (XIII)

Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS)

Leona Heidern

Mai Shiranui

  • Mai's high jump arcs will leave her exposed to Psycho Sword. Use Psycho Sword if Mai does a high jump or Psycho Reflector for a safer approach!
  • Keep your distance from Mai because her normal have much more priority than Athena's does - Psycho Throw works pretty well thanks to its invincibility frames. Periodically utilize Psycho Reflector if Mai gets too aggressive.
  • Try to keep out of the air and capitalize with Psycho Arrow when possible because Mai is also viable in mid-air. Athena's j.CD can work well against
  • Don't stand in one place for too long, because Mai can move across the screen nigh-automatically. Psycho Teleport and fundamental footsies apply very much here. Psycho Ball A has much less recovery, so if Mai decides
  • Don't let Mai corner you. Use game fundamentals, as well as




Ralf Jones

Robert Garcia

  • Athena's command throw beats out Robert's command throw as Robert does not have any sort of invincibility on his own.
  • Punish Robert's Hienshippukyaku (b charge f + D version) with C Psycho Ball or running toward him for a punish combo - Psycho Ball, Psycho Arrow, and air normals will also beat out Robert's Heinshippukyaku when Athena is above him.
  • EX Psycho Teleport away from the corner; Robert excel decently at corner pressure and hit confirming, especially on his opponents wake up.
  • Punish Robert's dive kick with Psycho Reflector - the dive kick also not a safe on guard.
  • Play keep away if Robert has more than one meter. Many of Athena's normal moves, Psycho Ball, and Psycho Sword (her DP) can beat out Robert's Ranbu special before he actually starts towards after the super freeze.

Ryo Sakazaki


Shen Woo

Sie Kensou

Takuma Sakazaki

Mr. Karate

Terry Bogard


Yuri Sakazaki


Athena Master Class

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Tikok [1]

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