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Normal Moves


  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able
  • cl.A/B are chain-able
  • Close C has poor reach so it must be used close
  • Close D is only cancel-able on the second hit
  • However Henshin (ABC) does combo into Close D on the first hit


  • Far A/B are whiff/cancel-able
  • Far D is fast and goes high, anti-air poke


  • cr.A/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A/B are chain-able
  • Crouch C extends very high into the air, anti-air poke
  • Crouch D sweeps the opponent


  • Jump C/D cross up
  • Jump D is a meaty jump-in
  • Jump A/B is an instant overhead

Blowback Attack

  • CD comes out slow but goes a good distance, whiff/cancel-able
  • Jump CD is a good air-to-air if used early


Crow's Wing - (b/f+C)

  • May Lee grabs the opponent then kicks off their face, suprisingly it has a hard knockdown.
  • Can be broken
  • Hard Knockdown

Swan Circle - (b/f+D)

  • May Lee grabs the opponent then climbs over their shoulders to kick them in the back of their head.
  • Can be broken.
  • Reverse Knockdown

Command Moves

Henshin - (ABC)

  • May Lee switches poses (Hero Pose) causing her idle animation and entire playstyle to switch up in the process, this command is not only unique to May Lee but it is also detrimental to playing an effective May Lee in general, changing to this pose allows the player access to different normals, command normals, special attacks, super canceling options, and even her HSDM. There are a variety of ways to get May Lee to change to "Hero Mode", one way to do is to just input ABC then she'll react accordingly. Another more effecient way is to combo into as the options are limitless. Press ABC after a normal or even during it's whiff animation will make her immediately transform regardless if the normal isn't cancel-able or not. This encompasses her stand CD and even most of her rekkas can be used to combo into it as well, as mentioned before this is move is needed to play her effectively but that will be explained later on as you learn and master her moves. Pressing ABC while in "Hero Mode" will make her revert her back to standard mode, getting hit will also make her revert back to normal so beware, also attacks marked "Henshin OK" in the description are moves than can be used to immediately switch to "Hero Mode" so keep that in mind.
  • Switches to "Hero Mode"
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch Normals, CD, and Tatsuo Kyaku/rekkas

Special Moves


  • Henshin OK = Can be used to combo directly into her "Hero Mode"

Waga Utan Kasane - (hcb+B/D)

  • May Lee lifts her right leg up and bends toward her left, if she attacked (mid) she parry the attack then automatically cr.C then follow-up with two kicks knocking the oppponent into the air and into a juggled state, the follow-ups are very restricted because the recovery is too long and transforming into Hero Mode normally after the two hits would be a waste, however after the second you can transformbut you have to time it right. Follow-up attacks can also be used to reset the opponents body which is when you can take the time to use that to switch in to Hero Mode then use a normal that is fast enough to hit them as soon as they touch the ground if not before that. Afterward the comboing oppurtunities should open up, comboing into it is unsafe but if you want to use it use the rekka variant instead. And like most counters she is still vulnerable to projetiles, throws, and even low hitting attacks so stay wary.
  • Counter Stance
  • Juggles Opponent
  • Vulnerable to: Throws, Projectiles, Low hiting attacks

Tatsuo Kyaku - (qcf+B/D)

  • May Lee does a two kicks, one hits mid while the other hits high, this is (standard) May Lee's main and perhaps only attack plan, this move is also the start of a multi-part rekka chain that can lead to low/mid/high hitting attacks to super canceling options, and even Henshin set-ups. It is important that you learn the in's and out's of the branches of the rekka chains because it will help you link really strong combos together with ease and make you a better May Lee player overall. Combos into to everything listed below after this point in the special attack section.
  • Henshin OK
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch Normals
  • Combos into: Everything listed below

Kazeguruma Kyaku - (B/D)

  • After May Lee does the first two hits she will then swing her left leg forward to hit the opponent in the face, the first and one of best rekka follow-ups, although it isn't smart to stop on this rekka during a combo because of the poor recovery. It's great for super canceling into her Gauze Tail Tinkerbell DM (qcbx2+B/D) whenever you have the extra stocks on hand but it has to be buffered and done on hit otherwise you'll get her second kick rekka instead of the DM.
  • Henshin OK
  • Super Cancel-able
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+B/D)
  • Combos into: Everything listed below

>┗Kokoro Totsu Kyaku - (B/D)

  • After May Lee does the first three kicks she will then step forward to do a thrust kick with her left leg aimed at the mid section knocking them away on contact, her last neutral kick rekka turns out to be not all that great compared to the former. The main issue is that the kick just takes too long to come out and because of that the opponent will always have a chance to safely guard it after the Kazeguruma Kyaku. They will also have enough time to counter attack in retaliation so there's no real point in using it normally. The only efficient way to use this move is to use it as feint to quickly cancel it into "Hero Mode" otherwise it's too unsafe and your bound to get hurt using it frivolously.
  • Henshin OK
  • Combos from: Kazeguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)

Torao Kyaku - (d+B/D)

  • Continuing after the first two or three kicks, May Lee will then use her left leg to kick the opponent in the shens, another good rekka follow-up with many uses. The main focus for this rekka chain is to break the opponents defense while they are being attacked, it's a quick change-up move to attack the opponent low while they're too busy blocking high to throw them off their game, the kick also puts them in a juggled state which is great because it gives you options for canceling the kick on hit into "Hero Mode" and follow-up with a reset combo.
  • Henshin OK
  • Hits Low
  • Juggles Opponent
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+K), and Kazaguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)

Toukotsu Kyaku - (df+B/D)

  • Continuing after the first two or three kicks, May Lee will then swing her left leg down to hit the opponent in their mid-section, yet another break their defense rekka chain. Much like the former (Torao Kyaku) this chain is used to break their defense while they're too busy guarding attacks, the special options with this move is that it's an overhead attack on crouch opponents so if they block low thinking a Torao Kyaku is coming they will be SOL. Just like before this move can be used to transform into "Hero Mode" but the timing is strict because of the pushback after the Toukotsu Kyaku.
  • Henshin OK
  • Overhead Attack
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+K), and Kazaguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)

Sousei Kyaku - (u+B/D)

  • Continuing after the first two or three kicks, May Lee will lift both of her legs in succession to hit the opponent in the face twice, a very meh rekka chain with some very limited uses. It suffers from the same issues as her Kokoro Totsu Kyaku rekka chain (qcf+K, K, K), it's just too slow. Not only that but it's also very unsafe on guard which can set-up you to eat a nasty counter attack like a dp or a projectile DM. As far as it goes for comboing this move should be limited to transforming into "Hero Mode" and reset combos. But despite being unsafe on guard if you transform on the second hit it will push May Lee back about half-screen to prevent taking damage from the forth coming counter-attack and possibly following up with a punish of your own. It can be used a make-shift anti-air but most of the time it just isn't worth it.
  • Henshin OK
  • Anti-Air Poke
  • Juggles Opponent
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+K), and Kazaguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)

Waga Utan Kasane - (b+B/D)

  • May Lee lifts her right leg up and bends toward her left, it's the same as before except done during her rekkas, this is more of a quick feint to lure your opponent into getting countered as soon as they try to counter attack and destroy whatever other rekkas you may would have thrown out, it simply punishes the opponent for trying to finish for counter attacks.
  • Counter Stance
  • Sweeps/Juggles Opponent
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+K), and Kazaguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)

Taiyou Kyaku - (uf+B/D)

  • Following after the first couple hits (two or three), May Lee will jump into the air and do a kick that mimics her jump D. An okay rekka chain but with limited options, it's more of a chain of it's own compared to the proceeding one's. This is May Lee's airborne rekka attack which can be used as a anti-air alone but that's not really prefered. In terms of combos it's just another vanilla rekka chain in her offensive arsenal, take note if you use this chain while the opponent is crouching she will jump over them instead of hitting them.
  • Airborne Attack
  • Combos from: Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+K), and Kazaguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K)
  • Combos into: Rakuyou Kyaku (qcf+K/K, uf+K, d+K)

>┗Rakuyou Kyaku - (d+B/D)

  • Following after the first couple hits (two or three), and after her Taiyou Kyaku (qcf+K/K, uf+K) May Lee will then do a frontflip in the air thrusting her legs downward to sending the opponent flying toward the ground. This May Lee's last rekka chain and it ends up being a finisher to boot. This is rekka is used to finish up the Taiyou Kyaku branch, Rakuyou Kyaku is both and overhead (airborne attack) and does a hard knockdown to opponents as well. When facing a crouching opponent you can use this ender to whiff cancel the Taiyou Kyaku (because it will miss) and immediately go for the overhead/hard knockdown just to make you'll actually hit so you won't be left wide open.
  • Airborne Attack
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Combos from: Taiyou Kyaku (qcf+K/K, uf+K, uf+K)

Desperation Move

Gauze Tail Tinkerbell - (qcbx2+B/D)

  • May Lee flips forward and puts her left leg on the opponents head then with much speed twirls clock-wise swinging her left leg around to knock the opponent away and bounce off the opposite wall, a great DM that has tons of options. Upon activation she flips forward and if she makes contact she'll do the rest of the DM, the beginning is kinda like a grab so don't expect it hitting any opponents already in the air, it's also an overhead meaning it has to be blocked whilst standing. It can be combo'd into from strong normals or if you have the stocks, super canceled from her Kazeguruma Kyaku rekka chain (qcf+K, K). Another cool thing is if you use it normally without any folow-up the recovery is rather poor, however as soon the second hit is delivered you can cancel it into "Hero Mode" for a much quicker recovery and to possibly follow-up with a normal/special attack ,etc.
  • Henshin OK
  • Auto Counter-Wire
  • Puts opponent into a Juggled State
  • Overhead Attack
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch C/D, and (SC) Kazeguruma Kyaku rekka chain (qcf+K, K)

Super Desperation Move

Disposition Frog - (qcfx2+BD)

  • May Lee does a kick that mimics her crouch C, after that she hops into the air and does another kick then her Rakuyou Kyaku to send them flying toward the ground, then she quickly flies toward them in Hero Mode hitting the opponent with her crouch C, after that she then jumps into the air forming energy within her palms then proceeds to destroy the opponent by throwing a flurry of energy spheres into their back FIFTY times, after that she then poses for second then a gigantic explosion occurs making the opponent veer off in the other direction, during that May Lee spins around then stops in "Hero Mode" as soon as the opponent hits the ground. To be honest despite it's flashy "Disoposition" heh... it's not really worth using because not only is it hard to set-up, the overall damage it does could be better to justify the amount of meter you spend to do it. With that said it does have some pretty unique ways to link together, the easiest way to set it up would be super canceling it from Kazeguruma Kyaku (qcf+K, K) but it's still pretty costly. Another way to do takes timing but it looks pretty cool is pulled off successfully, it requires you to use Gauze Tail Tinkerbell (qcbx2+B/D) mid-screen with the opponents back to the corner. After the DM they'll bouce off the wall, during that time you have to transform in and out of "Hero Mode" (one to quicken the recovery, the other to revert back to normal) then input the qcfx2+BD and hit them while they're still in a juggled state and on their way down from the counter-wire. The most cost effective way to use this SDM is in Max mode [example: st.D (1), (BC) st.D (2), qcf+K~K, (SC) qcfx2+BD] otherwise I would probably save the meter for other things. This SDM can be used as an anti-air but the timing is all to strict and the kick is to vertical so the odds of you catching someone with it is slim to none.
  • Auto Henshin

Hero Mode

May Lee Hero.png

  • Transforming into "Hero Mode" gives May Lee access to the rest of her move set, with this transformation comes variety of changes both good and bad. On the good side May Lee's normals are much faster, she has more priority, a lot more combo options, her CD is now an unblockable attack, and while she can't use her rekkas she has new variety of moves at her disposal that can be used in many unique ways ranging from overheads to super canceling options, etc. On the bad side she is very difficult to use effectively as she can no longer block except when she uses her Hero Uke (f+A) command normal and even then her guard meter will still go down and if you are hit she will revert back to normal. To play this mode efficiently you must learn the differences, Does this work with this?, Does this combo into this?, Is this a good move to use after this?, Does this work as a better combo ender than that? Always keep thinking and remember if you fall behind there's always time for practice mode.

Normal Moves


  • cl.A/B/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Close A does two hits, both hits are cancel-able
  • Close C is very fast and makes her move almost have screen
  • Close D is short on range but still a good normal to use when up close
  • "Hero Mode" Note: Her Close and Far Normals are the same


  • cr.A/B/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A/B are chain-able
  • Crouch C is a launcher attack, anti-air poke
  • Crouch D sweeps the opponent


  • j.C/D are Super Cancel-able
  • Jump A/B/C/D cross up
  • Jump D is a meaty jump-in but has to be used late
  • Jump A/D is an instant overhead

Blowback Attack

  • CD has a long start-up but it's unblockable
  • "Hero Mode" Note: She does not have a JCD in Hero Mode, if you press CD in the air she'll just do her jump C

Command Moves

Henshin - (ABC)

  • Pressing ABC while in "Hero Mode" will make her revert her back to standard mode, getting hit will also make her revert back to normal so stay aware, there aren't many circumstance where you would want to switch back to standard mode unless you play the former better, if you play standard better play standard.
  • Switches back to "Standard Mode"
  • Combos from: Stand/Crouch Normals, CD

Hero Uke - (f+A)

Sliding - (df+B)

Special Moves

Full Swing Chop - (qcf+A/C)

May Lee Chop - (qcb+A/C)

Shining Thunder Blow - (qcf+B/D)

May Lee Break - (hcb, f+A/C)

Desperation Move

May Lee Dynamite! - (qcfx2+B/D) in air

Super Desperation Move

May Lee End - (qcfx2+AC)

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Key of Victory - (hcbx2+AC)


  • cl.D, qcf+K~K~df+K, [ABC] st.D, qcf+A
  • cl.D, qcf+K~K~df+K, [ABC] st.D, qcb+A, (SC) qcfx2+P in air
  • cl.D, qcf+K~K~df+K, [ABC] st.D, (BC) st.C, qcfx2+AC
  • (Corner) cl.D (1), [ABC] cr.C, (BC) cr.C, qcf+C, [ABC] qcf+K, qcfx2+BD
  • (Counter) hcb+K, [ABC/revert, run] qcf+K (1), [ABC] qcf+B
  • (Counter) hcb+K, [ABC], qcfx2+P in air
  • (Counter) [ABC] qcb+C, (SC) qcfx2+P in air


Frame Specifics

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl.A - 4F (+2F)

cl.B - 4F (-1F)

cl.C - 7F (-8F)

cl.D - 6F (-5F)[2] Guard]

Far Normals

st.A - 5F (+4F)

st.B - 8F (-5F)

st.C - 11F (-5F)


  • [1]…9F(-3F)
  • [Lower] - 17F (+5F)

CD - 22F (-10F)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 4F (+3F)

cr.B - 5F (+2F)

cr.C - 6F (-9F)

cr. D - 9F (-3F)

Special Attacks

Tatsuo Kyaku (qcf+B/D) - 13F (-1F) [2]Guard]

Kazeguruma Kyaku (qcf+B/D, B/D) - 16F (-18F)

Torao Kyaku - (qcf+B/D, d+B/D) - 20F (-15F)

Toukotsu Kyaku (qcf+B/D, df+B/D) - 18F (-9F)

Rakuyou Kyaku - (qcf+B/D, uf+B/D, d+B/D) - (-1F~+6F)

Kokoro Totsu Kyaku (qcf+B/D, B/D, B/D) - 22F (-11F)

Sousei Kyaku - (qcf+B/D, u+B/D)

  • [1] - 20F (-20F)
  • [2] - 33F (-7F)

Strong Normal>Henshin - (+4F)

DM's Gauze Tail Tinkerbell (qcbx2+B/D) - 15F (-2F)

SDM's Disposition Frog (qcfx2+BD) - 8F (-10F)

(Hero Mode)

Stand/Far Normals


  • [1] - 4F (-13F)
  • [2] - 11F (-6F)

st.B - 3F (-4F)

st.C - 10F (-16F)

st.D - 7F (-10F)

CD - 34F (No Guard)

Crouch Normals

cr.A - 4F (+2F)

cr.B - 3F (+2F)

cr.C - 7F (-5F)

cr.D - 11F (+0F)

Command Normals

Sliding (df+B) - 14F (-7F~-4F)

Special Attacks

May Lee Chop (qcb+A) - 16F (-17F)

May Lee Chop (qcb+C) - 30F (+7F)

Full Swing Chop (qcf+A) - 12F (-7F) [2[Guard]

Full Swing Chop (qcf+C) - 27F (-12F) [2[Guard]

Shining Thunder Blow (qcf+B) - 15F (-12F~-3F)

Shining Thunder Blow (qcf+D) - 20F (-22F~-12F)

Strong Normal>Henshin - (+4F)


May Lee Dynamite! (qcfx2+B/D) in air - ?F (-21F)


May Lee End (qcfx2+AC) - ?F (-11F)


Key of Victory (hcbx2+AC) - ?F (-18F)