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Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

Who is Raiden you say? Well he's a top tier character and can do virtually everything your favorite character can do but better. He's the guy that complements your team and pulls you a win despite it having two bottom tier characters on the frontline. He's the powerhouse that runs through a whole team of mid-high tiers without breaking a sweat. He's that character that annoys your opponents to no end as soon as the announcer says "GO!". I'll skip all the move descriptions and put it plain & simple: If you're looking for a character that can win and look good doing it then look no further.


- Insane priority

- Good defensive game

- Great pokes

- Great for any team position, battery/middleman/anchor

- Can zone well

- Extremely powerful combos that require very little drive/meter

- Good juggle potential

- He can quickly carry the opponent to the corner


- To get the most out of him he requires patience and timing, after you get that down you're good to go.

- May have trouble against very offensive rushdown characters.



st. A: 30 damage, cancellable/chainable, hits mid. A simple slap move. It starts up very fast, has good priority, great recovery, and surprisingly good range as well. This will be the normal you use the most because it has so many uses, preferably as an anti-air to set-up reset combos for his 3/4 dropkicks. It chains into other lights so feel free to do so whenever the opportunity comes up. Same rules apply to both the close and far version.

st. B: 35 damage, hits mid. A kick aimed at the gut area. It starts up a bit slower than his stand A and it isn't chain-able in any shape or form making it a less useful normal compared to the rest of his arsenal; however, it can possibly be used as a good poke if timed correctly.The close and far versions are the same so the same rules apply.

st. C: 80 damage, hits mid. Strong punch aimed at the mid-section. It starts up at a good speed making it a good poke when timed well. Sadly, it's only a poke because it isn't cancellable. Level 3 or 4 dropkick can be used after this move, moreso in the corner to keep the pressure on your opponent.

st. D: 70 damage, hits high. A regular high mid. It starts up quickly and has great range, but doesn't have much use in combos but most people end up using it in block strings.

cl. C: 40 + 45 damage, cancellable, hits mid. Headbutt attack with short range. It has fast start up and is cancellable on the first hit so it makes up for its mediocre range to a degree. It combos into just about anything with a fast start-up.

cl. D: 45 + 50 damage, hits overhead. High kick which does two hits. It has good range but it isn't cancellable and the recovery is mediocre so you probably won't be using it much compared to the rest of his normals.


cr. A: 30 damage, cancellable/chainable, hits mid. Crouching slap. Same move as is stand A except crouching. While it doesn't have the luxury of being an anti-air, it can be used to chain together lights into devastating combos. It has good range and recovery.

cr. B: 35 damage, chainable, hits low. Crouching low kick with fast start up and great range. It combos into other lights easily. This normal will help you start at a lot of combos when you're up close so use it well.

cr. C: 70 damage, cancellable, hits mid. Punch aimed at the gut. It has good range, okay recovery and can be canceled but you'll probably whiff the canceled move unless it's something with a lot of range and fast start-up.

cr. D: 80 damage, whiff/cancellable, hits low. Low kick swhich trips the opponent when it makes contact. It is whiff cancel-able before it hits, doesn't have much combo use unless you stick to whiff canceling it and it hits low.


j. A: 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. Jumping slap. A good air-to-air move.

j. B: 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. Jumping light kick. It has fast start up but doesn't have enough priority to combo into much of anything. It's simply a good poke to use from time to time.

j. C: 72 damage, hits overhead. Jumping double handed slap with good priority and decent range. It's a nice air-to-air attack. Its start up has good speed, but is not the preferred jump-in attack but is still good.

j. D: 70 (68) damage, hits overhead. Raiden does a bellyflop! This is the preferred jump-in of choice because it does a lot of stun, has good priority and range because of Raiden's big hitbox. It crosses up as well as long as aimed for the opponents head on the way down.

Blowback Attack

CD: 75 damage, whiff/cancellable, hits mid. Raiden does a short range dropkick. It has decent start up speed but the range is a little short to the rest of his moves. Use at mid range or stick to whiff canceling it to throw your opponent off their game.

j. CD: 90 (80) damage, hits mid. The exact same rules apply from his stand CD except you can't whiff cancel it.

GCCD: 10 damage, hits mid. The best, most useful Guard Cancel blowback in the whole game.


Neck Hanging = (b/f+C/D) - Raiden lifts the opponent into the air and chokes them for about a second and a half. It does a little bit more damage than most neutral throws in game.

- Can be broken

- Hit Detection: Close

- Damage: 15x6+35

Special Attacks

Poison Mist = (qcb+P) - Raiden quickly breaths in and then spits out a green gaseous cloud hitting the opponent in the face. The A version does not knock down. It also comes out and goes away fairly at a rather fast speed, and recovers pretty quickly so keep your guard when the move is done. Combos from strong normals but best used after EX tackle in the corner. The C version has a slightly slower start-up but it, of course, stays out longer and knocks the opponent down on contact. If you do use it from a strong normal you may land a counter hit because your opponent might try to retaliate and hit you thinking you'll recover at a slower speed. Overall this version of the move will end up being your zoning tool of choice, preferably used to keep the opponent at bay when you're charging dropkicks to mow them over with later on. It doesn't combo from much of anything but it's a zoning tool.

(EX) = qcb+AC - The green cloud stays out a bit long, faster start-up, does two hits instead of one, upon the second hit it makes the opponent slowly fall to the ground leaving them open to get hit again. The follow-up attack needs to be something fast so it's suggested that you use a crouch normal or something with a very fast start-up otherwise the move you use will whiff.

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 60/80/120

- Combos from: the weak version combos from Strong normals and the EX tackle in corner, same thing with the EX poison mist.

- Combos into: the EX poison mist can be use to combo into anything with a fast start-up, e.g. EX tackle, EX Super Raiden Drop DM

Raiden Bomb = (dp+P) close in air - Raiden jumps into the air and if the opponent is in the air as well, along with being in the same trajectory as him, he performs a jumping Super Power Bomb slamming them onto the ground. It's an anti-air grab but it also can be comboed into if they're in a juggled state. Both the weak and strong versions have a normal start-up speed and they both do the same amount of damage. If you use this move while your opponent is going for a jump-in, it will trade but neither you nor the opponent will take damage so it doesn't really matter; however, this was changed in the version 1.1 arcade update. Raiden will now take damage when this move trades with the opponents jump attack.

(EX) = dp+AC - Very fast start-up and Raiden is also completely invincible during the whole move. It combos into EX tackle in the corner. This move will more than likely eat away the rest of your opponents health after the dropkick reset + EX tackle corner combos to them.

- Hit Detection: Close/High

- Damage: 15+120/70+120

- Combos from: if drive cancelled weak/strong tackle works, EX tackle in coner.

Head Crusher = (hcf+K) close - Raiden grabs his opponent, turns around, then does what looks like a Crucifix Falling Powerbomb. It had command grab properties and combos from the strong normals. Do not use outside of combos as it has a whiff animation and while it doesn't last too long it still lasts long enough to be punished. Both versions work the same way so don't worry about pressing the wrong button.

(EX) = hcf+BD - Faster start-up, more damage, and has more grab range than the normal version, giving it more combo-related opportunities.

- Hit Detection: Close

- Damage: 150/200

- Combos from: The weak/strong version combos from strong (and possibly lights if you have fast fingers) normals since it's a normal command grab, however the EX version can combo from lights easily because of the extended range and shorter start-up period.

Giant Bomb = (db~f+P) - Raiden crouches like a quarterback then yells "Ready!? GO!!!" as he proceeds to do a shoulder tackle knocking the opponent onto the ground. The charge time is about half a second. The weak version make him hit the opponent with his left shoulder and has a pretty short start-up period, makes Raiden travel halfway across the screen and is also quite safe. The strong version makes him tackle with his right shoulder, has a slightly longer start-up animation but it makes him travel farther across the screen, does pretty good chip damage on block and is less safe. It must also be noted that the strong verison has a good chunk of auto-guard at start-up making it somewhat safe and all the more convenient if you use it along with his feint. The weak version combos from strong normals but you'll have to think up your own set-ups for the strong version. Drive/super cancel-able as soon as it makes contact with the opponent.

(EX) = db~f+AC - Significantly faster start-up, the auto-guard is removed and makes him travel a little bit farther compared to the weak and strong versions. It does two hits instead of one. On the second hit, it launches the opponent into the air whether they were in a juggled state or not. As soon the opponent is hit, they're put in a juggled state. This move can and will be the move you use to quickly carry your opponent to the corner. In the corner, this move is godly, comboes into weak Poison Mist twice, Raiden Bomb/EX, Super Dropkick. If you wait until their body falls to the mid part of the stage, and his Neomax "Raiden Bomber" if you time it correctly, and ,if you use the EX tackle again, it will launch the opponent back into the air to get hit from whatever you want yet again. Never underestimate this move as it may help you turn the tables on your opponent when the match isn't in your favor.It is drive/super cancel-able on the second hit.

- Drive/Super Cancellable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 70/100/70+100

- Combos into: The weak/strong versions drive cancel into Raiden Bomb. The EX version combos into just about anything that doesn't require you to grab the opponent while they're standing still. The weak/strong version require more timing because of their start-up so you might want to stick to drive/super canceling them.

- Combos from: Weak/strong versions combo from moves with a lot of hit-stun. The EX versions combos from about anything that juggles the opponent, including itself.

Giant Bomb Feint = (db~f+P, AB) - Raiden crouches like a quarterback then yells "Ready!?" but if you press AB afterward it makes him stop and then go back to his neutral fighting stance. It's very useful for faking people out, but this move will probably get most of it's use when you accidentally put in the input for strong tackle instead of weak, which is okay because this move may save your butt.

Super Dropkick = [B]/[D] - Raiden does a dropkick. Tthis move can make or break any match, whether you're winning or losing this move can seal the deal, but that depends on which version of the move you're going to use, how many dropkick kicks your charging at the same time (1 or 2), and how long you charged the move thus far. Now mix this into the equation as well, when you are charging dropkicks you lose the use of that button for X amount time., This literally forces Raiden to switch-up play styles for that said time. When you charge the B Super Dropkick you temporarily lose the use of st./cr./j.B, evasive rolls/safe rolls/GCAB and the ability to activate Hyperdive (BC) mode which is a real hindrance for the time being especially when going for the level 4 dropkick; however, when you charge the D Super Dropkick the handicap isn't as bad as you only lose the ability to st./cr./j.D and CD's, and, if the Raiden player chooses to do so, he can sacrifice his D Dropkick charge for a GCCD and still connect his B Dropkick afterward but this requires some strict timing.

Level 1 = [B]/[D] + 8 seconds - The charge time is 8 seconds. This level of the move comes out at a slow almost turtle-like speed, knocks the opponent down point blank. This level of the move has little-to-no use whatsoever and it has pathetic recovery along with loads of frame disadvantage on block. It doesn't really have any combo chances. In short, try your best not to use it.

- Damage: 100

Level 2 = [B]/[D] + 16 seconds - The charge time is 16 seconds, knocks the opponent down on contact and this level of the move is tad bit more safe as it has less frame disadvantage on block. It still doesn't really have any combo opportunities so I'd suggest you wait the extra for 8 seconds to take it to the next level.

- Damage: 150

Level 3 = [B]/[D] + 24 seconds - The charge time is 24 seconds. This level of the move is pretty fast and has some invincibility within some of the start-up frames, does a good amount of guard crush damage and, when it hits the opponent, they are put into a juggled state which means they can get yet hit again. This move has its uses but only use it if you think it'll finish the opponent off for good; otherwise, I would suggest you to wait yet another 8 seconds and go for the level 4.

- Damage: 150

Level 4 = [B]/[D] + 32 seconds - The charge time is 32 seconds. This level of the move hits like a truck because it's very fast (around 4 frame start-up), very safe, when it hits it takes away 1/4 of the opponents meter, on block it takes away around 70% of the opponents guard crush, and he's completely invincible through out the entire move. It puts the opponent into a juggle state as soon as they get hit, combos from just about any that doesn't knock the opponent directly onto the ground. The B version can be comboed into from his GCCD, using it coupled with his st.A and EX tackle guarantees 85-95% reset combos that will carry them all the way to the corner and finish them off. This level of the move is possibly Raiden's second most dangerous in his already deadly arsenal (the first being his EX tackle).

- Damage: 150

- All versions are Drive/Super Cancellable on hit

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: Refer above, varies depending on level

- Combos into: Another level 3/4 super dropkick, EX tackle, st./cr.A, weak/EX poison mist, EX Raiden Bomb, neomax Raiden Bomber.

- Combos from: B version can combo into his GCCD, st./cr.A, anti-airs, etc.

Desperation Moves

Super Raiden Drop = (hcfx2+P) close - Raiden grabs the opponent, does a wrestling pose signifying that he's about to do finishing move, turns around then rolls on the ground carrying the opponent with him, jumps high up into the air, then does a Kinniku Buster slamming the opponent onto the ground. Because of the short whiff animation, the recovery isn't too bad. It combos from strong normals up close.

(EX) = hcbx2+AC - More damage, extended grab range making it easier to combo into.

- Hit Detection: Close

- Damage: 240/360

- Combos form: strong normals, the EX version can be combo'd from chained light normals because of it's extended range along with EX poison mist.

Crazy Train = (qcfx2+P) - Raiden hits the opponent in the stomach 4 times then does a haymaker knocking them onto the ground. The start-up speed is tolerable but it should never be thrown out randomly. if you want to use it, combo into simple as that. Max cancel-able on the 4th hit when in HD mode.

- Max Cancellable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 40x4+60

- Combos from: strong normals

- Combos into: his neomax Raiden Bomber.


Raiden Bomber = (qcfx2+BD) - Raiden does a wrestling pose, causing a rainbow of electric to glow on his forearm, then he lariats his opponent with such force that it makes them spin around in the air 4 times before they hit the ground. It has good start-up and recovery, comboing into it takes a bit of getting used to as most of the time the opponent will be airborne at the time. It works well after EX tackle and his dropkick in the corner.

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 480

- Combos from: level 3/4 super dropkick, EX tackle, Crazy Train DM


SDK = Super Dropkick Level 3 or 4

SDK = Super Dropkick level 4 only

No Stock, No Drive Gauge -

cr.B x1~2, st.A, hcb+K

1 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

j.CD, SDK, db~f+AC, db~f+A, dp+P

cr.Ax2 or st.C, SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, dp+P

GCCD, SDK, st.A, SDK, dp+P

(Corner) cr.B, cr.A, db~f+AC, dp+P

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

j.D, cr.C, qcb+AC, db~f+A, (DC) dp+P

(Corner, or into Corner) [cr.B, cr.A] or st.C (1), db~f+AC, (DC) qcb+C, qcb+A, dp+P

2 Stock, No Drive Gauge -

cr.Bx1~2, st.A, hcfx2+AC

[cr.B, cr.A] or st.C, db~f+AC, st.A, SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, dp+P

GCCD, SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, dp+P

2 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge -

SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, qcb+C, (DC) db~f+AC, qcb+Ax2, dp+P

(Corner) j.CD, lvl 3/4 dropkick, db~f+AC, (DC) qcb+C, db~f+AC, db~f+A, dp+P

3 Stock, 2 Drive Gauge -

st/cr.X, SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, (DC) qcb+C, db~f+ACx2, (DC) qcb+A, db~f+A, dp+P

SDK, st.A, SDK, db~f+AC, (DC) qcb+C, db~f+AC, (DC) qcb+C, db~f+AC, dp+C (100%)

HD Combos

(1) st.D (2), (BC) cr.C, (db~f+AC, [HDC] qcb+C, db~f+A, [HDC] qcb+C)x2, db~f+AC, [HDC] qcb+C, db~f+A, dp+P ~ 788 damage, 3 stocks

(2) cr.C, (BC) cr.C, db~f+AC, [HDC] qcb+C, db~f+A, [HDC] qcb+C, cr.C, SDK, db~f+AC, [HDC] qcb+C, db~f+A, dp+P ~ 1029 damage, 2 stocks


Far Range

From this distance there is not a lot Raiden can do but he still has a couple of options. His A version Poison Mist comes out quickly and can be used to cancel projectiles which building you some meter. Ideally you should slowly advance by walking them into the corner and using Poison Mist to keep yourself covered. A shoulder tackle can cover a bit of distance as well.

Mid Range

Starting from this distance Raiden is incredibly dangerous. Poison Mist is a very potent move to deal with jump ins and cancel projectiles but be cautious since it can be punished if you are too predictable. His A version of Giant Bomb is fairly good at closing the distance but try to make sure your opponent is forced to block it if you choose to use this move. Once you get within a few steps of your opponent you can immediately turn the pressure on with your strong normals and guard crush game.

At this range your opponent must be very careful of your drop kicks. You are close enough to react to jump ins and sluggish moves which can land you big damage. The preferred method of anti airing is st.A for short hops and dp+P for any jumps and super jumps. If they do anything that is even remotely slow from this distance let go of drop kick on reaction to it. If you get a st.A anti air you can let go of DK as well and get your combo of choice.

Close Range

When Raiden is up close and personal he has a lot of options. Raiden can guard crush fairly easily using a combination of cr.C, cl.C, Poison Mist, and Drop Kick. The A version of Giant Bomb is fairly safe on block which gets you right next to them. It also deals a lot of guard crush as well. Once you get a guard crush you can use cl.C or cr.C into qcb+AC into a big damage combo. If that's not your cup of tea Raiden has an incredibly dangerous j.D which can cross up very easily, a st.D that hits overhead, and a command grab that deals stupid damage. Because of those tools, Raiden has the same mixup game that every KoF character has except even deadlier because of how hard he hits.

Guard crushing with Raiden is a very deadly skill. Guard crushing is as easy as getting your opponent to block cr.C db~f+AC, DK. Those three moves will guard crush everybody except for Daimon, Clark, Ralf, and Maxima. Another fairly easy string to land if your opponent is not awake is cl.C, qcb+A, cr.C, db~f+A, DK. By showing your opponent that you know how to guard crush them quickly they'll be forced to spend meter on GCCDs to save themselves from losing their whole guard bar in a single second.

When you're on the defensive it may be hard to dp+P jumps and hops but luckily Raiden has a very good st.C which deals with hops fairly effectively if you do it early enough and an amazing st.A. cr.C can work as an anti hop too but it is a bit more dangerous since it hits lower than cl.C.

Cornered Opponent

By using a lot of Poison Mist and Giant Bomb to keep close you can make getting out very difficult for your opponent. Watch for jumps and punish with Raiden Bomb. Everything from the above section applies as well.


The easiest way to get out is to try and use brute strength. EX Raiden Bomb will blow through almost every jump in attempt. St.A is incredibly fast and good at getting you some space to work with. If you are not charging a D drop kick then GCCDing is a very good tool to get out for only 1 bar. Drop kicking just to fly past a jump is an okay way to get out as well. While being cornered with Raiden is not too bad you still do not want to be put in this position.


GCCD into D Dropkick

Because of how long the game remembers your charge it is possible for you to GCCD into D dropkick. It's a very difficult technique but worth the effort it takes to learn because after you get it down and if you have the bar, your opponent is not safe no matter what button he presses.

Hold BCD while blocking

Release CD and quickly tap it again to get GCCD

Release CD once again and a D dropkick should come out

Proceed into your combo of choice.

Console Changes

  • Weak Poison Breath has less lag. When it hits you can followup with his command throw
  • Adjustments to Super Drop Kick (lol)
  • Charge times have been increased.
  • Invincibility removed
  • Guard crush ability has been reduced
  • Can no longer be connected after a guard cancel attack
  • Knocks the opponent away.
  • Jump D’s hitbox has been strengthened to hit downwards. It should whiff less often on short opponents
  • Giant Bomb (feint) has less recovery
  • EX Raiden Bomb’s forward travel distance has been reduced.
  • Raiden Bomber now has complete invincibility.

Yamamoto says:

"Although Super Dropkick has been weakened, shorter recovery on Giant Bomb Feint allows him to be played more trickily. With the improvement to his jump HK {j.D}, he has reliable attacks from the air leading to greater attack possibilities. Worthy of special mention, complete invincibility on Raiden Bomber means no more awkward looking trades.


Raiden Master Class

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