Iori Yagami (NGBC)

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Desperation Moves

Maiden Masher: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • Iori quick dashes towards the opponent and does a series of strikes to the opponent, and follows it with an explosive one hand takedown.

Eight Wine Cups: qcb, hcf + A/C

  • Iori throws out a super projectile that rides the ground, while shooting bursts upward. If it connects, the opponent is stunned for a few seconds, allowing a combo attempt. This move can be charged, thus adding a bit of a mind game to this move.

Chi no Bousou: qcf, hcb + B/D

  • Iori does a flips forward with hand in the air moving in an arc towards the ground. If the move connects, Iori grabs the opponent and does a series of slices each time the screen flashes from black to red, doing damage to the opponent. This move has some uses, but it can't be used in a combo. It has mixup and setup potential.

A/D Assault

Final Showdown: qcf x2 + CE (When partner is Kyo and within 10 counts after Chi no Bousou [qcb, hcf + A/C])

  • Iori does an spinning jump towards the opponent, while swinging his hand from the air towards the opponent's head. He grabs the opponent, raising him and releasing Orochi energy. Kyo jumps in and does a super charged punch for the finish.

General Strategy

  • Iori is by play style a pure rushdown character, but he isn’t without a few tricks up his sleeve. Crouching B is one of the fastest pokes in the game, and can link to crouching A into qcb + A x3. While forcing the opponent to fear that rushdown, know that there is an option to use hcb, f + A/C and combo accordingly. Close standing B can assist in mixups because it hits low, and can easily guarantee a pretty good combo. Crouching A has a few uses, but for the most part, the main goal it has is linking to qcb + A/C x3. If at any point in the rushdown there is an unsafe move used, qcf + A/C can help avoid taking any punishment. Sometimes while using this tactic, qcb, hcf + A/C can be used to stop some jump attempts, or even a few GCFS attempts. Standing D isn’t as great as it is in CvS2, but it can help assist in breaking the guard and zoning. If zoning is the strategy of choice, please keep in mind that mid range is the best distance Iori should be in, so that the rushdown can be applied immediately, and maybe even catch the opponent off guard if done spontaneously. The zoning tactic should not be used in a stand-still manner. It should have some pushing effect, so that the opponent eventually hits the corner without realizing it, and then the pressure can truly begin. Iori isn’t like Geese, however. He can apply pressure at any part of the stage, and at any time of the match, with or without meter.
  • Iori has a few good anti-air moves, although if anyone’s fighting Iori, they should realize that jumping is not the best option unless its from a pretty far distance. He has several options: dp + A/C, crouching C, close standing D, and j.D (which should be used when jumping up or up-backwards for an anti-air). Crouching C seems weaker in this game, but can still be used as an anti-air at times. Remember that dp + A/C has priority, especially the A version. On wake-up, it can stop quite a few moves and some grab attempts; just don’t try to use it on every wake-up because baiting could occur, and that could mean gg, especially for characters like Kim, Hotaru, and Mr. Big…
  • When Iori decides to take to the air, j. C, j. D, and j. b + B are the best things he can do. J. b + B allows for easier cross ups, and easier combos, since it can be done really deep. J. C has some priority, too, with the exception of a few moves from higher tier characters.
  • Block strings to use are:
    • cr. B, cr. A, qcf + C
    • cl. C, f + B
    • cr. C, f + A, qcf + C


  • cr. C, qcb + A x3, qcf + A
  • cl. B, f + A~A, qcb + C x3
  • cr. B, cr. A, dp + C, qcf, hcb + C

(more to be updated)