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  • cl. A is chain-able to all A and B ground normals, plus on block
  • cl. B hits low, chain-able to all A and B ground normals, if done as a meaty, can link into cl.C
  • cl. C is a 2 hit normal, hits above her head. 1st hit is cancel-able into specials, supers, command normals. 2nd hit is cancel-able into specials and supers. Can also link into f.A or f.B. Good combo starter
  • cl. D is an axe kick, hitbox starts above head, good for stopping jumps when used as a frame trap. 1st hit can cancel into BC mode or AAfBC super. 2nd hit is special, super, command normal cancel-able


  • St. A is quick jab, good vs short hop pressure
  • St. B is a great poking normal, maybe her best one. Can cancel into specials, supers, command normals but doesn’t combo into anything though.
  • St. C is a spinning back fist. Good range but very slow. 1st or 2nd hit can cancel into specials, supers, commaad normals
  • St. D is a pretty slow Sobat kick that has lower body invincibility. It's possible to combo into AAfBC if opponent is in corner


  • Crouch A can cancel into special, supers and command normals
  • Crouch B is fast, low, chains into itself. One of her best normals. Chain-able into all grounded A or B normals
  • Crouch C is a fast shoulder tackle that has great range, is good combo starter and lowers her crouching hurtbox. It can combo into command normals, specials and supers
  • Crouch D is a standard sweep, hits low and can whiff cancel into AAfBC super and is good for low profiling people hopping towards you


  • Jump A is a quick punch, hits pretty low (not as low as j.d)
  • Jump B is a jumping knee that hits in-front of her
  • Jump C is a great jump-in starter. Best air normal.
  • Neutral Jump C/D is a good air-to-air (nj.c hits higher and has a way better hitbox)
  • Jump D is good for jump-ins, only real cross up option.


Victory Nage - b/f + C (close)

  • Mary slams the opponent to the ground, then elbows them in the midscreen. The opponent lands a half screen distance away from Mary.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can be teched

Head Throw - b/f + D (close)

  • Mary throws the opponent towards the corner of the screen
  • Soft knockdown
  • Can be teched

Command Moves

Hammer Punch - (b/f + A)

  • Overhead if done raw
  • Great combo filler (if done after cl.C, cr.C, cl.D)
  • Can combo into specials or supers.
  • Has lower body invincbility before it hits

Double Rolling - (b/f + B)

  • great combo filler (distance dependent)
  • Special, super cancel-able.

Special Moves

Spin Fall - qcf + A/C

  • Mary front flips towards the opponent, hitting them with her heel. Can be used to evade some low height projectiles.

M. Spider - (qcf + A/C)

  • If the Spin Fall hits, this follow-up will make Mary command grab the opponent for a hard knockdown

Straight Slicer - Charge (b~f + B/D)

  • Mary baseball slides towards the opponent. Can evade high height projectiles. Comes out fast and is active for a while. The light kick (B) travels half screen distance, while the heavy kick (D) travels 3/4ths screen distance. Both version can combo from her command normals b/f+A or b/f+B. Punishable if the opponent blocks the slide up-close.

Crab Clutch - qcf + B/D

* Mary grabs and snaps the opponent's leg
* Hard knockdown

Stun Fang - qcf + A/C. /

* Mary shocks the opponent. The opponent lands a half screen distance away.
* Hard knockdown
Spin Heel Attack - u + D
  • Mary performs the Spin Fall attack on the fallen opponent
  • Soft knockdown

Vertical Arrow - (dp + B/D)

  • Mary rises up off the ground with a kick. Can be used as an anti-air and a reversal. The light kick version has a shorter height than the heavy kick version. Punishable if whiffed or blocked.

M. Snatcher - (dp + B/D)

* This follow-up makes Mary perform a head scissors leg throw and causes them to land a half-screen distance away.
* Hard and back-turned knockdown

M. Reverse Facelock - (qcb + B)

  • Counters jumping attacks only
  • Hard and back-turned knockdown

M. Head Buster - (qcb + D)

  • Counters only attacks that aim at Mary's mid-section, either highs or lows

Real Counter - (qcb + A/C)

  • Mary is completely invincible during this stance. But she does have a recovery period when the invincibility is over.

Real Backdrop - (qcf + A/C) close

  • This is the command throw follow up during the counter stance. You can use the Real Counter as an anti-air, reversal or as a counter move, then use this command throw to punish the opponent.

Desperation Moves

M. Dynamite Swing - (A, A, f + B, C)

  • Can be used as an anti-air or reversal because of its fast start-up and invincibility. You can hide the inputs during the recovery of many of her normals and special moves.

M. Splash Rose - (qcf hcb + A/C)

  • This is a ranbu Desperation Move that can be combo after her command normals and heavy attack normals. It does have a small amount of invincibility when it starts.

M. Typhoon - (hcb x 2 + B/D) close

  • This is a 1-frame command throw that can combo from her command normals and heavy attack normals.

Super Desperation Moves

M. Dynamite Swing - (A, A, b + B, C)

  • A much damaging version of her regular DM, M. Dynamite Swing

Hidden Super Desperation Move

M. Infinity Rose - Charge (b~f, b, f + BD)

  • Mary uses her Straight Slicer slide to perform multiple submission holds to finish into her M. Splash Rose DM into her M. Snatcher.
  • Can combo easily from her heavy cancel-able and command normals
  • Has a small amount of invincibility before she slides towards the opponent


  • j.D, cl.C, b/f+B, b~f+K
  • j.D, cl.C, b/f+A, qcb+P~qcf+P
  • cr.B, cr.A, A~A~f+B~C
  • j.D, cl.C, b/f+B, qcf hcb+P
  • j.D, cl.C, b/f+A, hcbx2+K
  • j.D, s.C, b/f+A, dp+K, dp+K
  • j.D, s.C, b/f+A, qcb+P~hcf+P
  • j.D, s.C, b+A, bcf+K, qcf+K
  • j.D, s.C, b+A, bcf+K, qcf+P, u+D

Max Mode

  • [BC] b/f+A, DM/SDM/HSDM
  • j.D, cl.C, b/f+A, (BC run) cl.C, b/f+B, b~f+K~qcf+P, (DC) dp+K, (SC) A~A~b+B~C
  • (Corner) j.C/D, cr.C, b/f+A, (BC run) cr.C, b/f+A, b~f+K~qcf+P, (DC) dp+K, qcf hcb+C
  • j.D, s.C, b+A, bcf+D, qcf+A, dp+K[1hit], qcf~hcb+P

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